This endless runner comes with plenty of obstacles in the form of a car load of unfortunate survivors, tanks, bombs and such, and you must use every skill in the book to take your horde of zombies over the obstacles.
With over 300 missions to complete and 9 worldwide locations to run, you’ll probably have the time of your life surfing the zombie waves.
Attack: Imp Porter drops pack on Gold Tile, and the pack becomes a tent from which zombies emerge.
Attack: Turquoise Skull Zombies uses its skull to steal sun, then unleashes energy in a destructive beam. Unlike the more famous crystal skulls, turquoise skulls are totally non-mysterious and common as dirt.
Stay in the conversation of all things EA: Read our blog, visit our Live to Play site, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. As everyone most likely assumed, the formerly Xbox One and Xbox 360 exclusive action-oriented Plants vs Zombies spinoff, Plants vs. The PlayStation versions are scheduled for an August 19th release date and it sounds like the PS4 version will include a couple of extra perks.
Read on for the announcement from the PS Blog and check out the first few pieces of media, including a PlayStation developer diary. The Adobe Flash Player is required for video playback.Get the latest Flash Player or Watch this video on YouTube.

Warm up the ice blasters, call in the cherry strikes, and gear up for endless multiplayer mayhem. An amazingly deep set of customization options gives players an opportunity to personalize plants and zombies with fun costumes, items, hats and more, some of which give all-new abilities to each of the characters. Well… you’d have a zombie tsunami! Mobigame’s absolutely hilarious adventure Zombie Tsunami starts off with a lone zombie in search of some brainss. Plus, enter the Temple of Bloom Endless Zone, if you dare, and increase your rank with re-imagined levels and ways to play through Repeatable Travel Log Quests. Split screen co-op, an option missing on the Xbox One version, has been confirmed along with both pieces of DLC and compatibility with the PlayStation App.
Zombies Garden Warfare lets players choose a side and wage an all-out war on their plant or zombie enemies in a variety of gameplay modes and with a jaw-dropping arsenal of outrageous weapons. Zombies Garden Warfare will be at Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2014 in the Sony booth.
Once the zombie kills off a hapless victim, the victim turns into a zombie and they both go in search of more victims. As with all endless runners, you’ll earn powerups that will turn your zombies into interesting characters like ninjas, Chinese dragons and even giant brains! PvZ Garden Warfare will also run at a native 1080p at 60fps on the PS4, topping the Xbox One's 900p resolution a bit.

Those who pre-order will get two digital card packs and PlayStation exclusive Ratchet & Clank, Sly Cooper and Fat Princess Hat Packs. Zombies Garden Warfare will be available August 19 for both PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system. PlayStation players will also be able to jump straight into the action, never missing a beat with PlayStation Vita Remote Play during all their favorite multiplayer moments taking on their friends and continuing to sow the seeds of victory. The game features adored favorites in the series, such as the Peashooter and Sunflower, along with a new cast of characters including Ice Cactus, Hot Rod Chomper and all the Zombies players can get their hands on. More than one million players have already enjoyed playing this best-in-class multiplayer shooter that combines the power of the Frostbite™ 3 engine with the fresh humor of the incredibly popular Plants vs. Zombies 2' FLOWER POWER Running the Zombie Gauntlet My Zen Garden Save the Plants Number One!

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