All FGE SMEs are formally trained and possess deep subject matter expertise in training development and delivery, systems engineering, quality assurance, project management, risk management and mitigation, human resource management, complex administrative support, management and consulting services, medical facility operations and management, Joint Commission preparation & mock surveys, and professional development. Integrated Quality ServicesGR Business Suites offers integrated quality services to include fully furnished business suites, virtual offices, answering service personalized for your business, meeting rooms, bookkeeping, payroll services, taxi services and more! If you are bilingual in Spanish and English (our Bilingual Proficiency Test will help you get a better idea), have an aptitude for interpreting, and a strong desire to be of service to the medical community, now is the perfect time to put your language skills and cultural knowledge to use. Now more than ever, there is a need for qualified Spanish-English interpreters in the healthcare field.
Getting Started: Before registering for this program, you’ll need to take our Bilingual Proficiency Test, which can now be done entirely online on your own time. It is recommended that participants who reside outside of United States and whose first language is not English must possess English language proficiency equivalent to a minimum TOEFL score of 550 (paper), 80 (iBT) or IELTS score of 6.5. It the participant’s responsibility to demonstrate English language proficiency necessary to fully participate in the class lectures and discussions.
The classes in the Healthcare Interpreting certificate are open to anyone who meets the stated prerequisites for each class.
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We have a diverse staff who is constantly in-serviced to address the emerging Core Curriculum Content Standards and the higher academic expectations of our students. The infusion of technology in our core program is a very important aspect of our instructional focus.

Roberto Clemente offers a nurturing environment where children can develop to their maximum potential. Each of our students receives services to support their academic programs such as Art, Music, Library Science, Computer Instruction and Physical Education. The Roberto Clemente School is a vibrant educational community that prides itself in offering every child a world-class education that will prepare them to succeed in the future with dignity and pride. State regulations from the California Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC) require that health plan providers and insurers provide document translation, timely access to interpreter services and quality assurance of interpretation and translation services.
Emphasis is placed on understanding the problems and complexities of interpretation and the roles and responsibilities of a healthcare interpreter, use of pertinent medical terminology and its context, and the development of interpretation skills. This dance is characterized by a series of isolated movements done rhythmically and repetitively at the pelvis, rib cage, spine, arms, head and neck. Our school offers a comprehensive K-4 core program with special education, bilingual, ESL and early childhood education. They have received training during common grade level preparation periods to better prepare them to introduce challenging curriculum focusing on the individual needs of pupils and on the specialized content needed to compete in a highly technological society.
Our students receive daily instruction in the use of the Internet, research and web-based programs. Our school library has established a Professional Reference section and a Parent Lending section to increase the resources needed to refine our own skills and to encourage a Home-School connection in which the follow-up and maintenance of school work is mutually monitored. These programs allow the students to become proficient and develop their own talents and skills in addition to their academic requirements.

Student achievement, character education, citizenship and core values constitute the cornerstone of the Roberto Clemente school mission. Our main focus is to educate children to succeed and become exemplary citizens in our community.
Our staff is actively involved in building professional capacity by attending conferences, workshops and taking college courses. Our technology coordinator extends our services via a school web site where parents and students can access homework, messages and grades.
This year our students in the upper grades will be involved with the Artist in Residence Program to develop reading and writing. Our efforts are focused on providing our students with the best possible instruction in order to enhance academic achievement. At Roberto Clemente, being connected to a vibrant communication system is pivotal to the success of our students. This is why we encourage parents to actively participate in the many activities that we offer such as Raising Readers, Parents’ Volunteer Academy, parent workshops, luncheons and field trips. Our open door policy for parents has proven very successful in increasing parental participation.

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