I recently read an article entitled The Five Stages of Economic Collapse which was published by the Energy Bulletin in 2008.
I do not have any gold stored up for a major economic collapse quite simply because there are many other things much higher on my priority list than shiny little bars which have a perceived value. If you already live on a property which is capable of supporting life while off of the power grid, have plenty of food storage on site and a way to cultivate more food, have water on site and a way to filter it, have a way to defend your homestead, have no debt and a way to generate income than gold might be for you. 1- The cost of gold is ridiculous right now compared to the immediate benefit it would be able to provide if called upon in an emergency. 2- Gold (or any other precious metal for that matter) simply won’t become relevant until far into a reset period after society has stabilized itself post collapse. Now that you are fully sold on the notion that I am a raving lunatic what I would like to do is examine each of The Five Phases of Collapse and explain just how gold will have very little to no value during any point while the collapse plays out. Gold won’t do you much good here because if you do own some you will most likely continue to sit on it. Commercial collapse is much more obvious, and observing it doesn’t entail opening envelopes and examining columns of figures. Gold has even less value during this phase no matter what the talking heads say because you surely won’t be taking your gold pieces down to the store to buy food or water. Political collapse is more painful yet, because it is directly life-threatening to many people.
During this phase you are facing a lack of basic life sustaining resources, crime is rampant and martial law has been enacted, and those shiny coins in your safe are going to help you do exactly what? Social and cultural collapse seem to have already occurred in many parts of the country to a large extent. When societies and cultures fully (or even partially) collapse we are full steam into SHTF.
Right about now you could be thinking that I’m starting to make sense, that gold might not be a great idea after all and that your efforts and money would be best spent elsewhere. Gold wasn’t used as a means of exchange because gold is not something people need on a day to day basis.
If you want to “hedge” against some sort of imagined financial apocalypse based on a very negative view of the future, don’t use gold as that hedge. Millions of people plan ahead for health issues, car accidents or death by purchasing various forms of insurance, but far too few keep an adequate emergency supply of food and water. If you’re interested in buying food cheap but don’t have the time to clip coupons, try price-matching.
In addition to storing the basics, make sure you have some “fun” foods in your emergency food supply. Keeping a list of all your food storage items is vital so that you don’t have food spoil in your pantry.
Acquiring an emergency food supply can be a fun challenge, particularly if you involve your family.
Directly below is a free copy of a preppers checklist in order to take that first critical step in securing your family’s survival preparedness chances in the face of a crisis. WARNING about Preppers Checklist Download: A list of items on a checklist will not completely help you or your family if you don’t have a survival preparedness plan in place and ready to go!
You want to make sure that you have enough food (on your survival food list), water, and pepper-supplies for each person under your protection for at least 6-12 months, if not more (for family, friends, etc.).
If you DID NOT answer YES to ALL 6 questions that we at Preppers Checklist put forth, then watch this survival techniques presentation that will put you on the fast-track to absolute self-sufficiency (below).
Hey guys, AJ here and I wanted to share some useful tips with you today on how to locate the best emergency survival kit guide for your budget.
This is where I ran into a great deal of trouble at first, when I started to piece together my emergency preparedness plan as well as an emergency survival kit.
I wanted to have a emergency preparedness plan that really covered all of the above elements of my preppers list with out spending a fortune on survival classes, fancy survival equipment, expensive self help survival products and all of that other BS! In my opinion, a emergency preparedness kit guide should be robust and cost-effective and it should cover many aspects of survival techniques, not just the basics. Finding a comprehensive apocalypse survival kit guide that really covers all aspects of these survival techniques is very tricky to find, especially if your looking for something is a state-of-the-art education and practically priced.
In the end surviving a disaster is all about your preppers checklist and your survival preparedness plan.
I’m not what you would call rich, so spending a lot of money on emergency survival supplies, education on survival techniques, a huge survival food list and some disaster emergency plans was out of the question for me.
I wanted proven survival techniques, a survival food list and some emergency survival supplies, which are easy to store and implement for next to nothing – plain and simple! After searching through hell and high water, I finally did find what I was looking for – an emergency survival supplies guide which also included disaster emergency planning course.
Most importantly, I wanted to get a survival kits list that made me aware of the most critical food items people would clear off the shelves first, in the case of a natural or man-made disaster. It took me months to prefect my survival kit checklist and if you think it is going to be compiled overnight, I would think again. 1) Water Purification Tablets– Procuring drinkable water in the case of a natural or man-made disaster is the key factor between survival and death. 2) Vinegar – Vinegar is by far, one of the most important prepper supplies that you need to ad to your emergency survival kit. 4) Off-Grid-Electric Sources – Here is an item that we just recently put on our checklist for preppers. 5) Glock Pistol – In my opinion, here is a great  prepper supplies item to have on your preppers checklist in order to protect you and your family from the massive hordes of people that want what you have – a Glock Pistol.
Having complied a preppers checklist or a survival kit checklist before hand could be the difference between your family’s life and certain death (for real!).
I know it may sound as simple as jotting down some survival kit checklist stuff on a piece of paper, but believe me when I tell you it is easier said than done – especially if your want your preppers checklist to come to fruition.
AJ here and I wanted to thank you for visiting my preppers checklist blog, geared towards helping you - the Patriot Preppers nationwide.

My intention in creating this blog is to educate the readers on how to quickly and instantly get a practical, preppers checklist and survival plan together for literally, next to nothing out of your pocket. The author, Dmitry Orlov, was born in Russia and witnessed first hand the collapse of the Soviet Union. If you are a new or even moderate prepper the benefits of purchasing gold right now or anytime in the near future are few and far between. I truly believe that at no point in time during any of the aforementioned stages of collapse will gold be beneficial to myself or my family. You could easily spend $20,000 on gold and fit your investment inside that Crown Royal bag you have in the back of your safe. If you worry too much about gold and don’t have much of anything else in the form of life support preps your chances of even making it to the stabilization period are slim. Hopefully you will begin to understand that for most of us buying gold now or anytime in the near future just doesn’t make sense especially given the fragile state of our nation and the impending financial disaster that is looming on the horizon. After all you bought it as a hedge against inflation and for financial security, no need to panic and sell it off anytime soon.
The breakdown of public order would be particularly dangerous in the US, because of the large number of social problems that have been swept under the carpet over the years. At this point as the economic pain and civil unrest will have only gained momentum since the Commercial Collapse. What social activity remains seems to be anchored to transitory activities like work, shopping, and sports. At this point there will be many desperate people looking to fulfill the basic needs of survival.
Being that we live in the 21st century, there is a good chance we might put more value in other commodities.
Being prepared for an emergency is a necessity, as you never know when a calamity will occur, be it a job loss or natural disaster.
When you’re just beginning, you may want to focus on your family’s short-term needs until you get a few days’ supply and then work on adding long-term food storage. If you think you need to have a year’s food storage right away, you’ll set yourself up for failure before you get off the ground. There are some terrific websites that help you price match so that you don’t have to take multiple grocery store ads on your shopping trip.
Whether you’re an apartment dweller or just live in a tiny house, with a little creativity, you can keep an emergency food supply. You will derive a lot of satisfaction from knowing that you’re taking care of your family’s needs and becoming more self-reliant when you work on your food storage. Having a preppers checklist ready to go, is a great start to protecting for your family in a disaster scenario. Survival preparedness guidance and survival techniques education should be your #1 priority. Damian’s video report may be Shocking and Opposite to every piece of survival preparedness advice you ever received, but trust me and spend 10 minutes watching his video. Cultivating survival techniques to protect your family through a strong survival preparedness plan doesn’t have to be hard or expensive to accomplish.
Also, you should DEFINITELY have an off-grid power plan, which will allow you and your family to operate at 100% survival efficiency – which could be the difference between life and death – LITERALLY! It will give you the tools you need to compliment the free preppers checklist you received and allow you to protect yourself and your family in the face of ANY man-made or natural disaster. Just picking up an emergency preparedness kit guide is NOT what I wanted for the simple reason that most of the prepper guides on the market are completely outdated and recycled. I want to know the tricks of the trade when it comes to protecting my family in the case of a natural or man-made disaster. In the end, I did land on a Emergency Survival Kit guide that worked very well for my modest budget.
I can only tell you what I found to be the case from my experience when I was hunting for the best survival kits online and off. Also, I work 60-65 hours a week on top of raising 4 kids with my beautiful wife so a big do-it-yourself project was also out of the question due to my over-stuffed schedule. I wanted to share with you my suggestions for 5 must-have items for beefing up your Preppers Checklist. In my checklist for preppers, I strongly recommend that you add Water Purification Tablets to your survival kit list. If you think about it, this handbook has been honed to perfection for the past 100+ years as it has every possible survival skill know to man! Some folks may not consider this a necessity although we found out how easy it is to produce and cultivate our own, free, independent electricity, that we use these tactics now – even before disaster strikes. The reason I suggest a Glock is due to the fact that it is weather resistant (which means it could operate in rain, sleet and snow) and it is extremely easy to clean and maintain (unlike other finicky sidearms). Before we answer the question of what a preppers checklist is, lets start by explaining what the definition of a prepper is to begin with (just in case your really new to this concept)… A prepper is a person or a group of people that is or has been preparing for a life-altering natural or man-made disaster (such as hurricane Sandy times 1,000). It only takes you turning on you local or national news nowadays to see that anyone without a checklist for preppers may be asking for trouble when the stuff hits the fan (very possibly in the near future). The problem with that is that it is not just making a list, but gathering and getting: long term food supplies, producing clean drinkable water (with little available resources), manufacturing off-the-grid electricity for long-term use, implementing survival gardening knowlegde, etc. According to Dmitry The Five Stages of Collapse which occurred in the former Soviet Union are now slowly manifesting themselves in the United States. I would even go so far to state that gold in general, in a post SHTF environment would be pretty much worthless to the vast majority of the population for a long period of time. Food with a shelf life of 20-30 years which contains a total of 738,534 calories, easily enough to feed one person over 2,000 calories per day. If we as a country are in the Social Collapse phase and you show up at my doorstep begging for food with $20k in gold bullion to exchange I’d probably give you a can of re-fried beans and send you on your merry way, but I digress.
When store shelves are stripped bare of necessities and remain that way for weeks at a time, panic sets in.

If during this phase you are moderately prepared I suspect you will be far better off than most other people around you. Religion is perhaps the largest exception, and many communities are organized around churches. I’m sure bartering will exist in many forms but mostly utilizing tangible life sustaining items or services. Regardless of the type of catastrophe, you need to be ready to weather any storms that come your way. Keep in mind that cold cereal has an average unopened shelf life of one year, so be sure and rotate those boxes regularly.
If you have some items that will expire before they can be used, give them to your local homeless shelter. When it hit me that I was so unprepared for a natural or man-made disaster due to a lack of a survival kits list, the first thought through my head was that I needed to get serious when it came down to deciding on my emergency survival supplies, a survival food list and disaster emergency plans.
I not talking about the basics that you would put of your preppers checklist, but the prepper supplies that really gives you and your family the advantage. These water purification tablets will allow you to easily purify water sources that were not previously treated for human (or pet) consumption such as: rivers, lakes, puddle water (if things are dire), etc. Vinegar is one of the most versatile substances a prepper could have in their survival kit checklist. I own the Glock 22 (40 caliber) pistol and the Glock 21 (45 caliber) pistol, which we use for home defense.
I hope your getting the picture now – easier said then done my friend, easier said then done.
I will elaborate upon my theory with respect to the stages of collapse shortly, in the meantime take a look at this graphic I came up with.
In most places, this requires some sort of emergency response, to make sure that people are not deprived of food, shelter, medicine, and that some measure of security and public order is maintained. There is a slight ray of hope, if during this phase you are still able to cash in your gold for fake (paper) money you could increase your purchasing power. I think that I would prefer martial law over complete and utter mayhem and lawlessness, though I admit that both are very poor choices. Communities will definitely start to form with the goal of mutual protection and ultimately basic survival. But in places where society and culture remain intact, I believe that social and cultural collapse is avoidable, and that this is where we must really dig in our heels. An example would be trading some food in exchange for medical treatment, or access to a fresh water well in exchange for some ammunition. I’ll leave you with a few quotes from other writers who seem to stand on my side of the fence when it comes to gold. Alternatively, commodities like gas, rice, even cattle, would probably have more usefulness (on the consumer level) since you can use them as food, fuel, or other things society would deem more valuable.
Having an emergency food supply to carry you through troubled times will insure that your family won’t go hungry regardless of the turmoil around them. Any form of protection is a good idea, but if you are considering a firearm, I feel Glock is the way to go.
You cannot physically eat or drink the gold but you can place it in your safe and hope that the value continues to increase over time.
A common theme with respect to gold will continue in that it will be completely irrelevant.
Also, I think it is very important that we learn to see our surroundings for what they have become. Gold owned by the few elites (should we call them Warlords at this point?) might be exchanged as a form of currency, but for the average person gold still remains irrelevant. China is buying gold unlike any other country, one could easily make the argument they are trying to accumulate enough to put their currency on a gold standard. No matter what your goal is, remember that partial storage is better than no food storage at all. If you’re low on closet space, try stacking a couple of boxes and covering them with a tablecloth.
Having a good amount of vinegar in your prepper supplies and your preppers checklist, will allow you to have the confidence to solve a wide range of survival-issues with an out-of-the-box approach. Remember most people who are not familiar with gold would be very wary of someone presenting them with a shiny coin and stating that it is worth $1800, they would rather do business with someone who carried a roll of one hundred dollar bills. The best part is that the wind and solar were all do-it-yourself manufacturing, for pennies on the dollar. To see everything there is to know about water sanitation tablets plus all of its usages, simply click here. If all the culture we see is commercial culture, and all the society we see is consumer society, then the best we can do is walk away from it, and look for other people who are ready to do the same. We are getting a false positive because investors are fleeing europe and moving their money here.
Sure your stock prices might be going up but the underlying value of the companies isnt increasing, only the demand due to foreign investors coming into our markets.
All 5 portions of this course provide major value but the OFF-GRID ELECTRIC PLAN is absolutely stellar (and worth every penny). If you are considering getting a survival preparedness plan together for family’s well-being, then I HIGHLY recommend checking it out.

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