Would you like to learn how to protect yourself from the elements by making expediant primitive shelters, using different natural materials, and also different construction techniques? Learning to build an expedient survival shelter will provide you with the skills to protect you and your group from excessive heat loss (hypothermia), excessive heat (dehydration), and will provide shelter as an emotional boost. Several journalists from renowned Indian publications have also endorsed the movement, including Kumkum Dasgupta of the Hindustan Times, Nikhil Agarwal of the Press Trust of India, and V Raghunathan of the Times of India.
Sophie Grig, coordinator of the Proud Not Primitive movement, said, ‘This important success with The Hindu is just the beginning.
The Hindu’s correction is the second major success of the Proud Not Primitive campaign.
Proud Not Primitive aims to challenge negative stereotypes which underpin discrimination and lead to the theft tribal peoples’ land in India.
An elder of the Paniyar tribe in southern India said, ‘For us Adivasis [tribal people of India], every tree is like a house. We help tribal peoples defend their lives, protect their lands and determine their own futures. Dremel tool to facilitate a clean release.atlatl-PVC-InletLimber darts flex upon launch and serve as springs to drive to greater velocities. You have performed this maneuver literally countless times and there has forever been food on the floor of your dwelling as a result.
The world explodes and you catch a full charge of buck and ball from a Spanish matchlock in your chest. Many original atlatls included a stone attachment in the middle of the device called a banner stone. Several different atlatls, and a series of projectiles, cost me a couple of hours in the workshop. It is a challenge not to be impressed with the downrange energy of even a simple projectile launched by a decent tuned throwing stick. Punching the dart deep into a target is child’s play, and a little time behind the instrument yields accuracy sufficient to utterly ruin the day of anything on the receiving end. Whether your atlatl and dart are formed from natural materials harvested in the wild or began life on a rack at Home Depot, the exercise of building the device and then practicing to attain proficiency with it is satisfying on a primal level. Any good survivalist will tell you that building a fire is one of the most important skills you can learn.
Watch the following video now, and read the tutorial (below the video) to learn some outstanding bow drill tips. Before you start your bushcraft fire you will need to collect some dry wood, leaves and foliage from the surrounding area to use as fuel for your campfire. When you have a smouldering bushcraft fire, you can start to slowly add the dry wood, leaves and foliage.
Below is a Bow Drill Tutorial by survival instructor Kevin Estela  that we thought you might enjoy.
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Learning to build expediant primitive survival shelters and to recognise natural shelters in survival situations, can mean the difference between life and death. It will give you a positive outlook on survival situations, and help you maintain your comfort. Learn how to recognise what makes a good site, and also what materials will help you build a better shelter.
The survival rule is that you do not spend time on building a shelter if nature has already provided shelter for you. We need to stamp out all use of this derogatory and dangerous language in reference to India’s tribal peoples. Thinking of tribal peoples as ‘primitive’ or ‘backwards’ assumes that their way of life is inferior and not part of today’s world. Stamp It Out has been endorsed by UK newspapers The Guardian, The Observer, the Independent, and renowned journalists such as John Simpson, John Pilger, George Monbiot and many others. You step forward a single step and your arm swings overhead, your wrist snapping at the perfect moment to impart the momentum of your entire wiry frame into the throw. It is common knowledge that the simple spear-throwing stick was used by primitive man around the globe. In this case, for a given rotational velocity, the linear velocity of a projectile tangent to the arc is proportional to the length of the moment arm.
Theories regarding its purpose suggest it was either a counterweight or a sound suppressor. In certain states, the more manly among us can legally hunt certain game with this Stone Age appliance, even in 21stcentury America. In this case the limb in question was straight with a little elbow at the end, where it sprouted from the stump of a tree we felled for firewood several years back. The determined American male could build a thermonuclear weapon or put his brother-in-law into low Earth orbit with the proper application of PVC pipe.
The ferocity of the resulting weapon is impressive, even to a guy jaded toward newfangled firearms.
You can while away your precious free time sitting on a couch assimilating electronic bilge or you can nourish your inner warrior.
Bushcraft fire starting, or creating a friction fire is very difficult at best, and many experienced survivalist struggle with this from time to time. Take the 8″ stick (drill) and sharpen one end to a point like a pencil then round of the other end. Place the flat peace of wood on to level ground and place tinder into and around the notch. Slowly use a sawing motion, moving the bow back and forth allowing the drill to spin and generate friction, which in turn will create heat and then fire. This leads to the notion that they should be ‘developed’ and ‘brought into the mainstream’, often with devastating consequences. But after seeing what the gods do to your people, your rage quenches your fear like a deluge.
The smoke clears and Francisco, the able seaman originally from the slums of Toledo, falls lifeless to the ground, eyes wide and mouth agape.

However, the lethal efficiency it imparts to a simple wooden dart is surprising, even in the Information Age. Distilled to its essence, this means that an atlatl increases the effective moment arm for a man throwing a spear.
In this case the fittings take a little engineering, but any knuckle dragger can manage the tech.
A little automotive epoxy and a field tip from an arrow make the resulting projectile resilient. Several old cedar arrows made the ultimate sacrifice before I figured out how to manage my wrist so that I didn’t splinter my shafts.
The guys who originally developed the tech for these things did so with nothing more advanced than antlers and stones. If you are prepared you’ll most likely have all the items you need such you as a lighter, wood stick matches, a can of gas. A black obsidian point protrudes a hand’s width out the back of his neck and drips a viscous crimson.
The same principle governs the sling on a trebuchet, a particularly elegant medieval siege engine. Alternatively, the notch could be carved into the base of the darts and a small peg formed in the atlatl to engage it. If I were relying on the atlatl to put food on my table at this point in my life I fear I would simply starve.
With 21st-century tools at your disposal and a little patience, you can whip up some simply splendid atlatls that will perform well enough to shock you. Taking to sticks of wood and rubbing them together will create friction, but this will take far to long to light any campfire. If the atlatl is built thin enough, there is a spring component to the device that magnifies a projectile’s velocity as well. I used turkey feathers for the larger darts, though, surprisingly enough, the most accurate projectiles were unremarkable cane shafts with a little tuft of leaves left on the tail end.
Glue a 180-degree joint on the back, then open the top lip up generously with a Dremel tool to allow the dart to clear the throwing arm cleanly during the throw. However, I can easily see how a young warrior who grew up with these things could be quite deadly with them at proper ranges. The resulting exercise will put a little hair on your chest and add some spice to your life. Hernan Cortes and his conquistadors have just received a formal introduction to the Aztec atlatl and the savages that yield it.
A sliver of scrap steel and a few minutes on a grinder make a simple, effective cutting tip without requiring an afternoon of chipping stones.
Though I found the longer homebuilt darts easier to throw accurately, an aluminum hunting arrow is itself not half bad with the shorter throwing sticks.

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