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I think that Fukushima, 3-mile island and Chernobyl serve to illustrate that nuclear plants DO NOT and CAN NOT explode like an A-Bomb. The only question I have is whether or not the back-up generators and the diesel fuel pumps for the nuclear power plants are protected against EMP. Meltdowns are incredibly messy and tend to make the areas around the plant unlivable for a time.

If not, there’s going to be a big problem with nuclear power plants if it is an EMP that shuts down the electrical power grid. The systems at Watts Bar are quad-redundant, that is two large building-size generators and two portable generators for every reactor. But you’re probably less likely to die from your nearby nuclear plant than you are from a gang of thugs looking for food in an extended collapse situation. They also specifically store spare electronics parts onsite in case there was a failure in the control electronics (which is almost certainly the most susceptible part of the system to an EMP).
Given that high-current generators aren’t believed to be particularly susceptible to a nuclear EMP, I think this level of redundancy would likely ensure that the plants had enough functionality to continue running the cooling systems.

After that it would become a maintenance challenge to ensure that the lower-power cooling systems continued to operate. If they failed, there would likely be a release of nuclear materials in the steam, which would affect areas around the plants.

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