In the late 1800’s the nation of South Africa experienced rapid industrial growth as a result of the booming gold-mining industry.
Navigate individual conflicts with the provided links or use the search feature to cross-reference topics. Gold-mining required intensive labor that enlisted the work of whites and blacks from all over Southern Africa. Blacks were prohibited from purchasing or leasing any land outside of the  designated reserves.

The wages black workers received, however, were much lower in comparison to the white miners.
Eventually these reserves were consolidated into  10 “homelands” that were delineated territories for specific black ethnic communities. Because of the influx of black migrant workers, the ideology of segregation was enacted by whites in order to maintain their domination of the booming gold trade and secure their jobs against a growing black population. By separating territorial, industrial, and residential spheres, legislation managed to control race relations along social, economic, and territorial lines.

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