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Advertise your cleaning service with free cleaning flyer templates that you can customize and print. You can view the template in Google Docs, but in order to make changes or to save a copy of the flyer you must be logged into your account. Frost Trolls are a species of Troll that behave like their more common cousins, though they are stronger and much more resilient.
Frost trolls can be found in snowy areas, such as Winterhold, The Pale or Eastmarch, as well as the northern areas in SolstheimDR.
Frost trolls are ape-like, humanoid creatures with long, muscular arms and claw-tipped fingers. Frost trolls are typically hostile to most creatures and rarely back down or flee when faced with a more powerful opponent. Like ordinary Trolls, Frost Trolls have the ability to rapidly regenerate at two heath points per second. As levels go, frost trolls will be difficult to deal with until level 30, and even farther up if the Dragonborn has no strong fire spells or fire-enchanted weapons.

Using paralysis poisons via arrows is also quite effective, as the troll will be helpless for a few seconds, leaving them open for power attacks. One way for melee-oriented characters to take down trolls is with the Unrelenting Force shout and shield bashing.
A strategy for a low-leveled Nord is to use Battle Cry, as the troll will run away, allowing time to heal, attack, or retreat.
Another strategy for those with high Illusion and Sneak skills is to cast Calm on the troll, then perform sneak attacks (the Assassin's Blade perk, which adds 15x damage can make this especially effective), then cast calm to sneak attack again.
If the Dragonborn has it, they can use the Fire Breath shout, as it can be used from a distance and can cause a lot of damage.
Wabbajack or Mehrunes' Razor may be used to kill it quickly, although Mehrunes' Razor might take multiple hits to kill it.
They are especially fond of caves, but may also be found in abandoned ruins like Labyrinthian.
A troll prefers to pummel its prey into submission with powerful arm strikes and claw attacks.[1] Occasionally, they will roar mid-battle or beat their fists on the ground, making it easy to get a few free hits on them.
Weakness to fire poisons, paired with fire-enchanted arrows or fire spells, can also leave a considerable dent in a Troll's health bar, however, poisons need to be especially potent to make a reasonable effect in the fight.

The shout Dismay also can work well against them as well as the master illusion spell Hysteria, which will have a similar effect. Early in the game, the Dragonborn will encounter a frost troll on the way up the Seven-Thousand Steps to High Hrothgar.
On further note, a Frost Troll will attack using its powerful, claw-tipped arms to attack the target. Using a shield to stagger them while the shout is recharging is also very helpful, and can present opportunities to get in an extra hit or two without being damaged too badly. If a shield is unavailable or the Dragonborn is more skilled with blades, taking quick slashes while dodging the troll's swinging claws can be an effective but risky strategy.

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