PARIC takes an aggressive, proactive stance with all project team members to ensure that everyone understands the expectations for safety from the outset. PARIC takes an aggressive, proactive stance with all project team members to ensure that everyone understands the expectations for safety from the outset. All team members must be trained to meet PARIC’s rigid safety standards and follow detailed project-specific safety plans, drafted in collaboration with owners. As a reminder of how important safety practices are, PARIC jobsites include a “Family Board.” Members of the crew are encouraged to display photos of their reasons for wanting to get home safely each night.
About usPARIC pairs a range of construction services to offer an unparalleled building and service experience. Our comprehensive first responder training incorporates the latest trends in primary life care, primary life saving techniques and emergency scene management.
Last year Lily Kirkland of our U13 Hawks ran 33km around the Isle of Wight to raise money for charity.

Claygate Royals FC is a well-organised youth and senior football club based in Claygate, Surrey. We are an FA Charter Standard Community Club and promote football in the community by providing all boys and girls of all ages and abilities with a safe and secure environment in which to enjoy the sport. The Terrace Eatery at Apple Yard in Kingston-upon-Thames offers CRFC members 10% off all orders.
Jolshiri on The Green in Claygate offers CRFC members 10% off all food (al a carte menu only) and drinks (maximum of 6 people per membership card) and 10% off all takeaways.
Louis Construction OSHA Partnership, an exclusive program that recognizes contractors with exemplary safety and health programs that exceed OSHA standards.
Standard safety procedures and training are an integral part of PARIC’s time-tested, comprehensive safety program, with a focus on pre-planning and raising awareness to prevent accidents. Outdoor activities, hobbies, and especially family photos make a personal statement about each individual’s motivation behind making safety their number one priority.

Our club comprises 44 teams with over 500 registered players competing in the U6-U18 age groups including three girls teams as well as a veterans side. All managers are certified in Child Protection and First Aid procedures and each team has an FA Level 1 Coach. We are committed to moving the regions we work in forward by remaining an integral part of our community and by leveraging the talent and experience of our top-notch people who work closely with clients to build their visions into reality.

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