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This is a presentation I gave at the 14th International Reflective Practice conference, Rotorua, New Zealand in September 2008. How does one even go about franchising such an idea around the globe to a populace used to 30-second news sound bytes or 140 character analysis?

As Karen Armstrong says, we all have compassion within us -- in our brains -- we just need to be able to bring it to the forefront through thought and practice.WHAT IS A GRAPHIC FACILITATORAvril Orloff, a graphic facilitator, is the person responsible for that flash of clarity. She joins groups discussing everything from marine science to well, a charter for compassion and interprets their discussions with a perfect mix of images and words. Much of our explanatory language is visual she notes, “Do you get the big picture?” and “Are we on the same page?” or "Is it just in one ear and other the other with you?"  PULL NOT PUSHAvril Orloff interprets as she goes, and oft times, her drawings move the discussion forward. This approach says, Orloff, lets participants really feel heard – that her work is honoring their words and their ideas. REFRAMING IDEASSometimes the graphic facilitation process can come up with new visual metaphors.
Orloff describes one such experience:One time I had a leadership session and I started to draw a leader – a figure leading with a flag and a bunch of people following and I stopped in my tracks and said – "wait is this what we think of as a leader today?" I opened it up to the group and asked what in the 21st century is a leader? We had a really interesting conversation about what does a leader look like – drawing and drawing until we came to an image we all agreed on.

That image was more of a cloudlike, windlike figure blowing from behind – filing people’s sails.Maybe, we can reframe how we think of things by using different pictures, says Orloff. In a world that is mired in escalating conflict, violence, and destruction, compassion as a prophylactic consciousness is urgently needed.
CAVE PAINTING TO POWERPOINT AND BEYOND  When asked how long graphic recording has been around practicitoners like usually point to the cave drawing of 1000s of years ago.
We started with paintings, added words, and then added images back in again with illustration.

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