Sweat rash oris is a painful skin disease which is common in summer when weather is hot and humid. Amla (Indian Gooseberry) is high in antioxidants that can protect your body from free radicals. Miliaria (prickly heat) is a common skin disease experienced by kids, adults and many people during summers and in humid and moist weather. Aloe vera works as wonder in the treatment of various skin diseases and is a very effective herb for heat rash. It is a natural antibiotic that also facilitates the growth of new cells to replace the old and worn out cells.
I don’t know about you, but everytime I wake up and notice a red spot on my arms or legs I automatically think I have bed bugs. Unlike other common pests such as rodents and cockroaches, bed bugs need blood to survive, relying heavily on it to complete their life cycle. Like most insect and spider bites, bed bug bites come in the form of red bumps on your skin. Bed bug bites usually appear in small groups in a single place and are usually found in a line. Initially, the victim of a bed bug bite might feel a slight burning sensation around the area (although this is quite rare). The reason why your body reacts to bed bug bites in a certain way is down to how the bed bug delivers a bite.
A bed bug will also inject an anesthetic and an anticoagulant through its beak during the initial piercing. Although both similar in size, there are a few differences between bed bug bites and flea bites. Just like with flea bites, bed bug bites can often be mistaken for ones from mosquitoes. Mosquito bites are often random and isolated, which differs from the aligned and grouped formation of bed bug bites.
There are a few home remedies for bed bug bites available to help reduce the swelling and itchiness. Baking soda and water: Making a paste out of baking soda and water are a great home remedy for bed bug bites.
Apple cider vinegar: Like with insect stings, apple cider vinegar works well as a home remedy for bed bug bites. Toothpaste: The menthol attributes of toothpaste make it a good home remedy for bed bug bites. Witch Hazel: Being a liquid astringent, witch hazel is great for treating bed bug bites as it contains a mild anesthetic effect which helps calm the itching caused by these bites.
On top of the home remedies, there are also a handful of natural remedies for bed bug bites available.
Aloe vera: Either fresh aloe vera or aloe vera gel works well for this natural remedy for bed bug bites.
Lemon juice: The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and the fact that it is a natural astringent makes lemon juice a great natural home remedy for bed bug bites. Banana peel: Like mosquito bites, the banana peel is a great natural remedy for bed bug bites.
Peppermint oil: Like toothpaste the menthol attributes of peppermint oil makes it a perfect natural remedy for bed bug bites.
The best way to successfully prevent bedbugs from biting you is to eliminate them from your home.

Wash: Remove the bedding from your bed and wash them on a high heat of at least 60? (and for ideally 90mins).
Contact a professional: The best way to get rid of bed bugs is to enlist the help of a pest control professional with specialist solutions, like heat treatment, targeting bed bugs at every stage of their life cycle. We have come up with a free guide to checking your hotel room for bed bugs in 5 easy steps to help limit the possibility of inviting bed bugs to your home.
We recommend you store your suitcase and luggage in your garage or utility room, or an area furthest from your bedroom and main living areas. Place the contents of your luggage into a bin bag and transfer them to your washing machine and wash on a high heat.
I joined the Marketing and Innovation team at Rentokil in 2015, and my mind has quickly become accustomed to the weird and wonderful world of pests. The major cause of prickly heat is due to the over secretion of sweat which in turn blocks the sweat glands.
In order to get rid of prickly heat, an irritating skin disease, regular use of herbal and natural home remedies will be very helpful. Sandalwood also has an anti-microbial action and is also an antiseptic agent used to treat prickly heat rash inflammation.
The flavor of lavender rejuvenate your mood and cures your skin damaged due to inflammation. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
The harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun cause serious damage to the skin resulting in sun burns and rashes.
Avocado can be used to heal sun burns and heat rashes and reduce the irritation associated with them. It removes the dead and worn out cells while linoleic acid helps in the growth of new cells. Repeating this procedure every day for about a week can do wonders. These few herbs can be used against heat rashes effectively. This makes us the perfect midnight snack for these blood sucking creatures whilst we sleep. Because of this, it can be quite difficult to distinguish a bed bug bite from a flea bite or a mosquito bite. If there are multiple bite locations on your persons, this can often mean that multiple bed bugs have feasted on you during the night, or a bed bug has been disturbed whilst feeding. This causes a rash to develop (also know as papules or wheals), and can sometimes result in dramatic swelling and blister-like skin inflammations to occur. These are used to suck the blood from your body, this is usually done between 3 and 10 minutes until they have fully engorged themselves on you.
This helps prevent the bite from itching immediately, allowing the bed bug to dine without being disturbed.
Compared to bed bug bites, flea bites are usually found on the ankles and lower leg and are often felt immediately. Bed bug bites can often be treated by applying an ice pack to the infected area, this will help reduce the swelling, and taking an antihistamine to help combat the itchiness. It provides relief from the itching and also helps to dry any rashes and protect the skin as it heals.
Applying the paste directly to the bite and leaving it to dry before removing helps with swelling.

Applying a generous amount to the bite will help soothe any burning sensation and relieve the itching. The majority of these methods can be used by utilising items found around your home, or that can be purchased from your local supermarket.
The active compounds and amino acids found in aloe vera help ease the itching and burning sensations caused by bed bug bites.
Lemon juice can help dry out rashes and keep itching at bay whilst also reducing redness and swelling. There are a handful of options available to help get rid of bed bugs, these can range from simple home DIY techniques to enlisting the help of a pest control professional.
Blood can’t be purified as sweat can’t be evaporated anymore and this results in prickly heat. Natural home based remedies will not have any side-effects and can also cure Miliaria (prickly heat) effectively. To get rid of this irritating skin disease, apply a paste made of sandalwood powder and rose-water over the affected area. It is generally used to prepare moisturizer and creams and people who are sensitive to chemical based creams use creams and products made of chickweed.
If you add a bunch of pepper mint leaves to the water you bath, it not only cures inflammation but also reduces the swellings on your skin. It is best to use herbal remedies for the treatment of heat rash, as it is best to use natural products than chemicals on your skin.
Apply avocado oil generously on the heat rashes at least 2 times daily for about a week or two to cure heat rash. Follow any one of the remedies to treat heat rashes, but the instructions should be followed to get best results. Checking your hotel room for bed bugs can help prevent bed bugs from grabbing a free ride to your home. However, it’s important to know that for some individuals, bed bug bites do not leave a mark, or even itch. The antiseptic and anti bacterial properties of neem can reduce irritation and rashes to a great extent.
It helps in removing heat from your body, reduces inflammation and works as a good tonic for digestion.
This is caused when the blockage of the sweat ducts occurs at a deeper part of the epidermis (the outer layer of skin). However, often the rash does not appear until weeks or months have passed in the hot climate. The rash tends to go within a few days if you get out of the hot environment and stop sweating. Apply some to your skin before activities that make you sweat or on arrival to a hot climate.

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