St John Ambulance in SA has a long history of helping the public all about South Australia. The main focus of St John is to help communities remain healthy, and older people will remember well the ambulance service provided by St John until 1989 when the state government replaced it with the SA Ambulance Service. But St John do far more community work too.They provide vital first aid at many events about Adelaide and country areas, and historically used to provide first aid at rooms at many beachside locations. The St John Ambulance Museum in Unley is a proud reminder of the selfless contribution thousands of St John volunteers have made to keep the South Australian community safe and healthy over more than a hundred years.
It traces the history of the organisation in SA with many historical displays of how St John Ambulance has worked to support us.
A retired St John volunteer (Morrie) volunteered to be my guide for the visit, and was able to give me fascinating personal insights into how the service operated.
A Vajen head protector would have been essential for use in places where dangerous gases were present, such as in a mine or factory rescue.
It's quite easy to while away hours with the plethora of exhibits, and the volunteers that are present are eager to answer your questions. The St John Ambulance Museum is free to visit, although donations are of course welcome to help upkeep. WeekendNotes will notify you of the best free community events, concerts, exhibitions, cinema, festivals, and markets in your town or city. Book your training course onlineOur unique training courses and course materials are developed to meet the needs of the Industrial Personals,General community and the Customer.
North London Mums is the place for everything of interest to North London Mums and North London Dads. Meningitis is unlikely to happen to most of us or our families but it is very important to know the signs and look out for them because it has such serious implications.
The app is free to download and is excellent because it has very clear and simple instructions to follow, such as you would need if you were in an emergency situation. The instructions are separated into major (pictured above) and minor situations and the advice is very clear for both. First Aid, CPR and AED recertification courses are offered at Vancouver First Aid. Refresh your knowledge and learn new techniques to keep your training up to date.
Prerequisites for a Red Cross, Lifesaving Society and Heart and Stroke Foundation recertification’s require candidates to have award issued within 3 years. Recertification’s at Vancouver First Aid are offered frequently, at convenient locations and at competitive prices throughout the Lower Mainland.
We understand that most people require recertification’s in order to remain employed.
Our instructors are excited to teach you and we look forward to teaching you in any one of our first aid, AED or CPR recertification courses.
Click on one of the tabs in our menu for more information about our first aid and cpr recertification’s.

For details of St John spokespeople in the major St John State Offices please call 1300 360 455. Use the St John logo or images made available in this Press Centre when publishing articles about St John, our services and products. Credit the use of images made available in this Press Centre when publishing articles about St John, our services and products. Use a confusing book title which might imply your book is endorsed or written by St John Ambulance Australia Inc.
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By downloading the St John logo from this site you hereby agree to the above 'Rules for reproduction of the St John Logo' and 'Acceptable use policy'. By downloading the St John images from this site you hereby agree to the 'Rules for reproduction of the St John Logo' and 'Acceptable use policy'. Book a first aid course, purchase products or ask about our workplace First Aid assessment.Call St John on 1300 360 455.
It's a charitable organisation that began in Adelaide in 1885, although its origins overseas extend back hundreds of years to the middle ages. Many people have enrolled to do a first aid course with St John Ambulance too, often to provide first aid at their workplace. While the facilities at Grange and Brighton have been demolished, I believe that a room once used by St John Ambulance still exists on the beach front near the Seacliff Hotel.
St John Ambulance has been an organisation where young people could meet others and develop socially, in a similar way to the Scouts.
A human skeleton used in first aid course training is real, and treated with appropriate respect.
Bizarrely, it was a little reminiscent of bondage equipment that might be found in the Amsterdam Sex Museum. For people who have worked with St John Ambulance over the years, there are many displays which will bring back happy memories. It's conveniently located just a few steps away from the (free) Unley Museum, so makes a great double outing - ideal for the school holidays. John Ambulance is committed to tackling some of the real issues within society by developing its programme of Care activities across the country. We want to help other parents to find the best activities to do with their families, the best shops and websites to visit, and the most child friendly restaurants to eat in.

Whilst smart phones are great fun, their ability to provide information fast also has some more serious (and seriously useful) implications This week we are looking at some health related apps that could make the difference when faced with an emergency situation.
Obviously (as the disclaimer on the app higlights), this should not be used instead of going on a first aid course, but it is handy to have as a supplement and for if you need to find out something quickly. There are also pictures that are really useful for reminders - for example how to put someone in the recovery position properly or what to do when someone is choking.
Are there any other first aid apps that you recommend or apps that are useful in emergency situations? Renewal courses are available in Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, Delta, Richmond and Coquitlam. Our recertification courses are rarely cancelled and we rarely have a maximum number of candidates as we have large facilities with a lot of highly qualified instructors. Please note that PMS 186 reproduces effectively as a Pantone colour on matt or gloss stock and when printed as part of the four colour (CMYK) process. This is the smallest size at which, under normal reproduction standards, the detail of the logo can be maintained at an acceptable level of quality. The logo should never appear on top of an image or other graphic or within a keylined area.
It was purchased using a bequest, but there is no mention of who sold the body - presumably many years ago when the idea was more acceptable. One example is this old photograph - the location and date are unknown, like the identity of the people.
John Ambulance is a registered charity and we rely on public generosity to support all the work that we do in the community. We believe in supporting local businesses and other mumpreneurs and in building communities. Smartphones have saved my life quite a number of times, but sometimes I wish I could go back to the time of membrane switches and keypads.
Recertification courses are affiliated through the Red Cross, Lifesaving Society and Heart and Stroke Foundation.
Some locations, such as Vancouver and Surrey, have several training locations to help serve you better. Our volunteers treat over 10,000 casualties a year, providing First Aid and medical support services. We also provide a vast range of care services, as well as a development programme devised especially for children and young adults.
We are organised First Aid Training for the Industrial Executives & Nonexcutives Personals, General Pupils, Schools & Colleges etc.

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