Of course, first aid never involves actually slapping faces but a€?having a handy phrase that sticks in your mind helps you work under pressure,a€™ says Stephanie. Mail on Sunday readers still have a week left to nominate their first-aid heroes and the winners will be honoured at the Lancaster London Hotel in November.
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Click the button below to add the St John Micropore Tape 25mm (Single Unit) to your wish list. Circular polychrome enamel and bronze badge; the face with a circular central red enamel medallion with a gilt-edged white enamel Maltese cross centrally with a gilt lion between the arms upper left and lower right and a gilt unicorn between the arms lower left and upper right, all within a black enamel ring inscribed in gilt letters a€?THE ST. A young woman stands over the 6ft BBC presenter and starts to manipulate his arms and then his legs.a€?Please sir, slap my face,a€™ she says, gently moving his left arm so it is stretched out in front of him, and folding his right over his body so the back of his hand rests on his cheek. The awards, launched last year in association with The Mail on Sunday, seek to highlight those instances where first aid meant the difference between life and death.Evidence suggests that up to 150,000 people die each year in circumstances where first aid could have helped. The aim of the RISE project a€“ the name stands for respect, inspire, support and empower a€“ is to teach teenagers first-aid skills so they can go on to train other young people.

His leg was so broken it formed a right-angle out to the side,a€™ says Ray.Using a penknife, he cut the safety harness that was keeping the cameraman in the helicopter and, thanks to the adrenaline pumping around his body, heA A  lifted the 6ft 2in man to safety. In a fluid movement she rolls his body on to his left side.It is a surreal scene a€“ and everyone giggles. The woman, Stephanie, 23, is a volunteer for St John Ambulance and the bizarre a€“ but undoubtedly memorable a€“ sentences are her unique way of teaching people how to put someone in the recovery position safely. He was filming Ray Mears Bushcraft for the BBC, exploring the dramatic landscape of Wyoming, USA.Ray, the director, the cameraman and the pilot were flying over a ridge to capture a shot of man riding a horse.

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