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Bear Grylls is a well known figure in the world of survival no matter how you look at it, or how you feel about it. The only flaw that I have found in this knife is the finish on the blade does not stick very well. Another advantage is that the knife weighs only 11.4 oz and is easy to carry with its hard plastic and buckled ballistic nylon straps that are fire retardant coated.
This is the best knife if you are looking for a combat knife or something for self defense.
The designers at Spartan Blades have 40 years of military service and experience, and they have applied that experience into a true design for a combat knife. However, since it is alternating current, the current reverses direction many times a second. This acts as a bottleneck, reducing the amount of power reaching the destination end of the cable. He has the survival street cred; he served three years in the British Special Forces (21 SAS), until he broke his back in three places in a parachuting accident in Africa. This knife is  intended to serve the modern warrior and outdoorsman in a variety of missions and environments.

Many people seem to prefer this knife to any of the other knives in the Bear Grylls line up. They are all really fairly priced when considering you could easily spend hundreds on a knife.
This small concealment sized knife is perfect to wear around the neck, on your belt, in a bag or anywhere else that it fits. The handle has a nice feel to it, and it is made out of TacHide rubber that provides a lot of grip. The blade itself is made with S30V stainless steel and coated with a finish.  The Horkos  has a nice micarta handle, which offers an excellent grip. You can add canvas micarta handle scales for a more comfortable grip or just wrap paracord in any pattern or color combination you prefer. You could build a shelter, fasten a weapon and or even protect yourself from any threat that might be out there. Not too long ago, this rugged adventurer decided to endorse his own line of survival products.
Not only does this knife operate smoothly, and for the price you really can’t go wrong.
My least favorite thing about these is that they don’t feel as solid as other name brand knives made by Gerber.
The knife comes in tons of colors, so it provides lots of options. This knife holds an edge very well and makes for an excellent concealment survival knife.

If you are looking for something to put into a survival kit on a budget, then these Bear Grylls Survival Series Knives are a safe bet. The handle comes in either Rocky Mountain Tread micarta scales or the black linen micarta scales. The handle, however, feels really good in your hand and ensures a solid grip whether wet or dry. As for the pommel on the bottom, it is solid and is good to hammer away at whatever you need to hammer. The handle also features a bow drill divot for making fires. The ESEE-5 has a 100% lifetime, unconditional guarantee.
Those holes can be used to mount the knife to a large stick, turning this knife into a spear. Like they say, when in a survival situation, any survival knife is the best survival knife.

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