As Bear Grylls is the ultimate posterboy for survival adventures, you can be pretty confident you’ll learn a thing or two about taking care of yourself on one of his Survival Academy courses. Key skills: Primal instinct training, improvised first aid, use of snares and traps, sourcing and purifying water and various techniques for covering rough terrain, including abseiling.
Another hero of the British outdoors, Ray Mears founded Woodlore, The School of Wilderness Bushcraft, 30 years ago. The two-day ‘Basic Survival Skills’ course includes skills you’d need to survive in the wilderness in the UK, as well as general principles you can use if you find yourself in a spot of bother anywhere in the world. Key skills: Shelter-building, fire, water, wild food, navigation skills, basic medical skills and survival psychology.
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By continuing to use this site you consent to our use of cookies unless you have disabled them. Scott Heffield, lead instructor at Bear Grylls Survival Academy, tells TNT: “The BGSA ‘Survival in the Highlands’ course is no boot camp.
Participants then have to wade or swim through icy waters off the northwest coast of Scotland to reach land and are left with only a knife and an empty water canteen. One of the challenges of the Highlands course is the possibility you’ll have to catch, skin, barbecue and eat a wild rat. If you want an overview of basic woodland skills, the best option is the two-day ‘Introduction to Bushcraft’ course. Hire of equipment such as sleeping bags and survival knives can be booked in advance and costs extra. Or you drive out in to the middle of nowhere for a camping trip and accidentally lock yourself out of the car, only to realise you’ve left all your gear on the back seat, dammit.
It’s an intensive five-day course that incorporates epic journeys across rugged and mountainous terrain and prepares participants to deal with extreme survival situations.

This is one of the gentler courses out there, focusing on learning about the natural environment in everyday conditions.
Either way, you’re stuck out in the wild with little but your wits to rely on – could you cope? For those who just want a taster, the Bear Grylls Academy will be running a 24-hour course in Surrey at the end of September. You don’t need to be an experienced ‘outdoorsy type,’ just have an interest in how to make use of nature.

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