The Discoburger Music Monster (DBBM) production trio have put a stunning remix together for an equally stunning original, released earlier this year by producer Nora En Pure. Justin Jay & Friends are back with a new groover, Turn AroundListen to all your worries drift away. This Fender FSR Stratocaster is surprising, and Fender Stratocasters aren’t often surprising.
That said, though, you can keep the rudiments of the guitar and everything it is meant to be, and raise some serious eyebrows by adding a hell of a paint job. So this is a bit of an odd review, because what the guitar actually is, is a Mexican Standard Strat with a paint job. The flake finish looks like someone’s detonated a glitter bomb on the wood and then lacquered over it.
Interestingly, and unlike a lot of the Standard paint-jobs, the rest of the guitar has been aesthetically tweaked too. FSR stands for Fender Special Run by the way, but in part two I’ll actually review how the thing plays instead of being incredibly shallow. Having spent his life changing strings in guitar shops, writing and editing news and reviews of the latest music gear and gigging in admittedly-short-lived bands, Rob's particular passions lie with all things six-string and the bodger's world of home production.
While he is perhaps not hugely rock and roll, his efforts as a biographer of those who are allow him to at least live a little vicariously through them, which is almost as good.

Feel free to drop him a line for help, advice, or just to chat, but be warned: he does go on a bit. Yellow Claw, Diplo, & LNY TNZ came together for this bold music video with Waka Flocka Flame to make a monumental statement about what goes on behind the scenes far too often in the world of electronic music. In reality, this is too often the case; and such a big collaboration of names speaking out against the prevalence of drug culture in this controversial scene is a step in the right direction. No matter where you are in the world, we'll help you find musical instruments that fit you, your music and your style. Find a similar product below or contact our experts for a recommendation of great alternatives.
Classic D-14 body adorned with an attractive fingerboard and pickguard inlay motif inspired by the American swallow it's named after. The purple martin is the largest North American swallow and produces sounds that have been described as A“throaty and rich,A? much like the limited edition guitar that bears its name.
I’ve always been a fan of the limited runs, and have owned some odd Japanese variants in the past. Glam rock bands will be thankful for its emergence, and pop and indie groups are likely to love it too.
IIt can be used on Mac or PC and has tons of killer, cutting edge, professional instrument sounds and effects built right in.

Watch as this story follows sketchy drug dealers from distribution to all access at a night club and the resultant stark fatality of an average college girl who just went out looking for a good time.
A favorite theme of CEO & Chairman Chris Martin, this 2015 version is the second in a series of Purple Martin Limited Editions.
Perhaps more ready made for the incoming American summer, it's none-the-less a good old fashioned fun time on the d-floor. It’s a consistent finish, but brilliantly the flakes are of different sizes, so you get an incredible gleam off this guitar. Plus, it's sampling and time-warping features are among the best in the industry.Got the basics?
With no more than 50 produced, each D-41 Purple Martin will bear an interior label personally signed by C.

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