Col Smith carries a vast array of concreting tools and materials in addition to a wide variety of paving products.
Pot racks are a great space saver for the kitchen so you can keep all your kitchen pots and utensils ready for use. An old metal coffee table frame will do the same job as the ladder and bicycle rack, with a pot rack that hangs from the ceiling. If you have some old copper piping around, or can get hold of some pretty cheaply then you will be able to make a wall hanging pot holder quite easily. The best thing is that you don’t have to spend a whole heaps of money getting one made, as you can make awesome ones simply using reclaimed materials! All you need is an old wooden ladder and some chain rope to attach it to the roof so it can hang down over your stovetop area, or in the middle of your kitchen.
It will create a round hanging put rack which is ideal for smaller kitchens or spaces where you can’t fit a larger pot rack.

Many second hand stores, or reclaimed material warehouses have things like this laying around that could easily become a feature in your kitchen, and it won’t cost you the earth! Using push together tees and elbows will hold all the pieces of pipe together without the need for soldering. A workshop peg board can become a feature piece in your kitchen, simply by adapting it to the kitchen space, instead of the workshop. Using the same principles as the ladder, attach the bicycle wheel to the ceiling using either some rope or some chain and ensure that it is securely attached. Attach it to the roof using the previously mentioned methods and hang your S hooks and pots from it.
Once the copper pipes are attached to the wall, add your S hooks and hang your pots and pans. Attaching it to the wall is relatively easy and can be done in the same way that it would be done in your workshop.

You can also combine this idea with a shelf to make extra space for all those many kitchen bits and pieces.
Creating a pot holder like this will create a Victorian-era style pot holder in your home for a lot less than it would cost you to get a new one from a kitchen design shop. The great advantage about using a peg board is that you are not limited by how many hooks you have as you can use as many of the holes as you like to attach kitchen implements to the board.

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