The JSS High School, Mudigunda, Kollegala Town, was established initially to provide education to girls during the year 1981. JSS Mahavidyapeetha was the vision and foresight of his holiness, Jagadguru late Sri Sri Sri Sri Dr.
Our students also participate in Prathiba karanji competitions conducted by education department and also in Suttur Jathra every year. We celebrate all national festivals in our school premises to develop national integrity among students. And other celebrations are also held, like Institution founders day, Kanakadasa Jayanthi etc.
Our school students participate in the inter school competitions and also in competitions conducted during Suttur Jathra Mahotsava. In the inter school competitions Girls participate for throw ball and Boys participate for cricket.
Classrooms: We provide neat class rooms for the students and also separate toilets and drinking water. Drinking Water: We have separate drinking water facility for the students and we have separate hand wash facility for the students.
The school, since its inception, has been rendering yeoman service to the Indian Diaspora by providing excellent education exclusively for Indian children.

Admissions are given on the basis of merit and as per the reservation rules laid by the government. Shivarathri Rajendra Mahaswamiji, of the 1000-year-old Suttur Mutt is steering the success of a host of educational institutions and programs in the fields of engineering, medicine, dental, pharmacy, naturopathy, nursing, law, management, pure sciences, arts, commerce, vocational and spiritual education.
The school was established with Hindi medium, it was situated next to Kyathnahalli Sanskrit Patashala V.V road Mysore. Students are guided by the teachers and make practical models in science and arts and exhibit their knowledge. It consists of 2 acres of land with a big and beautiful play ground 87,970 Sqft.Students use the play ground and sports materials under the guidance of the physical education teacher. Sri Shivarthri Rajendra Mahaswamiji in response to the request made by the citizens of Mudigunda. The school has a well-stocked library, a science & maths lab, and a large playground, which offers facilities for different sports activities to the students.
Because of lack in strength in Hindi medium , medium changed to Kannada medium in the year 1983-1984 with the department approval.
Students carry our many co-curricular activities educational tour, visiting the important places. Our students participate in the cultural competitions which are conducted in other schools and inter schools.

The books are in different headings like literature, General Science, History, Story books for children and Dictionary. After admitted to grant during the financial year 1985-86, it became a co-educational school.
Besides 8th Standard, admissions are also open for 9th and 10th standards during the beginning of every academic year. We provide facilities like laboratory, Library with many books Music & drama classes, taken by the concerned teacher Computer room is provided with good facility.
The school has around 140 students and has been registering over 90% pass results in SSLC in recent years. We conduct special classes , adoption of Group studies in the improvement of the students education.

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