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Click the button below to add the Crystal River Executive Fly Rod Spinning Reel Combo Travel Kit to your wish list. With this waterproof, dirt proof, snow proof case- you can protect your phone on any adventure you go on!
On day 30 we will charge 50% of the remaining balance, followed by the final payment on day 60. It can perform all the duties of a good saw, large fixed blade, and a small survival knife.

This set comes with one rod that can be reversed to use with a spinning reel or a fly reel which are both included. If sharpened correctly it can also feather a stick and create some extremely fine kindling.
This is an ideal kit if you are both a fly fisherman and regular angler and comes in a handy travel case so that you can carry it in your car or even attach it to a backpack. Referenced brands and trademarks are for compatibility listing only, not associated with this product or with Jem Accessories, Inc. It has an extremely nice feeling whether you're holding an inch away from the head or an inch away from the butt end - it's just very well balanced.

Of course it's got a hammer pommel on the other side of the axe for banging in tent pegs and the entire package weighs 5.25 pounds with the leather blade guard.

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