Invertebrates form the bulk of the diet, but adults will not hesitate to tackle birds, other lizards, treefrogs, snakes and small rodents. The huge range extends from Nepal through northeastern India, Bangladesh, southern China and Southeast Asia to Indonesia.  Introduced populations are established in Hawaii, Florida (of course!), Martinique and, possibly, Guam and Taiwan. Tokay Geckos adapt to a wide array of habitats, including homes and other buildings within such bustling cities as Hong Kong and Miami.  Alleged medicinal properties have led to local extinctions in parts of Thailand, Vietnam and China (please see photo). Tokays are best suited to life in “high style” aquariums (20 gallon capacity or larger), as they spend all of their time above-ground.
Tokay Geckos are relatively undemanding when it comes to humidity levels.  A twice-daily misting will satisfy the needs of all except those kept in extremely arid homes. In winter, the diet should be a mix of roaches, crickets, butterworms, super mealworms, waxworms, cultured houseflies, and silkworms.  Canned invertebrates may be accepted from feeding tongs. Necessary food supplements include Zoo Med ReptiCalcium or a similar product (most meals) and a vitamin supplement (ReptiVite with D3) 2-3 times weekly. Tree-dwelling geckos rarely drink from bowls, but will lap water that is sprayed onto foliage. Sexual maturity is reached within 1 year, although males may not attain their full size until nearly 2 years of age. Tokays bite readily and hard…and they hold on for dear life.  They are not suitable for children or those seeking a handle-able pet. Over the years, I’ve seen some amazingly-calm individuals at reptile shows, but have not had a chance to look into the details.  Any comments on this would be most appreciated, thanks.
Hi Frank, currently I have 3 Captive Bred 1 Wild Caught Tokays out of 15 that are very tame to the point that they ride on my shoulder and handle quite often. Frank, I have found females are far less aggressive than the males and each has its own personality. Being born with a deep interest in animals might seem unfortunate for a native Bronxite , but my family encouraged my interest and the menagerie that sprung from it.

The second noticeable difference is that the 1TB console comes with a matte black finish on the top where the 500GB is glossy.
The controller has been refined (see here for a closer look at that) with one of the major new features being the addition of a 3.5mm headset jack on the bottom. And you'll have to spend a whole bunch of time reinstalling hundreds of GBs worth of games. Terrariums with plentiful hiding spots (rolled cork bark is ideal), caves, driftwood and hanging artificial plants will encourage your geckos to exhibit natural behaviors.  Sturdy live plants make wonderful additions to Tokay Gecko environments…snake and cast-iron plants are tailor made for use with these robust acrobats. Pairs, youngsters and all-female groups usually co-exist in large, planted enclosures.  It is best to introduce all potential tank-mates at the same time. Some tokays just won’t tolerate an handling at all while others take right to it while others take time and patience. Jobs with pet stores and importers had me caring for a fantastic assortment of reptiles and amphibians.
If you wish to reference or cite specific information from a blog post, we ask that you provide a link back to the original. So weird, in fact, that the tag team of Ninja and otherwise inconceivable Yo-Landi Vi$$er ran out on their freshly minted deal with Interscope Records so that they could weird out all they wanted on their independent label Zef Recordz. It's the headline feature for this version of the console and represents the first time Microsoft has offered 1TB outside of the special edition Call of Duty console that launched in late 2014. It's down to personal taste as to which looks better, but we're fans of the matte look around here.
This is reflected by the new headset that comes bundled with the console, with Microsoft swapping the Chat Headset for a more conventional one with a 3.5mm connector. If you can get a good price for your current console or you just really like the matte finish, then maybe. After a detour as a lawyer, I was hired as a Bronx Zoo animal keeper and was soon caring for gharials, goliath frogs, king cobras and everything in-between.

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Meaning that the whack business on sophomore album Ten$ion unravels not exactly accessibly, nor does it maintain any innate sense of congruency.
It's a little more expensive than the 500GB version, as you'd expect, commanding a ?50 premium in the UK.
If you don't yet own an Xbox One, the not massive price bump over the 500GB version makes it probably worth getting, if for no other reason than to avoid having to plug in an external hard-drive quite as soon. Research has taken me in pursuit of anacondas, Orinoco crocodiles and other animals in locales ranging from Venezuela’s llanos to Tortuguero’s beaches.
The devilish duo flips dubstep ("Never Le Nkemise 2"), EDM ("U Make a Ninja Wanna Fuck"), and Dr.
But you get double the storage, at least (or around double, when you take into account system files and such.) The big advantage here is that you're going to last longer before needing to hook up an external hard-drive, and for some of us, not having such a peripheral hanging around in our entertainment center is worth the extra cash. I have written books on salamanders, geckos and other “herps”, discussed reptile-keeping on television and presented papers at conferences. The next, Yo-Landi's dishing out lyrical lashes on the subject of "fucking up your brain" with the vocal delicateness of yo mama's good china ("Hey Sexy").
Without fail, I have learned much from them and hope, dear readers, that you will be generous in sharing your thoughts on this blog and web site.

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