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You don’t need a badge for San Diego Comic-Con to have fun; there are plenty of things to do outside of Comic-Con that don’t require tickets.
People Watching: Jesus at an ATM machine, Stormtroopers on the trolley, and Jon Snow ordering a sandwich at the deli. Free Offsite Events: There is so much more to San Diego Comic-Con that can’t be contained inside the Convention Center.
Great Atmosphere: There are few things as exciting as San Diego during San Diego Comic-Con.
Even if you aren’t at the Convention Center, you can still feel like you’re in the middle of all the action — because you are!

San Diego Comic-Con has some of the best cosplay around, and some of these cosplayers are happier wandering around outside the Convention Center than being stuck inside the crowded lobby.
Instead, the network takes over Mary Jane’s cafe at the Hard Rock Hotel and makes their presence known on Fifth Avenue with free swag for anyone who walks by. Almost every offsite location offers a free token just for visiting, such as free custom-printed t-shirts. The roads are full of buses wrapped with images of the newest television shows, cosplayers are shopping at Target, and local restaurants and hotels get into the spirit by wearing their favorite pop culture shirts.
There are a ton of things to do around the San Diego Convention Center and Gaslamp Quarter that don’t require a Comic-Con badge, from panels and presentations to obstacle courses and virtual reality experiences. They usually get surrounded quickly by eager hordes of swag seekers, so move fast to grab your treasure.

Nothing beats wandering around the Gaslamp Quarter and seeing how creative people can be with their costumes. The entire Gaslamp Quarter has free wi-fi, suggesting that there will be all kinds of Pokemon up for grabs. There is a celebration of all things South Park, which is celebrating its 20th season, at the South Park offsite event across the street from the Convention Center. FX is bringing the FXhibition to the lawn outside of the Bayfront Hilton, while Adult Swim has an entire carnival along the marina behind the Convention center.

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