Share to TwitterFear the Walking Dead has been confirmed as the title of the much anticipated Walking Dead spin-off show.
After a rough few weeks for police and with her birthday just around the corner, Mya Teran came up with a plan to celebrate in the best way she knew how — with care packages for her local police officers.
She got the idea from her mother, Gabriela Valencia, who celebrated her 30th birthday by performing 30 acts of kindness.
Gabriela, who said she does a lot of advocating for police safety in her spare time, said her family was proud of Mya's efforts, especially Mya's 10-year-old stepbrother. Last Thursday, the day she delivered the packages, officers began calling and stopping by her house.

Then, on Friday morning, police cruisers showed up on her street, and more than a dozen officers came to their door with birthday presents for Mya. Earlier today, it was announced that the very first trailer for the show will premiere during the Season 5 finale of the main series, which will be extended by 30 minutes from the regular hour-long weekly special for a total of 90 minutes of action-packed zombie-slaying to conclude the season. The spin-off show will air this summer, and will have a total of six episodes, similar to the very abbreviated first season of The Walking Dead.Starring Cliff Curtis, Kim Dickens, Frank Dillane, and Alicia Debnam Carey, this family struggles desperately for survival during the events of the zombie apocalypse. The story will be on the west coast of the United States in Los Angeles, California on the entire other side of the nation from Rick and the crew whose story takes place throughout Georgia.Fans seem optimistically open-minded for the spin-off series, and I personally hope to see some easter eggs referencing the main series. Could the two series eventually tie together, or have cross-over episodes like CW's Arrow and The Flash TV shows?

It honestly would make for some pretty epic plot continuations, as the spin-off could continue to function separately simply by having the family team up with the main series cast to accomplish something together, and then the family choosing not to stay with Rick's group and heading back on their way. However, this might be terribly hard to achieve, given that they are on opposite sides of the continent, but who says they can't find a helicopter? b.ed course
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