Many readers and new preppers have noticed a disturbing trend developing within their families and friends. Family members and friends—while supportive—will often become negative when you first start down the road of self-improvement. For people who are not familiar with preppers and survivalists often times the first image that pops into their head is of a crazy person making HAM radios in their parents’ basement.
Another common objection that our readers see when discussing prepping and survival is the question “Isn’t the government supposed to help you out in a disaster?” This should cause an immediate face-palm to anyone who has ever had an experience with the government. Another negative connotation about preppers is the negative connotation that preppers are always negative or thinking about the worst case scenarios. The bottom line is that preparing for a disaster does cost additional money depending on what your goals and plans include.
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What’s your biggest concern about surviving life after an EMP attack destroys our grid? Hello: Nice little VicClip on how to make a decently priced and very usable water filtration system. These are very similar and may not be as great as the filters you show, however, the Monolithic Dome Institute has been selling and distributing these for several years, particularly in third-world countries.
The Prepared Prepper's Cookbook: Over 170 Pages of Food Storage Tips, and Recipes From Preppers All Over America! Over the years, he has studied all facets of survivalism, and has learned works and, more importantly, what does not work. They have noticed that they have received negative feedback and support since they have started prepping and learning survival skills.
Whether it’s working out, a new diet, or a new business venture, you may find yourself constantly surrounded by negativity.

The government and government disaster organizations have a very poor record of helping out people post-disaster. Many people who are not prepared will complain that preppers are always negative and never look at the bright side of life. While this investment may seem silly to non-preppers, the payoff should a disaster occur would make this investment payoff in the end.
Retail Value $2,599) and the 2nd lucky winner will receive a One Month Supply Kit by Food Supply Depot (Food for 2 adults & 2 kids. Rhode Island RedsThese are very common and tend to be a favorite among backyard chicken growers. His calling is to show ordinary people how to become better prepared for an uncertain future. This isn’t a new phenomenon and many preppers and survivalists experience the same problem when they first start preppring. Learning how to prep and survive requires life changes—almost all of which will make a better person.
Doomsday theorists and the end of the world lunatics are usually the ones that come to mind. The scary fact is that most disasters are extremely small and yet the government continues to screw them up. Just because many preppers consider doomsday scenarios and plan for these events doesn’t mean they are all negative. He is the author of four books The Prepper's Guide to Surviving The End of The World as We Know It,  31 Days to Survival, The Dirt Cheap Survival Retreat, and The Prepared Prepper's Cookbook.
This shouldn’t discourage you from honing your prepping and survival skills; in fact, it should encourage you to continue moving forward.
Becoming physically fit, learning new skills, and educating yourself about world politics and disaster information are all changes for the better. Unfortunately, most preppers and survivalist are prepared and plan for common natural disasters and high probability events.
A large scale disaster—such as Katrina—only shows how incompetent and disorganized the government is on a large scale.
In order to create a solid disaster game plan you need to take multiple scenarios into consideration.

Even with small disasters, such as hurricanes and other natural disasters, knowing how to prepare your home can save you thousands of dollars. To conform to FCC rules assume that all links are affiliate links or paid advertising, most aren't but for legal purposes just assume that they are. By separating yourself from the herd you will not only improve your life, but you’ll be ready for any disaster. When your friends and family start to see these changes they themselves will become defensive. They are also prepared for end of the world events, but they understand that these scenarios have a low probability.
This doesn’t mean you need to be overly negative, and many preppers are actually very optimistic. Failure to properly board up your home or prepare your yard for disasters can lead to tens, if not thousands of dollars in damages to your house. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why friends and family members have a negative view when it comes to prepping and survival. All hope of and reliance of government will quickly be forgotten, as days without food and water quickly turn into months. Prepping is like insurance it may seem like a pain in the ass to allocate a portion of your budget each month to prepping, but once a disaster does occur you will be glad you took the time and allocated that money.
Many people spend their lives making excuses and once they are faced with you making changes and improving yourself they begin to wonder, “Well if they are doing it why can’t I?” The ego hates this question and finds it much easier to respond with negativity then to take a hard look at the choices they are making in life. So a natural knee jerk reaction from the mainstream is to view preppers with a crazy stigma, which could be another reason why you are receiving negativity.
If you believe negativity is coming at you from this angle then take a deep breathe, don’t let it bother you, and continue your path.
Take these comments in stride as you secretly know the payoff, should a disaster occur, will be saving tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, or it could be saving your life or the lives of others! While planning for doomsday disasters can cause stress, it’s a necessity and anyone who ignores these events will not have a comprehensive survival plan.

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