Below is a video show a quick look at the progress towards a prototype that we will be letting people try. Eventually we plan to run the game through Steam Greenlight, but currently we have put the game on Steam Concepts, to gather some support and attention. Music and sound artist Chris Burgess has created a stunning piece for Nobody's Planet.
To move along with the 70's science fiction art style I have increased the color on planets surfaces, personally I think it is a great change and makes for much more vivid environments. As you can see I have done some experimenting with volume metric clouds, I really love what they add to the game, I just need to work on optimizing them. Here is a preview of some of the different planets we can create through the generator we are using. Burning nukes in atmosphere is not really a problem unless humans live there right? These prototype build engines perform as expected, clunky, but powerful and efficient. ABOUT Space Engineers is a sandbox game about engineering, construction and maintenance of space works.
PRESS REVIEWS“Space Engineers makes welding, joining and glazing seem like the best jobs in the world.
You’ll notice from the above video that there are a few moving parts, and obviously a whole ship that flies around. First, there’s the fact that even the very basics are a bit more tricky in Space Engineers.
This puzzling dynamic of reconciling functional parts with aesthetic-vision caused me to scrap and remake several ships. Thankfully, when it comes to the task of engineering your bases and vessels, there are some powerful tools at your disposal. In creative mode a player has unlimited resources and can build or delete blocks instantly.
These two modes in parity with blueprints are amazing, and what I believe to be rather immersive.
While the assets and tools Space Engineers comes with aren’t bad, some of its best features can only be obtained from the modding community. While creating cool spaceships and stations is fun in its own right, survival mode desperately needs more reasons to explore, fight, and defend. In the end, despite some shortcomings, I highly recommend Space Engineers to more creative and patient gamers. We solicited Keen Software House for a free copy of Space Engineers and they were happy to oblige.
No, the above statement isn’t the original pitch of Firefly, but the plot of Galactic Princess brought to you by France-based developers, CECLY.
In Galactic Princess, you’re in control of your destiny and you know what the end result needs to be, but getting there will be a daring feat. The game may be developed as an 8-bit space odyssey, but its aesthetics are just as mesmerizing as when gamers first caught a glimpse of Mass Effect. The game is sure to be a video game space opera for the ages and may very well compete with the likes of StarCraft when it comes to telling a story worth hearing as well as engaging in battles. This is Max LevelMax Level is an establishment of gaming enthusiast from all walks of life.
About This force field doors are a product of my thinking about shields using spherical gravity generators. To try you will simply need to register on the NP community forums, which are still under construction.
The music called for an updated concept art that did not display the old style of the game with blocky parts. Taking a ship into atmosphere with these on is of course perfectly possible, but they are much more comfortable in space. Even though it is not necessary, it's fun to do, and can help convey some of the feeling I want players to get. With so many angled and sloped parts, rotation is an ever-present and important feature for most of the blocks you will be using. While the physics are not jacked up to Kerbal Space Program levels, they are still something you will have to be mindful of. In survival mode, players will have to gather all the raw materials for their structures and vessels.

I started playing with a friend, but he got bored with trying to figure out how to build things and decided murdering me would be much more entertaining.
The intention was to simply have a creative world where me and other drop-in individuals could create blueprints while benefiting from a little company and conversation.
It isn’t an ordinary ship floating about in the ocean, but an intergalactic vessel where you roam the galaxy.
Currently on Kickstarter and part of Steam’s Greenlight program, the sandboxed-strategy spaceship-survival RPG is an ambitious project that brings together many genres in 8-bit glory. Because the singleplayer game allows you to create your own ships and select your own crew, the playing experience will vary for everyone.
You don’t need artistic capabilities to form a formidable ship, but you do need the know-how of what kind of ship you want – a heavy fighter with many powerful weapons or a blitz fighter that can quickly maneuver through space. I won’t lie; I had a bit of Wall-E feelings while watching it, especially when he was barely clinging onto life… But anyways, watch the trailer below!
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Regardless of your gender, race, religion, class, sexual orientation, body type, console preference, species, native planet, etc., if you play games or are a fan of gaming, consider this place a home. While developing those, I saw some recent youtube videos concerning stone ore and gravity, so I decided to make my own door using this force field technique!
Here is a look at what the main menu looks like so far, this also gives you a peak at how players will start in Nobody's Planet.Remember to try the prototype you will need to register on the NP Forums. The drop pod contains the tools and basic materials for each player to start their adventure.
Gravity is based on overall mass, and atmospheric density based on the existence of certain materials and their percentages of the whole. Destructible environments, science fiction, and resource management are reoccurring elements in most of their titles.
However, some acquaintances recently told me very good things about it, and I found I couldn’t help but give it a go.
While it is clear that Space Engineers is so much more than that, the title could improve by borrowing a little more from its blocky predecessor.
Personally, I watched a lot of Youtube videos just to get the hang of some of these things. With a blueprint in hand, all you will need is a special hologram block and the required materials.
In order to build or destroy blocks in survival mode, you will need to wield them up or grind them down.
When I’m in creative mode, I imagine my space engineer is at some simulation terminal drawing up blueprints. Having armor and weapons, maybe some space stations or caves to explore, hopefully crawling with hostile creatures and full of loot!
But elite players of Minecraft or those that liked Kerbal Space Program should definitely check it out. My first console was a Mattel Intellivision(released 1981, purchased 1983) and I have owned at least one major console from every generation since. Your crew may or may not trust you, but everybody needs each other to survive the dangerous galactic atmosphere ruled by an alliance of ruthless and powerful men. You are also in command of your way of living in the skies, be it through legitimate trading with other adventurers or through spilling blood. After the materials are calculated the colors and textures of the planet would then be generated. While their earlier releases did not garner a lot of good attention, their two most recent titles, Space Engineers and Medieval Engineers seem to be getting a lot of love.
After only somewhat overcoming a very steep and daunting learning curve, I began to marvel at the creative power of the game.
A button that flips a block one way, my rotate it differently if your character is positioned differently. Conveyer tubes need to feed into the appropriate containers and assemblers to make everything function efficiently. Once activated properly, any actions you take on one end of your project can be instantly mirrored on a different end.
When he’s done, he takes the blueprints and manufactures his work using the required materials.

There are some hostile vessels, but you can see them from very far away, and they will never bother you if you don’t bother them.
Best of all, the future of this game looks very bright, and I’m salivating at some of the proposed updates. With thousands of titles behind me, I am a harsh and critical gamer who enjoys hating on games as much as loving them. You not only care about surviving and remaining free from the clutches of government control, but desire glory, power, and peace where you rule the skies. Not only can you choose the gender of your captain, you can even select its race, be it a robot or some form of alien! Which means a player could get some idea of what resources they could expect to find before ever landing and testing the surface.We will not have a terrain deformation system for planets(only for asteroids) so all mining takes place on the surface. Even if you put together something that cruises about as intended, you may still be thwarted by having a poorly positioned cockpit.
Trying to design a cool looking ship around all these functional parts can be very challenging and sometimes overwhelming. Even after watching an hour or two of videos, there are still some features I don’t know how to use properly. I enjoyed designing my vessels in creative mode and then using the blueprints to manufacture them in survival mode.
I fully expect more epic ones to arrive soon, maybe even some that fundamentally change how you play. They were desolate worlds where people hid very very far apart from each other, and almost all resources had been mined into oblivion. This eventually brought the performance of my game to its knees and I had to abandon the world. You can hijack some of the NPC vessels and raid their cargo holds, but it’d probably just be easier for you to mine and manufacture your own stuff.
Even if it lacks some wanted features now, I think it’s likely to get them and more as patches roll out. But in order to do so, you must live a life of cutthroat piracy and jump into an adventure that will lead you to the source of all power.
Furthermore, the crew you bring on board can be just as diverse: cyborgs, aliens, or even the unknown. Which means that all the materials must follow some sort of map for their propagation over the surface. I’ll get into some of the features and comparisons to other games soon, but first, check out this totally tantalizing video that previews some of the updates that are in store for the title. Finding the perfect angel for a block is more of a process of elimination than it is one of precision.
The view of your ship and the context of your flight-controls are going to be based around the position of your cockpit and this is much more important than you might think. I often found myself staring dumbly at my screen as I tried to reconcile my design vision with the bevy or required functional parts. You will probably see my comments on many articles, not just on MY articles, but others too. One thing is true though; even if you have a ship filled with awesome looking characters, you do need to train them in specializing in the many different areas of your vessel as well as with weapons and help keep the peace on the ship. This could very well be my own personal problem, and others may not have a such a hard time with it.
If you are using a ship that is supposed to get real close to things, say a drilling or repair ship, a good view is critical. If they do not, all public creative worlds are likely to fall victim to replicating ship spam. Just because it’s four billion years in the future, doesn’t mean we’ve escaped our differences.

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