Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Mae La is the largest of 10 refugee camps along the Thailand Burma border.  They are made up of ethnic minorities (primarily Karen refugees) fleeing atrocities and ethnic cleansing by the Myanmar (Burmese) Military government. The Karen (pronounced Kor-EN) People are a semi-nomadic tribe who traditionally lived in the hills. The military government has used the minority peoples as slave labor,  burned their villages, planted land mines around their villages and murdered entire villages of the Karen hill people.
Thousands of refugees have been driven out of Burma by the brutal assaults of the Burmese army.
In the early 1980’s, the Thai government started setting up temporary refugee camps for the Burmese refugees.  The refugee camps have become more strict with who can enter and leave -a refugee has to apply for papers to work outside of the camp and in order to get into the camp, they have to apply for asylum from the Thai government. According to the figures used by the Thailand Burma Border Consortium (TBBC), the 10 camps have a total estimated population of 148,793 (based on how many people are fed by the TBBC  and 90,489 actual refugees officially registered by the UNHCR (which takes years to obtain). Mae La has an estimated pop of ~49,418 however, only those who are registered are actually counted.  The estimates are an underestimate because there are many reasons why some refugees don’t want their presence officially known.  There may actually be upwards of 80,000 people who live in this camp!
Mae La Refugee Camp is a huge village with very little space, which is rationed and only small gardens are allowed, and entire families (including grandparents, and other relatives) often live in a small house ~150 sq ft -the size of a large bedroom in the west. There is no official market or official shops, since there are no actual working jobs or money besides what the few people who work outside the camp bring in. There are people of various religions Buddhism, Christianity and Muslim living peacefully together -perhaps united by the larger issue of having no true home. A big problem is that there are so many refugees who have nothing to do but sit around the camp and wait -waiting for things to improve, for a country to go back to, or for something to change.   One of the beautiful things about these people is the warmth -they only have each other and for the most part, they seem to value and appreciate their community. For the children in the refugee camp -this place is all they have known.  Education is very important for them -to give them some hope for the future and skills that they can utilize.
Art is also very important for many children… I found this beautiful blog -Unseen Mae La with beautiful art by very talented Karen Refugee Children. There is a lot that anyone who wants to volunteer here can do -you just have to get connected with the right NGOs and organizations.
Medical volunteers are very much in demand.  The numbers of refugees are growing and oftentimes, the clinics help to connect people with work and education opportunities.

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