Nursing and midwifery students at Sheffield Hallam University will benefit from a new iPad based augmented reality (AR) tool to improve their communication skills. Perform general systems engineering tasks as necessary with specific focus on electronic systems and instrumentation.
An amazing opportunity to plan, direct and coordinate all manufacturing operations and activities in line with company strategy and business plan. Technology Manager - External Communications Would you like Lead the technical delivery of the External Communications System (ECS) capability sustainment & evolution projects within the common ECS (cECS) Baseline Design Management (BDM) programme? Applications are invited for a Postdoctoral Research Associate in a brand new area of communications. We are an experienced QCF First Aid provider, who has a flexible approach to delivering high quality, low cost training. Courses can be run in house throughout the UK (at your place of work), or in our training rooms located in Sheffield. You can relax whilst we do the travelling to deliver our high quality training across the UK conveniently in your place of work. Our experienced trainers have all delivered frontline emergency care within South Yorkshire, and have also achieved a certificate of education from Sheffield Hallam university. Courses are conducted in comfortable surroundings using the latest equipment and techniques.
A collaborative team of AR experts at Campus Interactive and key senior nursing lecturers at Sheffield Hallam University came together to create an AR application which introduces patient scenarios to trainee nurses.

We created a channel in the SHU AR app (the official augmented reality app for SHU) for the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing. Usually trainee nurses work on plastic simulation dummies called SimMan which breathe, give blood and provide other metrics. It’s all designed to help create empathy and enhance caring whilst delivering the technical skills nurses must provide.
This is a great example of using AR to add something to a previously static piece of learning. This augmented reality use case is available to all our partner institutions and can be adapted for all medical scenarios, dentistry scenarios, sports therapy scenarios, first aid scenarios and even veterinary scenarios! Prepayment fee of RM16,000 is required before the first enrollment payable towards the first semester tuition fee, registration, deposit and general administration fees. Chris Waddle's Charity football Match on Sun 23rd March 2014Events FC are proud to announce their upcoming Charity Football Match with none other than Chris Waddle and his All star team taking center stage at Hallam FC on Sunday 23rd March. The game will be held in aid of the Cathedral Archer Project - a Fantastic Sheffield based charity for the homeless. As an added bonus there will be an auction to offer 2 lucky people in the audience a place to play on Chris's Allstar team! Now with the introduction of AR the trainee nurse points the iPad at the dummy which triggers (using 3D object tracking) a video overlay of a real patient in distress describing their symptoms etc. The SimMan mannequins are very expensive so to be able to add additional learning at a fraction of the price is so useful for medical schools.

They will be equipped with the skills to formulate physiotherapeutic exercises and treatments for those with physical disabilities.
Should the total payable fees be different, international students are to pay the exact amount as advised by INTI counselors.
Hallam Fc is the oldest ground in the worlds and has an awesome pitch over looking the peak district. Both teams will be playing against Chris Waddle's Allstars, a team of ex pro's and celebrities.
Whilst we try to ensure all details are up-to-date we do not make any warranty or representation as to the accuracy or completeness of the information shown. The background in the video is transparent which means the nurse sees a real view of the surrounding environment including the vital metrics such as heart rate.
Students will also be trained in the areas of assessment and screening, which will enable them to identify factors and possible disabilities before they set in. Please download the full fee information for the respective INTI university or college for more information. This programme will also improve students’ management, communication, problemsolving and organisational abilities.

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