Learn child care and basic first aid skills to be a confident babysitter in your community. Sign-up for a babysitting class being offered by the Red Cross in Sewell for ages 11 -15 years old. CPR charts are designed as a quick reference to assist the rescuer to provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) for a casualty who has no signs of life - is unconscious, not breathing and not moving. We do this by leaning close on the victim's mouth and nose and listening for their breathing sounds. It is important to get medical assistance as quickly as possible because CPR is a tiring procedure and it cannot be done for a long time. Place the palm of your hand against the breastbone so the side of the hand is above the fingers.

The process id breaths and chest compressions should be repeated until help arrives or until the victim starts breathing on his own. The Red Cross will provide youth who are planning to babysit with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and responsibly give care for children and infants. It is used by people who have not attended CPR classes as well as by people who have and need to revise their skills. The paramedics should be on their way while CPR is being given, this improves the victim's chances of survival.
Also place two fingers on the pulse point on the side of the neck below the ear and just above the collar bone.
Even though the person is breathing, the victim could have other medical problems that need immediate attention.

For each breath make sure that the chest is rising and falling, this signifies that the airway is clear and the air is reaching the lungs.
If there is a pulse, but no breathing then continue the rescue breathing until the victim begins to breathe or till the paramedics arrive to take over.
This is done with the Heimlich maneuver, once the airway is cleared, repeat the two rescue breaths and continue with the CPR.

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