We have covered doomsday bunkers before, from the stylish t0 those that are now eco-hostels, but these refuges have been in development since the 1960s. This month all of the units sold out and it looks like the waiting list is also filling up.
To be fair, despite his paranoia, Hall has gone to great lengths to ensure the bunker can survive any and all disasters.
The walls are 9 feet thick and built to withstand nuclear attacks and shock waves traveling more than 2,000 mph.
So are you upset you didn’t get one in time or is there no way you’d want to spend the rest of your life underground? Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. Ron Hubbard, an American living in California, has built this luxurious underground shelter that is all ready for use should there be any kind of disaster. In a few years, we'll be reading about the rescue of several children that had been held captive in this bunker.
If all those people are thinking of living in that relatively small space, they won't be smiling for long. What would you do and where could you go for protection if something in our very unstable world finally does unravel?
A Custom Survival Bunker can serve as a primary dwelling or a vacation home, multi family compound or a long term shelter.
Prestressed concrete is a method for overcoming concrete’s natural weakness in tension. We are a construction management firm specializing in confidential planning, design and complete construction of your project. ATLAS SURVIVAL SHELTERS is proposing to lease this 2600 acre exotic animal ranch, 2 hours south of San Antonio, Texas, for the sole purpose of training it's shelter customers on how to survive in their bunkers.
Survival School FREE Advanced Survival Shelters Class - Survival School Call Us Today!
Are you concerned about the time or having the mess that the conventional construction process can cause?
We create your space at our facility, ship it and install it faster and with less hassle and mess.

What would you do and where could you go for protection if something in our very unstable world finally does unravel?!
Concrete Fencing for that first line of defense: Our precast concrete fences are not only strong and durable, but can add an artistic appeal.
Maybe it is because of rising water levels, a nuclear disaster, The Rapture or a possible 2012 doomsday scenario, but all apartments in the  Survival Condo, a converted nuclear ballistic missile silo in Kansas, are SOLD OUT. But why are so many people keen to buy one – especially as they are $2 million apiece for a 1,820-square-foot unit.
The 14-story shelter includes a silo cap with bullet-proof windows for observing the apocalyptic wasteland, enough food to feed 70 people indefinitely, and supplies of purified water. If you’re lucky enough to survive the apocalypse, rest assured that there is also plenty to do (apart from go outside).
Do you have a safe place to ride out the STORM? There is still time with our precast pre-assembled facilities. It can be used to produce beams, floors or bridges with a longer span than is practical with ordinary reinforced concrete. Safe Rooms are a great alternative still allowing you that same kind of protection that a buried structure offers.
The CSB team’s latest expansion has enabled us to now bring our custom home building skills together with our precast concrete to create your custom bunkers and other underground projects. This gives the owners the peace of mind that their family is safe in their Custom Safe Home. Our customers are welcome to tour this shelter in person and receive personal training from our instructors . The ranch has several amenities that makes it a family weekend including feeding animals, archery, shooting guns, trampolines, swimming in ponds, four-wheeling and exotic hunts. Our no hassle experience allows you to enjoy your new space like it was always a part of your house. Custom concrete barriers allow for additional safety when using firearms and can bring a range to a more convenient location, such as under your home.  We can also provide firing area and target area construction for a outdoor high power rifle range. Insulation and climate control equipment can insure that your valuables are kept at optimum temperature and humidities. ICF construction provides options for installing a bunker in more locations where accessibility may be more difficult.

Survival Condo comes equipped with a fitness center, movie theater, bar, pool, and classrooms.
Prestressing tendons (generally of high tensile steel cable or rods) are used to provide a clamping load which produces a compressive stress that balances the tensile stress that the concrete compression member would otherwise experience due to a bending load. Our safe rooms can be built to protect their occupant from the most severe storms to the zombie apocalypse. Because the last thing you want is to come out of your safe room before it is safe. From the deepest survival bunker to the largest multi-unit compound, our specialized team can take care of your construction needs. For those of you who don’t want a buried structure or your property won’t allow it, Custom Safe Homes are a great alternative still allowing you that same kind of protection that a buried structure offers.
From adding a storm shelter or adding an extra addition to your existing dwelling with our Custom Safe Home Division. Traditional reinforced concrete is based on the use of steel reinforcement bars, rebars, inside poured concrete.
By using prestressed precast concrete our homes are designed to withstand all that our environment is throwing at us.
ICF concrete construction can give you the peace of mind that your family and valuables will still be secure during that next big storm or disaster.
Plus your home can be retro fitted with a safe area that fits seamlessly with your home and it’s existing architectural design.
We can also upgrade your homes security and sustainability to keep not only you but your valuables safe too.
Utilizing a Precast Concrete system offers many potential advantages over site casting of concrete. The production process for Precast Concrete is performed on ground level, which helps with safety throughout a project. There is a greater control of the quality of materials and workmanship in a precast plant rather than on a construction site.

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