Of course, every few years, someone predicts the end of the world is coming, and so far, no one has been right. This group of Mormons are pointing to a few specific signs that have heralded the apocalypse. This time around, the signs include instability on Wall Street, the unstable Chinese Yuan, and the beginning of the Jewish High Holy Days (which started September 13). There is a prophecy that if four lunar eclipses coincide with the Jewish holy days, the world better hold onto its collective butt, because the apocalypse will soon arrive. The Blood Moon, according to this current Mormon contention, will also herald a huge earthquake near Utah.

Never fear, however, this particular group of Mormons notwithstanding, as there is little scientific or religious foundation for a belief that the apocalypse is upon is.
A lot of people are mentioning things about September, like a financial collapse,” Ricardo Aranda of Thrive Life, which sells freeze-dried food, told the Salt Lake Tribune.
So clear your calendar, cancel whatever you have planned for later this month, and return your Halloween costumes — because it will all be over before the month is out. Fingers crossed, this time around these prepper Mormons’ widespread panic is unfounded, as well. But the panic and preparation is all based on the belief of some preppers that history is divided into seven-year periods.

Perhaps the Mormons are just confusing Armageddon with the show’s upcoming Season 6 premiere? This lunar event has followed four consecutive eclipses, also an ominous sign according to some Christians — Mormons in particular, Catholic Online added.

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