The US Army is a force to be reckoned with and our Cobrabraid Paracord Bracelet in Army Gold and Black shows your respect for the institution. To keep the ?”-wide Cobrabraid bracelet on your wrist, we use our patent-pending Cobradjust velcro closure. Whether you wear one yourself or you give one to a veteran or enlisted person, the Cobrabraid bracelet shows that you honor the spirit of the United States Army.

Just like the Army is available to help in situations all over the world, paracord does the same thing.
You can order the bracelet in two sizes, small and large, but the Cobradjust strap gives more sizing flexibility. Each bracelet is hand woven out of American made 550-pound paracord so they not only look tough and rugged - they ARE tough and rugged.

You can use paracord while camping to hang your food out of the reach of bears and you can use paracord to create a rope ladder to get the food.

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