Even if you are not attending the course, we can still arrange purchase of the first aid kit for you to ensure you are prepared for emergencies. Most older first aid kits do not conform to the new British standard (BS 8599-1) as they did not take into account many of the injuries that could occur in the workplace. This is the technical data for the St John Ambulance BS 8599-1 Compliant Zenith First Aid Kits.

All our reviews are written by real customers that have purchased this product from us and are publsihed without modification.
The program covers a wide variety of topics including: Injury Prevention, Choking, CPR, Bleeding, Fractures, and much more!
The newly re-designed first aid kits from St John Ambulance are fully compliant with the new standard.

These kits are supplied in a soft yet robust zippered pouch for easy access to your first aid essentials.

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