Some lawyers on Monday said uncontrolled noise pollution constitutes gross human right violation. The lawyers said in separate interviews with the News Agency of Nigeria that noise pollution infringed on the rights of others, aside its health hazards.
Mr Ahmed Goniri, the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice in Yobe, said it was important to protect citizens through strict application of existing laws. The commissioner commended the Lagos State Government for taking steps to curb the challenges of noise pollution in the state. Mr Abeny Mohammed, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, lamented that the issue of noise pollution has not been taken seriously in the country.
Find the temperature differential – By First figuring out the lowest temperature your cabinet will experience where it is located (ambient temp). If you enjoyed this post, or found it informative, please consider sharing it by clicking one or more of these buttons!
On honeyvine milkweed (Asclepias, milkweed bugs (Hemiptera) could be considered beneficial for feeding on the seed pods thereby reducing the seed production of this weed.
The North American Antiepileptic Drug Pregnancy Registry recently reported its important new findings (Hernandez-Diaz, 2012). The report compares the frequency of major malformations in the developing fetus in women taking an antiepileptic drug (AED) during their pregnancy.
The study indicates that some of the newer AEDs may be safer during pregnancy than some of the older AEDs. Depakote (generic= valproate) was associated with a 9.3% prevalence of major malformations- significantly higher than the relatively safer AEDs.
Take a look at the Table below—it lists the 11 AEDs and each AED’s prevalence of major malformations.
In 1963, one of the earliest reports describing a problem with fetal development in a woman taking an antiepileptic drug (AED) was published. While seizure medications can cause problems for the developing baby, not taking seizure medications may result in more problems- a real double edged sword! In the old days, women with epilepsy were discouraged by some clinicians from going through a pregnancy—because of concerns about having a medically handicapped child. The following table summarizes some of the key findings (based on Table from North American Antiepileptic Drug Pregnancy Registry Spring 2012 newsletter). Lamictal and Keppra appear to be safer, compared to some of the older AEDs (Depakote and Phenobarbital). The results of this study will be helpful as the clinician and patient consider going through a pregnancy on an AED.
Central government has approved a 400 bed, super-specialty hospital inside the IIT-Kharagpur campus. IIT-Kharagpur has already received lots of appreciation for this course across the country. The new hospital along with the medical college will be built on a 45-acre plot towards the south-east end of the campus. Hardworking by nature, this IIM-K graduate never leaves a leaf unturned till success kisses his feet.
An improperly sized cabinet enclosure heater can damage your electrical components and cost you in repairs.

With these two numbers, you can figure out the temperature differential by subtracting the ambient temperature from the desired temperature. Add in a few of the other details about your cabinet, and a professional can tell you what kind of heater will work best for you. They feed on the seeds by piercing the seed pod and can be found in all stages of growth on the plants in mid to late summer. The nymphs look like adults but do not have full wings and their color pattern is different.
For an organic approach to Strategy 3, consult the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI™) for appropriate insecticidal soap products. It looks at older AEDs, such as Dilantin and Depakote, and newer AED, such as Lamictal and Keppra. The report described that the woman was taking mephenytoin, a medication similar to Dilantin, throughout her pregnancy. Remember, intense seizures, especially generalized tonic-clonic seizures (= grand mal seizures) can result in serious problems for developing fetus. The latest data suggests that it is quite safe for the overwhelming number of women with epilepsy to consider pregnancy.
The study provides information for clinicians about the relative safety during pregnancy of 11 of the most commonly used AEDs. It should be noted, only 90 women were on Zonegran – this is too few patients to make a determination on the safety of Zonegran.
We encourage women with epilepsy who are considering pregnancy to have a detailed discussion with their healthcare provider—to optimally plan the pregnancy.
For 15 years my daughter has been coming to MN Epilepsy Group and have had nothing but positive experiences with each visit.
My son is currently being treated there and my daughter was too when she was ten months and she has been seizure free for nine years. Klavan is Liverpool manager Juergen Klopp's fifth signing of the close season, following the additions of goalkeeper Loris Karius, central defender Joel Matip, forward Sadio Mane and midfielder Marko Grujic. This is the first time in the history of India that a technical institute has tried to start a medical course. The new building will be constructed in an eco-friendly way and the energy consumption will be very low. Your enclosure heater needs to be sized correctly to keep your components dry without overheating. Of course, if you already know precisely the size and wattage of the heater you require, then go ahead and choose one of the high quality heater enclosures from INDEECO.
Major malformations are serious medical problems that the fetus can develop during early development in the womb.
Prior to this study, there was not enough information available to say, with hardly any degree of confidence, which of the newer AEDs are the safest.
For most women with epilepsy, the safest strategy for their developing baby is to take a seizure medication. Although the risk of having a medical problem may be higher than the general population, the increased risk may not be all that high and the majority of women with epilepsy can deliver healthy children.
The North American Antiepileptic Drug Pregnancy Registry recently reported its important new findings.

Prior to this study, there was not enough information available to say, with hardly any confidence, which of the newer AEDs is the safest.
Rather, other AEDs should be considered first, and Depakote should only be used if it is clearly needed for seizure control.
His practice focuses on optimizing the diagnosis and treatment of patients with seizure disorders. IITs are run by Ministry of Human Resource Development and the medical education is controlled by Medical Council Of India under the Health Ministry. The project is taken over by HSCC which provides professional consultancy services in the health care sector to both state-run and private hospitals. This study describes a relatively large number of women exposed to AEDs during their pregnancies in order to compare the rates of problems with the fetal development- for both old and the new AEDs. Since that early report, it is clear that AEDs can be associated with an increased risk of medical problems with the developing fetus. The women taking only one AED are an important group—because they are only on one AED, it is easier to determine what problems are the result of the seizure medication. The results of other pregnancy registries are going to be reported in the near future—and will further add to our understanding of this complicated and important topic!
IIT-Kharagpur will be the only institute to pass on medical education along with technology education. After all the initial problems and speculations, both Ministries have given the green signal for the project. The bodies of milkweed bugs contain toxic compounds derived from the sap which they suck from milkweed.
I am sure it makes sense-you need a large number of women exposed to an AED during their pregnancy to see what the problems are.
In contrast, if a woman is on three AEDs (Depakote, Dilantin and Keppra, for example), then it is harder to determine which AED is causing an identified problem. White’s special interests include patient education, improving the side-effect profile of seizure medications, and epilepsy surgery. The new medical institute will offers 3 years post graduate program – Masters in Medical Science and Technology (MMST) for MBBS graduates. You also need to compare women taking AEDs to controls (women going through their pregnancy not taking AEDs). They are used as research insects because they are easy to use in the laboratory, have a short life cycle and are easy to manipulate.
Examples of major fetal malformations include cleft palate, spina-bifida and heart valve defects. Talks have already began for an alliance with John Hopkins University – the leading university in the US for bio-medical research, medicine and genetics.
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