The changing landscape of Work Health and Safety (WHS) legislation means that organisations often have difficulty keeping up with legislative changes and how this specifically impacts their business. We have developed a completely customisable WHS training program that directly addresses the WHS obligations of your workplace.
If you’re seeking a training company which can come to your business and deliver a professional customised program to up-skill your workforce or management, then we can provide our experts to facilitate your needs. Organisations who need advice on what their WHS obligations in the workplace or assistance with the development of WHS policies and Procedure will benefit from our consultation services. We deliver training for groups in our Sydney Training Centre or we can come to you and provide in house training at your location. The course material and information is obtained from Nationally Accredited First Aid Training and the Asthma Foundation Australia. This course does not qualify you for workplace employment unless you complete the accredited course with practical and theory assessment. Once enrolled the student will receive a login, password and web link via email for the online course. The Online Training has Google Translate available so you can complete your study in your Native Language. Google Translate is only available for the online reading material; all classroom training and assessment, where applicable, is completed in English. This course is designed to educate individuals on how to control Asthma from management, to medication and intervention. The trainer was very relaxed and made everyone welcome, i thought everyone appreciated his knowledge and explanation of situations he had been in.
The RYA G158 has detailed information about the structure and content of the practical and shorebased courses for both sail and motor cruising with the RYA Yachtmaster Scheme. Check out RYA eBooks to see how we're using the latest technology to make our books more interactive.

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to get in touch with Duck-2-Water. The VHF Radio course is essential for everyone aged 16 or older who wishes to control the operation of a VHF Radio on any British vessel voluntarily fitted with a VHF Radio or VHF DSC Radio! Scheduled VHF Radio courses are held at Ocean Quay Marina (situated between Ocean Village Marina & Shamrock Quay Marina) Southampton, Hampshire UK and in the Solent area.
If you have a group (Minimum of 4 people) from your boat club, marina, boat crew or just friends then we can travel to your area and provide a VHF course to suit your schedule. Obtaining the VHF Operators license is essential for anyone that wants to become a qualified skipper on a boat. At Training Aid Australia, we are able to sort through WHS legislative information to tailor a specific training program that addresses the specific needs of your business. If your organisation is interested in a private booking, to have this course delivered to a group of staff, please contact our head office to discuss delivery options. The skills and knowledge she taught me help recognize the signs and symptoms of a patient with diabetes who needed glucose tablets, warmth & reassurance.
You will require a computer, internet connection, speakers (or ear phones) and the latest version of Adobe Flash (free download) to view the online course. If you need assistance with completing assessments in English, please contact us before enrolling into the course. A turavitorlazok ebben a kiadvanyban segitseget kapnak a vitorlak pontos es optimalis beallitasanak trukkjeirol, a vitorlak mukodesi elverol, a spinakker hasznalatarol es kulonbozo vitorlazasi helyzetek es szituaciok kezelesi modjarol.
A kotetbol megerthetjuk a vitorlak mukodesi elvet, es ezekbol az alapelvekbol levezetve megtanulhatjuk a professzionalis vitorlaallitasi praktikakat.
This book is compact enough to fit in your pocket and, because of its design, stays open, allowing you to use both hands to practise tying your knots. You will also need to bring a colour passport size photo on the day of your course to send off with your VHF Licence Application.

The VHF Radio Exam is conducted at the end of the course and may run into the early evening depending on the number of attendees. A VHF Radio is an essential item of safety kit and thus taking a VHF course to ensure that you know how to use it is key.
This venue is approximately an hours commute from London and our course prices from £69 are more cost effective than attending your VHF Radio Course in London.
Duck-2-Water provides the VHF Radio course, also known as the Short Range Certificate, which is undertaken at their RYA Training Centre in Southampton, Hampshire on the shores of the Solent (More cost effective than attending your VHF Radio Course in London, Poole in Dorset, Weybridge or Guildford in Surrey, Portsmouth in Hampshire or Chichester in Sussex). A konyv gazdagon illusztralt, es fotokkal tarkitott magyarazatokkal lenyegre toroen oktatja a szukseges ismereteket. This subject is too large to go into the level of detail we would like to on this site so if you would like to know more about the vhf radio course syllabus please contact us for further information. We are a short drive from Chichester, Sussex & Portsmouth, Hampshire and only 40 minutes from Poole, Dorset. This is a 1 day course that will teach you exactly how to use a VHF radio on your yacht or powerboat.
For a small additional charge the RYA will process your application within 2 days of receipt. You will need a VHF license to operate a vhf radio and to obtain this license you will have to pass a simple RYA VHF Radio examination.
If you would like more details about the VHF radio course syllabus either give us a call on 02380 339996 or have a browse through our website.

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