A free app designed at providing basic first-aid instructions to help injured cyclists has been launched. St John Ambulance has released the First Aid for Cyclists app after the latest Department for Transport figures revealed that while there has been a three per cent drop in serious cycling-related injuries, there has been a two per cent rise in the number of casualties. The app aims to equip cyclists with the necessary first aid skills and knowledge so that if required a cyclist can follow the app’s instructions. Ashley Sweetland, of the charity, believes the app “should be as essential as a puncture repair kit”. The information on the app comes from medically trained experts and members of the charity’s Cycle Response unit, which supports over 100 events each year across London.
We recommend that you undertake an initial assessment of the safety risks in your environment to determine the first aid equipment and training you require.

In workplaces, it is important to have first aid signage so that employees can easily find the first aid equipment.
St John 5 steps to First Aid Readiness enables organisations to minimise their business risksby being better prepared to respond to First Aid emergencies. This First Aid Kit will appeal to the commercial and domestic markets.Therapeutic Goods Authority approved ensuring highest quality.
As the experts in First Aid, St John makes it easy to be better prepared to respond to First Aid emergencies. Our Craftsmen make good quality Cadet Award Badges and a wide range of other badges for Military use.
UK, publisher of Cycling Weekly and other iconic brands about its goods and services, and those of its carefully selected third parties.

For example, if you have boiling hot water or chemicals that could cause burns, you should consider having a burns module in your first aid kit. The Duke of Edinburgh Award Badges are a very popular choice and we sell these on a daily basis.

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