Originally written as wartime information for conducting rescue missions, the “10 Books of Bushcraft” were originally notes that were later revised and prepared for a School of Bushcraft, which was conducted for nearly 20 years. Sadly, the book is no longer in print, but many used copies can be found online. That said, the entire book is available online for free. Tweet Bushcraft Show 2016For the third time in recent years I was among the expert speakers at the Bushcraft Show, held in the UK every May. The practice of bushcraft develops in an individual a remarkable ability to adapt quickly to a changing environment.
The section on navigation is of epic proportion in the sense many items in there have slipped into oblivion and is not found in more modern survival manuals, perhaps because of more math involved, I don’t know. Richard was an enthusiastic bushwalker, skier and pioneer of white-water canoeing, who foresaw how a knowledge of bushcraft could save lives in the Second World War.

Because this is so, the activity is a valuable counter to today’s specialization, and particularly significant in youth training work. In these books, you will also find the more obscure skill of boiling water in plastic, often given credit to current individuals. Self-confidence, and the ability to adapt to a changing environment and to overcome difficulties is followed by a rapid improvement in the individual’s daily work.
Bushcraft, by developing adaptability, provides a broadening influence, a necessary counter to offset the narrowing influence of modern specialization.
I am enthralled at the knowledge you have and at the multitude of gold nuggets that proceed from your every words, as you enlighten us in your abilities.
Your humility and bold candour, though seemingly paradoxical, are simply you, making your wealth of abilities known.

Seems the page went online (at least for me) shortly after my comment.Thanks very much anyhow. Do you also happen to have some place we can download that diagram you showed in the presentation for a quick and easy way to see an overview of the skills noted in the document?Wish you well! You have talked about skills to practice close to home and it is very realistic and usefull to do, also I learned something else from you again….

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