AeU was established by Asians for Asia under the Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD), which its inception is to become a pioneer institution of e-education in Malaysia.
Good evening, you can visit to here, eSISRAF Sistem Pengiktirafan Kelayakan, it is a webpage in JPA Official Website, which user can actually check for qualification accreditation.
I went into the JPA website you gave me, James, but I couldn’t find Asia e University. I really interested to further my study in Master in Education with specialisation in Nursing Education.
I am interested in pursuing my Degree in IT specializing in enterprising networks from Asia e University. Several organizations in Malaysia are offering loans for students registered for Diploma and Degree programmes.
As discussed in my initial post on maximizing staff talent, an important beginning step is to help principals identify the talents of teaching and support staff, as well as the administrative team if the school has one.
What opportunities are you providing for each person to contribute to the work of the current initiatives of your school in his or her areas of strength? The APs’ chief task was to handle discipline, and without a strong base of progressive discipline in place at the classroom level, office referrals consumed most of their days. Bonnie eventually left her principalship to become a paralegal, and her more experienced AP was selected to replace her. This school’s decline could have been avoided if district leaders had been more attuned to Bonnie’s inability to share leadership.
This coaching might have allowed the APs to assume responsibility for working with specific grade levels, including sitting in on teacher collaborations. It is important for district leaders to realize that with some principals, simply making suggestions is not a viable strategy. Wilhelm holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, and an administrative credential from California State University, San Bernardino. Born on February 23, 1868, in Massachusetts, Du Bois became the first African-American to earn a doctorate from Harvard University in 1895. This idea put him in direct opposition with another prominent black reformer of the era, Booker T. Du Bois considered this an inferior strategy for civil rights progress and committed himself to gaining full equality for black Americans under the aegis of the 14th Amendment.
Accepting the job of director of publicity and research for the newly formed NAACP, Du Bois resigned his teaching position at Atlanta University and moved to New York, where he established The Crisis, a monthly magazine that became a platform for commentary on what he called “the danger of race prejudice.” The Crisis enjoyed surprising success, with a circulation reaching 100,000 by 1920. Du Bois also created a popular children’s magazine in 1920 called The Brownies’ Book to expose black children to their own history and culture. Committed to what some considered radical ideas about furthering racial equality in America, Du Bois become more combative with other activists of his day. Around this time, Du Bois also began to praise and endorse the socialist theories of Karl Marx. Du Bois’ anti-war activism and alleged Communist leanings prompted investigations by the FBI in the 1950s; his passport was revoked for eight years.
To learn more about this great black activist and intellectual, visit an excellent website devoted to his life and work at
Our featured stories are an amalgamation of all things education—you’ll find articles on trends and challenges facing present-day educators, as well as resources that help educators successfully navigate through any demanding environment.
Through its collaborations with Institutions of Higher Learning (IHLs) and training centers in the 31 ACD Member Countries, furthermore by practicing and actualizing its 5 core values, which are empowerment, excellent, integrity, creativity and professionalism, nowadays, AeU is able to stand on one’s feet by offering wide spectrum of relevant, affordable and cost-effective academic programs.

As for your question, we would suggest you to choose a desired college for business and enquire more info from the particular college. May I know is AeU conducting the program or not and if yes is it recognized under MQA,JPA and Malaysia Nursing Board? They also handled all non-instructional administrative tasks such as taking responsibility for textbooks and coordinating testing. The more experienced AP — who had an endless fountain of ideas about how to improve student learning through bolstering course-alike teacher teamwork and empowering teacher leaders — would often make suggestions to her principal, only to find that no action materialized.
By then, student achievement and staff morale had plunged, and engineering a turnaround took several years. Using strategies like the staff analysis and reflection questions listed above, a district leader might have realized that in the case of this school, a wise move might have been — after helping Bonnie identify specific strengths in her staff — to coach her to begin sharing leadership with her APs, at the very least.
Then they’d have the data to present mini-workshops to the staff as a whole on just-in-time topics that the entire administrative team saw as immediately needful.
Since no principal can successfully lead a school solo in today’s world of increasingly demanding outcomes and accountability, Bonnie’s students were the ones who lost out. Active involvement— sitting in on school staff meetings, meeting occasionally with the administrative team instead of only the principal, and taking other steps to empower leadership in school staff members — is the only effective route to school improvement at a school with a leader who is truly insecure.
She has served as a classroom teacher, a school principal, a district-level and area service agency administrator, and a college adjunct professor, and has extensive experience facilitating professional development for educators.
She is a district-level facilitator who works with educators nationally and is owner and founder of Educators 2000. By submitting this form I ask to receive email, texts and calls about degree programs on behalf of Concordia University – Portland, and agree automated technology may be used to dial the number(s) I provided.
A few years later, he launched his prolific writing career with his book “The Philadelphia Negro,” a landmark study of an urban black community. He voiced his ardent disagreement in a collection of essays called “The Souls of Black Folk,” many of which contradicted Washington’s philosophy by advocating that black schools should provide students with a liberal arts education to develop more black leaders and educators in the community.
One courageous editorial from a 1911 edition launched a nationwide initiative to make lynching a crime in the U.S. He wrote several essays that advocated voluntary segregation in schools, reasoning that black children would learn better from black teachers. Du Bois visited the Soviet Union in 1926, penned several essays about capitalism’s destructive influence on the struggle for racial equality, and considered himself a passive socialist for the rest of his life.
Once it was restored, he traveled to the newly formed Republic of Ghana in 1961 to begin work on an ambitious encyclopedia of the African Diaspora.
Moreover, last but not least, flexible education, learning should be made easy and happy, as this the spirit and concept that every academic staff from AeU always persisting in. It is actually sets of short courses and training programmes, depends on which categories you interested in, ranging from intrapersonal development to interpersonal development. We don’t have any exact recommendation of colleges for business courses as most colleges do offer business courses. And we will study 1 more year to get the university degree or master degree about Infomation Technology. Although the district leaders were unaware of it, she had begun to work toward her license to become a paralegal, and had become increasingly detached from the school. The APs might even have contributed by sitting in on certain meetings with district leaders. They never got opportunities for robust learning on a continuously improving achievement trajectory.

In Leaders’ Link, Wilhelm offers strategies to meet the challenges and maximize the opportunities administrators encounter at the site and district level. Du Bois’ ideals and conditions for attaining true social equality among all races in the United States. As he applied his expertise in social science to document the oppression against Reconstruction-era blacks in the industrialized North, Du Bois also articulated his concept of “the talented tenth,” which proposed that educators should help nurture opportunities for one-in-10 black Americans to advance into leadership roles. Washington firmly believed that all-black schools should focus on teaching industrial arts, especially agricultural skills. This philosophy ran counter to the educational reforms advocated by NAACP President Walter White in the mid-1930s, and as their debate grew more contentious, Du Bois resigned his editorship of The Crisis in protest. He died there in 1963 at the age of 95 and was buried in the city of Accra on the Gulf of Guinea. Frey received her doctorate in special education with a major in early childhood special education and specializations in educational psychology and applied behavior analysis from Vanderbilt University.
He also argued that black Americans needed to accept racial discrimination as a necessary evil and earn the respect of whites through hard work and financial success.
Once we have the first batch of students graduating from these programmes, then we can apply for recognition from JPA. The use of play expansions to increase the diversity and complexity of object play in young children with disabilities. Accessibility theory: Guiding the science and practice of test item design with the test-taker in mind. Older siblings' use of responsive interaction strategies and the effects on their younger siblings with Down syndrome. Note that AeU just started 2.5 years ago, so it takes awhile to get a batch of students to graduate.
Frey was a Dunn Family Scholar of Educational and Psychological Assessment, and she received the Melvyn I.
Social skills intervention planning for preschoolers: Using the SSiS-Rating Scales to identify target behaviors valued by parents and teachers. Preschoolers' social skills: Advances in assessment for intervention using social behavior ratings. Frey also holds a Master of Education in early childhood special education and a Bachelor of Science, summa cum laude, in cognitive studies and child development from Peabody College of Vanderbilt University. Frey has directed and worked on multiple federally funded research projects investigating early language and literacy development and effective interventions and assessment practices.
Frey’s research focuses on the description of behavioral and social communicative characteristics of young children with and at risk for disabilities and on early interventions to improve language and behavioral outcomes for toddlers and preschool children with speech and language impairments, children with intellectual disabilities, and children classified as at risk due to poverty related risk factors. Frey advises graduate students and teaches courses related to assessment of infants and toddlers with special needs, language development and intervention, behavior management, and quantitative educational research methods.
She is the principal investigator of the Innovation (birth to five) master’s personnel preparation grant and the LEEAD (Ed.S.

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