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I do not know much about eating weeds,,,, I see lots of posts about wild edibles but are there any that really taste good ? The key to immortality is not having a life worth living, but living a life worth remembering.
Hey, T - I have a bunch of Lilys growing here and decided last fall that I'd try them this year. On the dandelions, if you pick them in shade and young you won't have the strong bitter taste that you find in full sun dandys. Sixteen people were feared dead Saturday after a hot air balloon caught on fire and crashed in Central Texas.
Robert Taylor is not what you would call a bad guy yet he’s being treated like one in his home state of Virginia. A 42-year-old skydiver with more than 18,000 jumps made history Saturday when he became the first person to leap without a parachute and land in a net instead. Authorities say a suspected burglar is dead after an Alabama homeowner tied him to a tree after catching the man breaking into his home. Skydiver Luke Aikens became the first person ever to jump out of a plane and into a net on the ground without utilizing a parachute Saturday. A Louisville judge scolded jail officials for bringing a female inmate to court without a jail jumpsuit and, it appeared, with no pants. Federal scientists say a massive die-off is taking place on a coral reef of a national marine sanctuary in the Gulf of Mexico.
A Nevada man whose family was nearly killed weeks ago by bombs set off by a former colleague has no idea why he was a target. A former Texas A&M and Miami Dolphins linebacker and his wife were fatally shot at their home in Houston, and a 16-year-old boy has been charged as a juvenile with murder in the slayings.
Lawmakers will review a loophole in Montana's incest law that allows 16- and 17-year-olds to be held as complicit as their parents. Eight players have been kicked off a Phoenix high school football team because of a hazing incident. On a serious note its been about 30yrs since I have eat one but there was a slight diffirent taste. I'll bet that makes a hell of an omelet, lol, What were they doing with them on Iron chef? Survival Tek Ken has put a lot of work and a lot of information into an incredible web site!

Traditional Scouting Don't be put off by the title: there's a wealth of outdoor skills related information here!
Kim and her husband James were traveling through Oregon during November of 2006 with their two children, ages 4 and seven months, when they took a wrong turn off Interstate 5 in an effort to drive to Gold Beach, along the Oregon Coast. Kim and her husband James were traveling through Oregon during November of 2006 with their two children, ages 4 and seven months, when they took a wrong turn off Interstate 5 near Grants Pass in an effort to drive to Gold Beach, along the Oregon Coast. Before long, they found themselves stranded in the snowy Coast Range on Bear Camp Road, a narrow logging road.
Eventually, the Kim's vehicle was spotted from a helicopter being flown by a businessman helping with the search. The Kim familyThe Oregonian's Pulitzer Prize winning coverage of the Kim family's tragic journey.But while she and the children survived, James Kim was later found dead. The day's important news, including local and national headlines, delivered every morning. Fishhound - real time fishing reports - scout., Fishhound fishing reports are the most up to date, accurate fishing reports you can get anywhere. Fishing hunting & trapping - offgrid survival, Survival fishing, hunting and trapping information and tips.
Survival fishing: top tips for finding fish during a long, During a long-term survival situation, one where infrastructure shutdowns threaten your food supply, you need to be able to feed your family when things start getting. Melton international tackle offers big game fishing tackle, big game reels, big game rods, and fishing related clothing, accessories, and gifts.. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Three rare woolly pigs - or sheep pigs - are settling into their new home at Tropical Wings Zoo in Essex, but many visitors think they're sheep.
The infamous tot mom Casey Anthony who is accused of murdering her 3-year-old child appeared in court last week with her fleet of high profile criminal defense lawyers. After hearing arguments from Casey's defense and after questions were raised by the Justice Administrative Commission, Judge Stand Strickland ruled that Florida taxpayers will be paying for Casey Anthony's defense.
It has also been reported that NBC News has paid $5,000 for photo licensing fee's and George and Cindy Anthony were paid for their participation in a 48 Hours Mystery special on the case. Despite all the money being funneled to the defense and family of Casey Anthony the tax payers are being forced to foot the bill for her defense! I am surprised some High profile Lawyer didnt jump in and defend her for the publicity,, She must have a really poor defense ?
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Petersburg appears to be out front in a bid to become home to the first Cuban consulate in the United States in more than five decades. 4, 2006, after she and her two daughters, Sabine, 7 months, in yellow, and Penelope, 4, were rescued in the mountains of southwest Oregon about 35 miles west of Grants Pass. Their disappearance led to a massive rescue effort by searchers in southern Oregon and blanket news coverage by The Oregonian and many other newspapers and television stations. After spending several days with his family waiting for rescue, he had left Kati and the children to try to get help. Despite the fact that Jose Baez dropped a bombshell in court that ABC News paid tot mom Casey Anthony $200,000 in exchange for photographs and video of little Caylee. It has also been reported that Jose Baez attempted to sell an interview with tot mom Casey Anthony for $500,000.
By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features. I go for the fireweed stalks early on when they first pop out of the ground and are 3-6 inches tall, raw in salad, cooked or steams like asparagus. Baez also dropped a bombshell in court that he was in talks and negotiations about a possible book deal! I'd certainly eat them if I had too and they add nice color to a meal but otherwise not much worth the effort.
Chickens have been bred to lay eggs all year round, Turkeys and other fowl are seasonal layers. The defense of Casey Anthony wants the tax payers in the state of Florida to foot the bill for her defense. If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please post in the first "Registration Help" subforum. Wild onions as well as many delicious flowers (rose, bluebell, fireweed are good too just to name a few.
Later in the summer we go for edible roots (like Indian potato, however, not to be confused with bear root), the very bottom of some varieties of sedge is nice in stir fry, but just eat the tender white bottom of the stalk. Oxalis stricta is very tart and I would imagine makes a very nice zest to tea, but I always just eat 'em. Blackberries and dewberries are tart to sweet and I eat them a lot, as well as scupplins, muscadines, and bullaces.

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