Only recently has the historiography of the Shoah begun to focus on the issue of the fate of Jewish children, raising many important and interesting questions.A  What was the Nazi policy toward children?A  What was the impact of anti-Jewish legislation on Jewish children?A  How did Jewish communities and institutions cope with the effects of Nazi policy on children? From the day the Nazis came to power Jewish children became victims of antisemitic legislation, first in Germany and, as time passed, in every other country the Germans conquered or forged an alliance.A  The parents and families of these children were unable to grant them the security and protection they needed. As the war broke out and antisemitic legislation worsened, the suffering of Jewish children increased: many were doomed to the horrific suffering of the ghettos. When the deportations to the death camps begun, a chasm opened up in the lives of Jewish children. Important primary sources for the study of children have been ignored for many decades and include official papers and documents, diaries and memoirs, private correspondence between family members.A  The personal materials are extremely interesting when focusing on social aspects. Last but not least, more archival material dealing with children, mainly from the former USSR, has only recently become available for public review.A  This brings researchers to investigate new fields as well as to reassess previously held assumptions and conclusions. The historical investigation of children during the Shoah is important for it keeps alive the memory of those who died and safeguards the experiences of those who survived.A  It enables us to understand, more fully and more extensively, the impact of the Shoah. Compreenda os calibres das espingardas Voce sabe que as espirgardas mais comuns sao as de calibre 12, e tambem que existem por ai espingardas em outros calibres, como o 8, 10, 16,, 20 e assim por diante. Em primeiro lugar e preciso compreender que nao se trata de uma unidade de medida ligada ao sistema metrico. Na medida em que as armas tiveram os canos reduzidos para serem portateis, foi necessario adaptar tambem a unidade de medida.
To adorando a pagina, Estao de parabens viu, a facilidade na interpretacao e as explicacoes que voces nos apresentam, os assuntos que abordam nos transmitem muita seguranca e o melhor de tudo, para quem e leigo vem como uma luz..vlw pessoal, a cada dia que acesso sempre tem assuntos novos sendo tratados, discutidos e vamos em frente! Oi, tenho uma espingarda com a referencia 23?4″ gostaria de saber que calibre e esse.
Nao confunda Calibre de uma arma, que e o diametro da alma do cano com o Bore, que e o diametro da camara da arma. Por fim, ainda existe o 8mm de fogo circular, que e uma municao inteira de latao, de fogo circular, e carregada apenas com chumbo #9 e #11, usadas praticamente apenas para matar ratos e ratazanas. Talvez pelos calibres aumentarem de numero de 4 em 4 aplicou-se a logica para pular do 32 ao 36 e ao 40.
Bushido Tactical's specialized course is designed for individuals who want to prepare for urban survival and natural disaster situations.
Less than 24 hours after Category-5 Hurricane Andrew made landfall and destroyed South Florida, there were few intact structures, no lights, no power and no police. My family and I have lived through the aftermath of not one but several examples of local breakdowns in civilization, including city-wide riots, as well as hurricanes Andrew and Katrina.
Although my family and I survived, I wish I knew then what I know now based on a recent course that I took in Florida.
This challenging course trains participants to survive in rough situations and a primitive environment. While not a camping trip, the SUSR class requires the students to sleep in homemade shelters or tents as part of their load-out. Since weapons are both carried and used during the course, safety is paramount to ensure that basic weapon handling skills are second nature. The other participants in the class included health-care professionals, students and even a lawyer or two. A great deal of success in this kind of survival is preparing ahead of time with the right gear. The SUSR course is very physical and mentally challenging, so anyone attending will need to be in sufficient shape to walk distances carrying gear, ammo and weapons.
Ustasa guards confiscate items from newly arrived prisoners at Jasenovac concentration camp, Yugoslavia.
On arrival at concentration camps prisoners had their clothing taken away, often to be replaced by a striped uniform (now known as striped pyjamas). Prisoners were identified by a number printed on their clothing and also an inverted triangle with lettering to signify the reason for imprisonment.
In some camps, Jews were usually marked by a yellow triangle over a red triangle to form the Star of David. Under German guidance, the Hungarian authorities decreed all Jews should wear the yellow star of David.
The Warsaw ghetto uprising - Jewish fighters resisted the German attempt to liquidate the Warsaw ghetto.
In the Netherlands, Jews were required to wear a yellow Star of David on their outer clothing.
Zamperini, a month shy of his 94th birthday, has one of the most compelling stories of persistence, resilience and survival. In “Unbroken,” Laura Hillenbrand’s new biography of Zamperini, he is correctly portrayed as the ultimate survivor. It often appeared he wouldn’t even make it through his delinquent days as an adolescent troublemaker growing up in Torrance, Calif.
A running prodigy, he set a world’s interscholastic record, which lasted for 19 years, before earning a spot on the 1936 Olympic team in an event he had run only four times. Though he finished eighth in the grueling 5,000-meter race, his 56-second final lap was so fast it caught the eye of Hitler, who asked to meet the “boy with the fast finish.” After shaking hands with the German dictator, Zamperini set his eyes on another symbol of the Third Reich. Wanting a souvenir, Zamperini swiped a Nazi flag from the Reich Chancellery where Hitler lived.
With his eyes set on an Olympic return in Tokyo in 1940, the son of Italian immigrants began training almost immediately. Representing the University of Southern California in the 1938 NCAA Championships, opponents attempted to injure Zamperini during the race to slow him down.
Hillenbrand describes in vivid detail an epic aerial battle over Nauru in which Zamperini’s bomber and crew mates sustained significant damage.
The eventful and frightening 24 hours were only the beginning of Zamperini’s Pacific hardships. A little over a month after Nauru and Funafuti, Zamperini was on a regular reconnaissance mission. But underwater, danger took another form for Zamperini – large dorsal fins and sharp, jagged teeth.

To avoid the plane’s bullets, seven times he lunged “into the water to kick and punch at the sharks until the bomber had passed,” Hillenbrand wrote. Once one of the world’s elite athletes, Zamperini weighed less than 100 pounds, having lost about half his body weight on the raft. He was held captive as a Japanese POW and often the only sustenance he received was a rice ball thrown in the dirt. One Japanese guard, Matsuhiro “The Bird” Watanabe, made particular efforts to break Zamperini.
On one occasion, Watanabe put him in charge of a sickly goat telling Zamperini he would die if the goat died. Wade, who looked at the camp’s clock when the ordeal began, said that after 37 minutes, Watanabe was enraged at Zamperini’s resiliency.
The nightmares consumed him and made him yearn to journey back to Japan to find and kill Watanabe with his bare hands. WWII stole the prime of his running career and his best opportunity to earn an Olympic medal. Zamperini still lectures high schools, colleges and other audiences, spreading his beliefs in resiliency, forgiveness and positive thinking.
Craig Gillespie directed this true story about "the most daring rescue mission in the history of the U.S.
Hidden under false identities in cities, on farms and in convents and monasteries, young Jewish children survived the war by the grace of kindhearted strangers. Portanto esqueca os centimetros e transforme-os em polegadas, e tambem esqueca os gramas e transforme-os em libras. Se tivermos um cano que passe apenas uma esfera de Chumbo com ? de Libra, diz-se um 8 Gauge e assim por diante. TALVEZ A CORRETA SEJA 2 ?”, QUE SE REFERE AO COMPRIMENTO (tamanho)DA CAMARA, QUE EQUIVALE A 70 mm, NAO SE REFERE AO CALIBRE DA MESMA. Apesar de hj conhecermos as medidas internas e os reais calibres dos canos adotou-se por conveniencia continuar aplicando os nomes que ja eram utilizados. Na verdade o .410 e a medida do diametro da camara da arma, que nao foi bem recebido no Brasil e rebatizado de 36, que nao e o nome correto em nenhuma outra parte do mundo. Existiram outros tamanhos menores chegando ate ao .22, todos carregados com chumbo escumilhado e alguns com esferas fazendo as vezes de balote, todos com alma lisa, embora algumas armas combinadas apresentem um cano raiado. After dark, the typical ambient light from the city (light pollution) was gone, replaced by the darkest imaginable void that was filled with dangers of the worst urban variety. Each one destroyed homes, businesses, lives and turned large areas into a lawless, primitive arena. The Bushido Tactical Specialized Urban Survival Readiness course (SUSR), taught by experienced operators Wade Rorich and Brad McCulloch, is designed exclusively for individuals who want to prepare for urban survival and natural disaster situations.
Using only what a person could realistically carry and would use in a real-life disaster, this class purposefully (but realistically) stresses students through training. Our first night was cold and our exposed gear was layered in frost by morning, and that was a stress as it showed each participant if their gear was adequate to keep them operational during all weather conditions.
Anyone wanting to attend this course will be screened first and verified to meet the requirements, ensuring that the student would be a good fit based on the course content being taught. While most of the students shopped at Bushido Tactical for their rifles, accessories and tactical nylon gear, some students like engineer Peter S. As with most people, I have come full circle from having an early Colt AR-15 SP1 rifle with a pencil barrel and flip sights on the carry handle, then a heavy barrel M4 with every doo-dad clamped on its quad rail, and now I’m back to a lighter, leaner and meaner carbine that can be carried all day without exhaustion. I will not go into details about the evolutions because the unknown is something that has to be conquered through confidence, and that is a significant element of the course.
People prepare for the worst the best they can, but they seldom take the last step to validate their plan, gear or ability in a realistic environment. Besides looking cool, they are also a great option for those looking for a lightweight camping trailer.
On arrival these women had their own clothes taken away and replaced by the smock uniform worn in the Nazi concentration camps.
Criminals were marked with a green triangle, political prisoners with red, homosexuals with pink, whilst Jehovah’s Witnesses wore a purple triangle and asocials (including Roma) wore a black triangle. From a troubled adolescence to vengeful competitors, the Gestapo, bullets and shrapnel, a plane crash, repeated shark attacks, machine gun fire, hell in a prison cell, and even his own personal demons – Zamperini has survived it all. But Zamperini turned his remarkable penchant for escape into record-breaking performances on the track. At the age of 19, Zamperini had become the youngest distance runner to ever make the American Olympic squad.
He escaped the wrath of the bombs that left the island wrecked with craters as large as 35 feet deep and 60 feet across.
His plane’s engines faltered sending more than 50,000 pounds spiraling toward the ocean surface.
Along with the scorching sun, they were constantly pestered by the sea’s largest predators. They survived on minimal rainwater, birds that landed on the raft, fish caught with bird-meat baited hooks and the liver of sharks they killed with only their bare hands and a flare.
He did not regain that weight until more than two and a half years later when WWII finally ended. He also had to endure both mental and physical torments as he and other POWs were savagely abused. Watanabe sometimes searched a room full of POWs until he spotted Zamperini and then singled him out for punishment. While Zamperini and all his muscles worked to keep the board in the air, fearful that if it dropped Watanabe would have him shot, the psychotic guard laughed and mocked the former Olympian. With a running start, he punched Zamperini in the stomach, dropping the GI with the board coming down on top of him. Addiction took over his life until he finally found religion at a Billy Graham tent revival in Los Angeles. He gave several his personal pardon when he traveled to a Japanese prison in 1950 to spread the Christian faith.

He finally gave up skateboarding at the age of 81 and was still snowboarding until he was 90. However, Zamperini now has a case sitting in his living room that holds the five Olympic torches he has carried. Some of them found refuge in the homes of non-Jews.A  Many were hidden in convents, monasteries and boarding schools. Seu avo por exemplo, conhece a calibre 12, mas se perguntar pra ele se ja cacou com uma 18.53mm ele vai achar q veio de outro planeta ou provavelmente e arma de guerra, calibre de canhao etc. Pois representa a quantidade de esferas de chumbo macicas do mesmo diametro do cano que precisa-se para formar 1 libra.
Sei que nao e indicado, haja vista que o referido projetil e projetado para cano com alma raiada, mas a espingarda 40 aceitou o cartucho sem folga e disparou. E interessante notar que .410 nao e um calibre, pois o calibre e a medida do raiamento da arma. Com o tempo foi lancado uma versao desse cartucho mais longa, e a versao com estojo de 40mm original foi caindo em desuso.
Well after midnight I saw the headlights of a car come down my street, slowly weaving its way through the downed trees and power lines, stopping directly in front of my house. The rule of law was replaced by the pressing needs of desperate people trying to obtain the limited basics of life—clean water, food and shelter.
Students learn, demonstrate and are tested on the important skills to survive with the most basic equipment as well as gear in their BOB (bail-out bag) that they have brought to the class.
Wade ensures that students are constantly challenged to operate out of their comfort zone, making sure the lessons learned are readily absorbed.
The 7-pound Lancer L15 Sporter, with its composite forend and accurate fluted barrel, was perfect for the one weapon to carry and use when the going got rough. Because of that, only a minimal amount of photographs and content have been posted or discussed in order to protect the course curriculum and keep this course very realistic by allowing students to deal with the unexpected.
This class shows both the strengths and weaknesses of your kit and is designed so that if you make a logistical or training-based mistake, it is simply a learning experience and not a fatal mistake. Tear drops are inexpensive, self-contained, easy to tow, and they provide enough room for two people to comfortably sleep inside.While there are a number of companies that manufacture and sell these teardrop campers, their popularity is largely due to the fact that they are extremely easy to build and customize. This image was produced by Zinovii Tolkatchev, a Russian army artist who was present during the liberation of some of the Nazi camps in early 1945. This could be very dangerous, as the conditions in barracks and around the camp were extremely poor. But Zamperini may never be able to give up running, still lacing up his athletic shoes for short runs on occasion. Included is the torch he trotted through Noetsu, one of the cities he was interred as a POW, for the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano. Others were forced to roam through forests and villages, hunting for food and relying entirely on their own ingenuity and resourcefulness. In addition there were the people who exploited the lack of law enforcement to simply destroy, loot, vandalize and victimize the weak for personal gain. Most important was the development of the “survival mindset.” The correct mindset will enable people to operate no matter the conditions, regardless of what they have available, and ensure they will always make the most of their situation. It is for individuals, couples or groups that take their family’s safety seriously and who are ready to be trained to prepare and prevail through the harshest times that a person may be forced to deal with.
You just might get stranded in a car miles away from civilization, so you never know!” Andrew K., who came from Dallas, Texas, and works for a geological survey company, signed up for the course to “brush up on the skills that I learned in the Army, as a refresher, as well as learn new ones.
As a result, I was very apprehensive, as were most of the other participants, even those less than half my age.
In fact, over the last couple of years, there has been a resurgence in the customization of vintage teardrops. After the end of the war, he continued to have recurring nightmares of a time when Watanabe lashed him across the face multiple times with a belt buckle. It was so quiet and still that although my location was cloaked by the humid darkness, the sliding metallic report of my AR-15 SP1 bolt carrier running forward and chambering a round was clearly audible in the thick, hot air. The situation required that survivors become quickly proficient in obtaining what was needed, knowing how to operate without any social, economic or governmental support and then having the ability to protect themselves from those who wished to take what they had or simply do harm to others. Part of the course involves team challenges, with groups competing against each other for rewards and to see how well they do when called on to show their newly learned skills.
The wearing of gear was a stress, but it really helps me figure out what works and doesn’t work!” Logan Elliott, an attorney, took the course because “I live on the coast of Florida and we are no strangers to hurricanes, and so I figured it would be a good idea to prepare for a worst-case scenario that (after a hurricane) we would be without power, so having the ability to make shelter, build a fire and purify water and other general survival skills would be important.
However, with the right gear, a survival mindset and teamwork, I made it through to the end.
People from around the world are buying up old vintage teardrop campers, and restoring them to their original condition.Although Teardrops are small, most have more than enough room for two people. And to this day, the flag remains in Zamperini’s possession, resting in his Hollywood Hills home.
Some were so young when separated from their parents that they forgot their real names and identity.A  Of course not all Jewish children were able to find a refuge and many were caught and sent to the death camps. Assim, um canhao de 1 Gauge tinha o diametro equivalente a uma esfera de Chumbo de 1 Libra. Quickly the footfalls retreated, the four doors opened and closed again as the car moved on down the street after the occupants with unknown motives realized that they too faced a danger in the post-disaster dark. The fire-making components were greatly needed, as they were used to start our first fire as the temperature was dropping below freezing. Dorky as hell looking, but think of the cars that used to haul them and it has a cool art deco minimalist or whatever appearance.Drawbacks-one might be that it is an attention grabber.

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