Lofty achieved legendary status within the regiment and his twenty-six years' service took him to all corners of the globe. Lofty left them in 1985 and went on to run a successful business taking money off corporate mongs stupid enough to want to pay money to be cold, wet and miserable on his 'character building' courses. Booktopia Store About us Shipping & Delivery Returns Policy FAQ Contact Us Store Search Categories Arts & Entertainment Biographies & True Stories Children & Teenagers Computing & I.T.
My colleague at Politico’s Morning Defense blog reports that commanders are concerned enough to issue a warning to all troops.
But during a pre-mission brief with some EOD bubbas out of Sharana, I heard that 2,000 Army Combat Uniforms had been lost or stolen off the air base in Manas, Kyrgyzstan — another major transit point for supplies going into the Afghan sand box. I think this will actually slow down the issue of OCP, logistics just got more complicated.
USAF should have bought fewer B2s and F117s, and more C-130s and C-17s – and donated some money to the Army to buy more Chinooks and Blackhawks.
Then we wouldn’t be stuck on the roads and vulnerable to mudslides, rock slides, washed out bridges, IEDs and numbnuts with Molotovs. Earth Sciences & Environment Economics Education Engineering & Technology Fiction Health & Personal Development Humanities Language & Linguistics Law Lifestyle Literature, Poetry & Plays Medicine Science Newsletter Sign up to our newsletter to hear about about new items and special promotions!

First, when Ward and I were in Afghanistan, we saw after action reports and photos of dead attackers fully outfitted in ACU top, bottom and chest rigs. Officials at Kabul could not confirm that report, but it sure as hell didn’t come out of nowhere. PEO Soldier says all the surge brigades have been outfitted in the OCP duds and now its up to units in country to decide their issue schedule.
Once all soldiers are using the Multicam ACU the enemy will start stealing those, so are you going to be lobbying for the Army to ditch those uniforms too? I’ve been out of the Army since 2008, but noticed that extra pocket on his right sleeve, the velcro on his right hip on the blouse, and the buttoned pocket on his left leg.
I have heard stories about Chechnyans stealing some old school NATO uniforms and running around Fallujah. He was also instrumental in setting up the CRW teams and practising hitherto untried techniques.
Those are easy enough to get off the commercial market or from knock offs at Pakistani bazaars. Just wondering if this is the airmen’s uniform, some new generation ACU, or an after market uniform.

Product Description The bestselling compact guide on how to survive in the wild, in any climate, on land or at sea. This updated edition contains all the latest techniques on survival training and timeless advice from the foremost expert in survival, Lofty Wiseman. All of it is rooted in the training techniques of the Special Air Service, the world's most famous elite fighting force, in which Lofty served for 26 years. Using clear line drawings and colour illustrations, and new case studies and survival scenarios, Lofty describes survival techniques for if you find yourself at sea, in the mountains, at the polar icecaps, or in the desert, complete with what to do in a whole range of medical and meteorological emergencies. Whether you are a camper, a hiker, a sailor or simply engaged in general outdoor pursuits, this book could actually save your life. About The Author John 'Lofty' Wiseman served for 26 years with the Special Air Service and was their Chief Survival Instructor.

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