With the second season of Doomsday Preppers officially wrapped, we have met nearly 50 different kinds of preppers getting ready for a variety of disasters.
If you’re still looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day card to let your sweetheart know how much you care, look no further than these special Doomsday Prepper edition valentines! Since the premiere of National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers season three episode ‘We are the Marauders’ there has been a lot of discussion on various blogs and even a couple articles addressing the show and this episode. If you are considering some level of disaster preparedness for yourself or your family then this article may provide some insights so that you might avoid making a classic Prepper mistake. Well, the third season of National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers is off and running, and oddly enough, there is a new scoring system format which provides the audience with even less information as to how and why Practical Preppers, LLC (the judges) is making their evaluations of the Preppers who are depicted. I just returned from Dallas, TX where I attended the Ready, Set, Prep Summit with 20 other experts representing a host of prepping specialties.
For Megan, the 2003 blackout, the events of 911, and the increasing frequency of natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina, spurred a desire to be more prepared for whatever may come along. Pin ItEmergency planning can seem overwhelming, so why not set aside just one hour each month to get prepared? In this series of blog posts, Deborah Tauscher, emergency preparedness coordinator at Mills-Peninsula, and Jim Schweikhard, Sutter Health Peninsula Coastal Region environmental health and safety manger, will share tips to help you prepare for disasters in easily manageable steps.
Make signs that say “OK” and “HELP.” These can be placed in your window to quickly communicate with outside organizations responding to an emergency.

Designate two emergency meeting places: One right outside your home and one outside your neighborhood, in case you cannot return home or are asked to evacuate your neighborhood. Designate an out-of area contact for all members of the family to call in case of an emergency. Deborah Tauscher, emergency preparedness coordinator at Mills-Peninsula, and Jim Schweikhard, Sutter Health Peninsula Coastal Region environmental health and safety manger, contributed this blog post.
About This BlogThis blog offers articles & general health tips from our medical experts to promote wellness. Not only can they guard against intruders, but they each act as an alarm system, companion, and hunter. The practical preppers have scored almost every prepper and the leaderboard is finally complete!
We only have a few more new episodes remaining this season—and with time running out—we thought we’d help out with some interesting facts and information about what it can take to be a prepper.
And still, Alaska took my breath away and put me at a loss for words – the latter, truly a rarity.
Soon to be living off-grid, this mother of four and grandmother of six grandsons, is learning everything she can about preparedness, basic survival, and self-sufficient homesteading. Include your meeting places on your emergency contact card and keep this with you for reference.

Let this person know that he or she is the central contact for information gathering, so he or she can let you know where other family members are and how they are. To Alex, the dog is all these important things in one, something that technology can’t replicate. Materials You Need: Old Gutter, cleaned  Pipe Trash Can, cleaned Duct Tape Drill What good will it do?
She is passionate about sharing that knowledge so that others can be increasingly prepared to protect their families. Remember in a disaster it may be difficult to get a call through initially, be patient and persevere.
Remember your cell phone might not work in a disaster, so don’t rely on storing all your emergency numbers there.
OPSEC and COMSEC are Critical for SurvivalApril 20, 2016 7 comments Walt April 7, 2016 at 5:02 pmPretty good list. Would you mind letting me know which ones you feel are particularly good for survival techniques and concepts?

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