During lease signing you received information from the American Red Cross about preparing your own personal emergency response kit.
For the next 4 Mondays we’ll highlight some important ways that you can be prepared in the event of an emergency or natural disaster.
This entry was posted in Community Living, Emergency Preparedness and tagged emergency prep, NAP sites by Betsy. If you determine that this is the case, reviving a Tillandsia means returning the plant to a healthy well-hydrated state. If the plant continues to look dry and sickly, repeat the procedure, but this time leave the Tillandsia submerged for only about four hours. To keep a Tillandsia well hydrated, soak the plant in a bowl of warm water for an hour every week during the summer, decreasing to once every three weeks during the winter months (Some people find that a 10-minute soak is enough, so watch your plant closely to determine its particular needs. Always shake excess water off your Tillandsia after watering, then allow it to dry in a colander or on a layer of paper towels. If your Tillandisa is in a sea shell, empty the shell as needed to be sure the plant isn’t sitting in water.
Another take on the paracord sword wrap, this wrap can fit many handles of swords and knives.
As you might have noticed from my paracord knife wrap tutorial and the instructions on the paracord axe wrap, I have been exploring the wonderful world of paracord handle wraps. It is a wrap that consists of two turks head knots, with the middle simply formed with a series of X shapes.
When you reach a desired wrap length, use some melted cord or even glue to hold the last X in place. If you are wondering about how to grow blackberries, you need to look at your yard and find the perfect place for growing blackberry plants.
When considering planting blackberries, you need to make sure you do not plant the bushes where peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes or strawberries are growing, or have grown in the past three years or so.

Growing blackberry plants will produce berries for 15 to 20 years if you take care of them. The year following planting, fertilize the ground as soon as you can in the spring and give the growing blackberry plants about an inch of water per week. This is a great location for your roommates or family members to congregate and to find each other after a large scale emergency.  Housing Assistants or other volunteers will be deployed to each NAP site and will check folks in on a roster.
Air plants are epiphytic plants, which means that unlike most other plants, their survival doesn’t depend on soil. If your Tillandsia isn’t looking its best, especially if it’s shriveled or brown, there’s a good chance that the plant is extremely thirsty. The easiest way to accomplish this is to soak the entire plant in a bowl or bucket of lukewarm water.
Remove the plant from the bowl, place it on a layer of paper towels, and allow it to air dry before returning the plant to its regular location.
If the plant begins to look swollen, it’s absorbing too much water and will benefit from a shorter bath.).
If your air plant is in a container, uncover the container and place it in an airy location.
Alternatively, apply a regular, water-soluble fertilizer diluted to one-quarter strength, or orchid food highly diluted at a rate of one pinch per gallon of water. There are a few techniques out there still to discover still, but this sword wrap I had to share with you! It is easy to do, the only challenging part may be the turks head, which is not hard to learn.
If you still think it could be tighter, you can shrink the wrap a bit by placing it in boiling water for about 10-15 seconds (you can read more about shrinking paracord here). These plants are prone to certain bugs and problems that the growing blackberry plants are also prone to, so keep away from these areas.

Sometimes planting blackberries next to a trellis will help because the bush is a climbing type.
You may need to tie the plant to a heavy object to keep it from floating to the top of the water. You may need to supplement winter sunlight with full spectrum artificial lights for about 12 hours per day. The challenge comes in the form of tightening the wrap, because those turks heads really become tight at the end.
If you are afraid your soil isn’t up to par for growing blackberry bushes, you should add organic soil matter to improve aeration and facilitate drainage. You can add things like compost, chopped hay or leaves to help make the soil the right consistency for planting blackberries.
Although air plant care is minimal, the plant can sometimes begin to look sickly – shriveled, limp, brown or droopy.
You are responsible for providing your own drinking water and food as well as any other personal items you might need in case of an emergency.
Naturally a marlin spike would do the job better, but I was afraid of it slipping (it is quite sharp!).
The trick for the wrap to work is to tighten these X shaped cords very tightly and to line them up one next to each other at the sides. Growing blackberry bushes will start producing the following year if you have cared for the plant as you should.

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