Hi everyone, I’ve been on vacation for the past week, so this news is a little late, but Episode 3 of Poptropica Survival Island is out for members.
Check out the new Sneak Peek archives, where you can browse all the images from the Sneak Peeks section of Daily Pop. There are two sections to the tutorial,  in the first section, you will find 5 of the shards. Like I mentioned earlier, the game is still a bit buggy but besides that seems like an awesome concept! Now jump up to the top of the tree and jump over to the branch of the dead tree to your right.
Jump over to the next tree to the right and stand on the furthest branch to the right above the tent. Wait until the dog is looking away from you and then move the large rock to the right until it is on top of the other one. When you have the rock in position, you’ll be able to jump on top of it and then up to the ledge above. Climb up the tree and then jump onto the floating log so it is positioned like in the picture below. Myron will be walking above you, wait for him to walk to the right and then go up into the Saw Mill.
After that, go back up to where you pushed the cage and take out your rope when you’re near the other orange rope. After you got rescued from the radio tower last episode, you were picked up by Myron Van Buren who claims to be the best hunter in the world. Once the sensor is clear again, jump out from behind the plant and jump on top of the walrus between the two sensors. Be sure the sensor is clear then jump out from behind the plant again and run to the corner. Wait for the chef to walk by you then jump out from behind the plant and run to the left on top of the table. You will pick up an empty pitcher then keep running all the way to the left to pick up the tainted meat.
Once you get back to the living room, jump up on top of the moose head to knock it down from the wall.
Pick up the spear that is leaning against the wall in the trophy room then go back out to the living room. Next click on the candle to the right of the fireplace to reveal a secret passage behind the fire.
Jump over to the tiger fur near his bed and take out your spear to get the key hanging on the wall.
After you pick up the Armory key, exit Myron’s bedroom the way you came in by jumping on the animal heads. Go back into the trophy room and jump up onto to the elephant’s trunk to bounce up on top of the crocodile.
Part 3 of Survival Island starts with you finding an old radio antenna.  You have to find a way to call for help! Now walk to the right until you get to the area with two trees and a wheel laying on the ground. Once you get to shore, walk to the right until you see a big tree with rope hanging from it.
Pick up the pocket knife then run all the way back over to the first piece of plane wreckage you found.
Now run back to the right until you get to the tree on the island that is partially cut down.
Once the tree is cut down, pick up the Coin Collectors Choice Mystery Bag that was hanging on one of the branches. Pick up the pill bugs and then climb up the tree to find the next two pages of the survival handbook. You need to jump on top of the logs when the beavers are under them in order to keep them from patching the dam.
Once you stop the beavers from patching the holes, the water level will go down and you’ll be able to pick up the hook!
Once you fish the boot out of the tree, use the shoelace to replace the line on your fishing pole.

When you first get to the island, you will see that you are in the middle of the wilderness and you need to start a fire to survive for the night. Now starting heading up and you will soon come to another tree (almost right above you) where you will find another Handbook page. Once you have the mittens, put them on so you can keep your hands warm while trying to survive!
Now continue to your right and you will see another page to the Handbook on the ground under a dead stump.
Today it was announced on the Creator’s Blog that the next Poptropica island will be called Survival Island!
From the sounds of it, there may not be a main villain you need to defeat – the main objective is to survive! The Poptropica Server has been going up and down the last few weeks, so some people requested from me a copy of poptropica that can be accessible even when poptropica is under maintenance, or connection is weak.
MEMBER CLOSET GLITCH:Go to friends, then click on someone who has membership but quickly click back on you.
SURVIAL ISLAND EPISODE 1 Easy Island Completion Glitch!- Beat Survival Island- Goto Survival island Episode 1- Go back to the place where you built the fire. WEIRD BIG T-SHIRT GLITCH :To do this glitch, you must go to Big Nate island and go in the photo studio then go out. THE USERNAME FINDER : (Chrome is Required)Have you ever had a poptropican in your friends page that was rare and you wanted to have it's username ?
It’s called Distress Signal and the object of this episode is to find and repair a radio to send out a help message in hopes of getting rescued.
Check out the Poptropica Cheats and Walkthroughs page for the complete list of all the video and written walkthrough for the islands of Poptropica.
I have just gotten the free Poptropica App for my iPad and am digging into all of the fun things now! The hardest one to find is under the water (see the video if you cannot find it!) otherwise the others are in the wide open!
This part is pretty easy, just pay attention to the obstacles that are coming ahead of you. Wait for him to walk in the opposite direction then jump over the pile of sticks so he doesn’t hear you. Take out your fishing pole and press the spacebar to pick up the whistle from the camp site. The opening is too high to jump up to so you’ll need to move the large rock that is under the lamp over to where the opening is. This will take a few tries so just be patient and wait for the dog to keep going out of sight.
There are two logs in the waterfall that you will need to position with the left side down.
Once you get up to the ledge, push the cage over to the right until it falls and hooks onto the rope. Wait for him to walk back to his cutting station then jump out from behind the plant and go back near the sink. Myron comes out and informs you that you are going to be the prey that he is hunting… To be continued next time! Take out your pocket knife and click on the screwdriver icon to loosen the left side piece. You’ll see a hook under the middle of the pile but you cant get to it with the high water level. The water level will start going down but then the beavers will start trying to patch the holes! This can be frustrating because it’s easy to fall in the water and freeze so it might take you a couple tries. Once you’re on the other shore, climb up to the top of the tree and you’ll see there is a boot inside. Now equip your fishing pole, stand near the edge of the tree and press spacebar to send your line down. Below is and image of the rocks you will have to jump on to get to the branches to your left!
Once you get through the blank section, continue right just a little bit and you will fall into a hollow log where some squirrels are hibernating.

Once you get to the new area go left a bit and you will find the fourth page to the handbook. Once you start jumping up on the branches, you will come to an object hanging from the trees like the one in the image below.
The Creators have also listened to everyone’s complaints about how long it takes for new islands to be released…Survival Island will be the first “Episodic Island”. But this only works when that certain poptropican is wearing the jetpack from early poptropica island. This would make your new character special because when somebody friends your account, he will see a green star underneath it + he wouldn't be able to see the special account's information, photos, closet and everything. Requested by many players, Poptropica Music is now available for download on iTunes® and the Amazon MP3 Store.
Before you actually get to the islands themselves, Poptropica has put together a little tutorial to get you used to how the game works! Once you pick up the gear, head all the way back to the left until you get to the Saw Mill. Wait until the first sensor is clear and then run to the right, click on the plant to hide behind it. You need to make your way across the room by jumping on the animal heads so you dont wake him up.
Drag the penny and the nail onto the lemon and then connect the wires like in the picture below. Climb up the ladder then use your screwdriver to loosen both ends of the metal bar like you did before.
You will need to jump onto this branch so that it falls and you can collect the logs when it does! Now, you will need to keep following the woodpecker to each place he goes and keep making him fly somewhere else until you find him at the squirrels nest!
Now continue right (staying on the lowest ground level) until you get to a big tree with a hole in it.
Instead of having to wait for them to create the whole island, they’ll be releasing this new island in episodes as it is finished! Then refresh poptropica and your name should be changed with Red Lizard or Nameless Unknown. Make the fire again to continue raising the amount of times you won it)This glitch lets you beat Survival Island (After the First time) without having to do much of anything!
Now above you hanging from the branches (you may not be able to see it Look at the image below) there will be a bag. If you have read your survival guide, then you would know that you can use the axe handle as leverage to move the boulder! Pixel (a really good glitcher (jcwarw3))realised this and managed to get benchow1's account. When you get the logs, jump down and go to your left to the end of the section (do not enter the next section!). Just to your right, you will find another tree, jump to the top and you will find another Handbook page. Be sure to check back to this page for a full walkthrough guide as soon as Survival Island is released!
When you get to the tree in the image below, jump up to the top of it and you will find the first Handbook page.
When the boulder falls, if will chip off a piece of flint and open a cave entrance, pick up the flint!
Once you get the dry kindling, do the same thing from the other side to jump back over the bear! Recently, Pixel gave me Benchow1's account, so I can give it back to him, but I forgot the password, and Benchow1 asked me for it 2 days ago. Ben Chow then collaborated with two people (Well Known, who's names shouldn't be shared) who he said were very disrespectful to him and they only collaborated so they could take his methods. Fortunately, if a person doesn't use his dummy account, it would still stay as a costumiseable dummy :).

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