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The firm of Deutsche Metallpatronenfabrik (DM), a prominent German manufacturer of cartridge cases (Patronen) and projectiles (Geschossen), was formed in February 1889.
Four boxes of early DWM packaged ammunition from this period are the subject of this article. The label of box 2 is unique as it describes the Luger as “Parabellum-Pistole” rather than the more recognizable phrase found on box 3 zur Selbstlade-Pistole Kal. The complete phrase “mit Teilmantelgeschossen” on box 2 describes the round as “with Partial coat(ed) projectiles”. The plural spelling of projectiles (geschossen) on both box 1 and 2, Theilmantelgeschossen and Teilmantelgeschossen respectively, has been determined to be the pre-1901 plural spelling. Another German language schism is found on boxes 1, 2 and 4 with the abbreviated early spelling of “Cal.” for caliber (calibre).
As the above example of definitions in the 1901 German National Orthographic Conference illustrates, one cannot always rely on a specific point in time for word spelling changes. The labels of boxes 1 and 2 are the rarest and seem to have the most in common in both the label information and commonality of *DM*K. It should be noted the C93 Borchardt round is not mentioned or shown in the 1904 DWM Munitions-Katalog. It is interesting that both DWM labeled boxes 1, 2 and 4 have the rather generic, non descriptive *DM*K. This situation in itself would be compelling enough for DWM to design a new headstamp die for the Borchardt-Luger cartridge case with the 471 case identification, being even more important than the addition of the DWM headstamp company logo.
The newness of the 1898-1899 7.65 m\m 471 case style is contrary to any argument of huge stocks of *DM*K.
The “g” designation curiously was assigned to the recently invented 9 m\m 278 style round nosed (ogival) bullet or projectile “Rundspitzengescho?”in the 1904 DWM Munitions-Katalog and retained the 1904 DWM Munitions Katalog assigned now “upper case” G suffix designation through the 1939 DWM ammunition catalog.
The English and German language versions of the 1939 DWM catalog show a 7.65 m\m ‘soft nosed round’ identified as 261A and pictorially more recognizable as a round nosed, lead tip projectile vs. It is also very interesting to note along with the similarity of label information of the early DWM box labels for the C93 Borchardt and the first interim ammunition box label for the “Parabellum-Pistol”, the label covered only the top of the box, which included the complete company name of Deutsch Waffen und-Munitionsfabriken along with the manufacturing location Karlsruhe. There is another example of early boxed carbine ammunition for the Model 1902 Luger carbine with the mixed spelling of Theilmantelgeschosse.
In the case of box 1 there is no doubt as to the packaging date being the earliest as it is for the circa 1893 C93 Borchardt automatic pistol, although an overlap is possible as DWM could have packaged C93 Borchardt ammunition beyond 1902. Comparison of boxes 2 and 3 reveals that box 2 has 50 rounds of Deutsche Metallpatronenfabrik-Karlsruhe *DM*K.

It is exactly this situation that would argue against the commercial packaging of the non descriptive generic *DM*K.
An earlier version of this 7.65 m\m round was packaged as a carbine round as identified by its chemically blackened case and 1920s 471A headstamp. The label was completely redesigned for the Parabellum ammunition to the December 1900 new name of “zur Selbstlade-Pistole”.
If this is the case then there is a seeming contradiction in the complete spelling of the word. Three different model pistols, the 1893 C93 Borchardt, the C96 Mauser and the model 1900 Borchardt-Luger share this feature as well.
The Swiss purchased the first batches from DWM and didn’t start manufacturing and packaging their own ammunition for the Swiss Ordonnanzpistolen 1900 until circa 1903 when it was replaced by the ‘Ordnannanz Pistolenpatrone Model 1903.
As of this writing no other DWM box label has been identified by the author with a soft nosed (lead) bullet description as seen on the earlier boxes. The German language description and word structure is different in the 1939 DWM catalog being Teilmantel – Rundkopf or “Partial jacketed (coated) – Round pointed.” (Note Kopf vs. The length of the new label was extended to wrap around and cover each end of the box to act as a seal for the box. This argument refutes suggestions by some authorities that later packing “of using up old stock loaded in the earlier *DM*K. The DWM name and Karlsruhe was relocated to each left and right side edge of the extended label thereby leaving more room for a single line, larger bold single word printing of “Parabellum” (the new name registered by DWM in April 1900) and additional information. Interestingly the box is stamped “Made in Germany” a requirement of the US Firearms Act of 1890, implemented at the end of 1902 to identify non-American goods.
The first box (box 1) in all probability is the one of the earliest ammunition packaging for the 1893 C93 Borchardt and also one the earliest with the DWM name on the label.
The “Theil” of the Theilmantelgeschossen spelling on box 1 and the “Theil” of the Theilmantelgeschosse spelling on box 3 are the early spelling of “Partial” coat(ed) projectiles. Actually, both spellings can co-exist because the German language is noted for its “run-on” word structure. Here again DWM could have been using the old DM case die set, but apparently for one style of bullet (261I (g) only as defined by the 1904 DWM munitions catalog) which is, as yet, unexplainable.

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