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Now is the time to work on improving your position and get your preps, before the price increase costs lives. This entry was posted in edible plants, food storage and tagged edible plants, Howard, lambs quarter. When I started prepping I was the guy with 1 month of storage of food on shelves in the basement and what amounted to 2 days worth of water for my family to go along side of it. Check out this video for more ideas on water storage, or post your experiences in the comment section below. There are actual water brick storage kits made specifically for stacking, the containers are 3.5 gallons each.
Toenails: First step, make sure your toenails are trimmed, especially for any hikes that involves long descents.
Socks Stay away from 100% cotton socks which absorb sweat and can bunch and cause blisters. Don’t go out on a long hike without taking the time to toughen up your feet by doing walks or short hikes.

Always carry moleskin, athletic tape or duct tape.  If you feel hot spots forming, cover them with moleskin or tape.
This entry was posted in Clothing, medical, survival, Uncategorized and tagged blister, feet, Howard, socks. Another use was as a fish sedative.  The stalks and leaves were mashed and the mixtures was put in the water, at low dosages it acted as a sedative and in high does as a poison. The problem as I mentioned earlier in the post is being sure you have correctly identified the plant.  Cow parsnip is a tall plant, reaching to heights of over 7 feet. Cow parsnip is a plant that you have to be sure of it identification, but once you have correctly identified it, the plant can provide a lot of food. Michael Pollan who wrote “In Defense of Food.” advocates calls lambs quarters and purslane “two of the most nutritious plants in the world”.
So here is a great project I found that takes wood pallet pieces and uses them to finish a pantry floor in a home.
Lambs quarter, is sometimes referred to as goosefoot because of the shape of its leaves.  Like any edible wild plant don’t eat it unless you are positive of its identification. Lambs quarter is high in Vitamins A and C, riboflavin, niacin, calcium, manganese, potassium and iron.

Leaves are wedge shaped at the base, and pointed at the tip with toothed edges.  The flowers are arranged in spikes or small dense clusters. We purchased some of those heavy duty shelving units to store food and water since we have a very small place and I calculated how much weight we could put on the shelves according to the manufacturers recommendations. I was a little concerned about the center placement of the cap and hence spigot as it looks like if we were to use the containers in the fridge and on the counter it might be difficult to actually easily empty them without having to tip them up. The reaction differs from next to nothing to a mild rash to blistering and severe dermatitis.
The easiest way to cook lambs quarter is to simply steam the leaves and stems in a small amount of water until tender. Also we found out the hard way that the 2.5 gallon store bought water does not hold up well on the shelf.

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