This is not the best setup because there are always better strategies out there that has much more simple strategy and is much more manageable than this.
This is the result of my attempt to see how far can I really go when it comes to using a cobless setup on Survival Endless. I dedicate this page to draco89123 who really did a very good guide and helped me every step of the way. This is a Laddered Setup which means i used ladders to make certain plants immune to certain zombies that would normally bite the pumpkin. Slow Paced rounds are rounds with Gigas or gargantuars and the next wave arrives much later as compared to fast paced rounds . Glooms at F2 and F5 are both not safe against Zombonis, Football Zombies, Jack-in-The-Box Zombies, Gargantuars, Giga-Gargantuars and Pole-Vaulting Zombies.
If Slots F3 and F4 are both empty, then you no longer need to worry about Dolphin-Rider Zombies. Slots E1 and E6 are both not safe against Football Zombies, Gargantuars and Giga-Gargantuars.
Overall This Setup cannot really stand on it's own and others would initally refer to as a "weak" setup. My Goal for this Page is to be able to compile all the strategies i use that makes this setup a "damageless" setup which means None of the plants can be damaged in whatever possible way thus eliminating the need to bring Fume Shrooms and Gloom Shrooms. Since This Setup Revolves around Instants Here's a few important information about the Setup. Low - These Zombies can be ignored and a round that is full of them are considered "Bonus Rounds". I can only say stuff based on my experience on using cobless setups that i used so i hope this helps you out. This is one of my favorites and since i can still apply the strategy here even after improving on some things based on how i handle a setup. First of all,if you had seen all the setups that i had studied you will notice a lot of similarities.all rounds that has no giga, jacks and football zombies are all called "bonus rounds" . On rounds with no zombonis and jacks, flowerpot + puff shrooms are enough to delay football, gigas and gargs. Can be used if you're feelin lazy and there are no gigas and probably zombonis and if you feel that you have sufficient number of twins on your field,.
With 7 Extra Spaces to choose from, you may add as much as 7 twin sunflowers depending on how much sun you need and how risky are you when it comes to gambling if the next round is a bonus round or not. Diggers can somehow damage the plants placed on the four empty spaces at the back while dolphin-riders can damage the plants placed on F3 and F4. Sometimes it is very distracting to see Many Suns scattered around the lawn and sometimes they can cause some errors.
Although possible, slot A3 may be used as spot for an extra twin sunflower, just be ready to face the consequence of losing one safe ice shroom slot.
The Ladder from a ladder Zombie enables zombies to bypass certain obstacles and plants which causes them to simply "walk" over a laddered Plant. By Placing Ladders on a pumpkin you can make a certain plant immune against most zombies that would normally Bite the pumpkin and this can dramatically reduce pumpkin maintenance. However you need to be careful because they are always accompanied by other Zombies as well and you should also keep your whole setup safe. This Gloom that has a laddered pumpkin and is actually enough to handle Imps and since it is placed one tile away from the leftmost tile then it can also eliminate digger Zombies without being touched by either Imp or Digger Zombies. Since All 4 of these Plants have Ladders, then Imps will only walk over each of the plants without biting any of these plants which means you can now ignore the pumpkin maintenance of these plants which can really help you focus on other strategies for the setup.
Plants can still be hit by Catapult Zombies even if they are in a Laddered Pumpkin so an Umbrella Plant will Solve The Problem.
You only need 2 Glooms to defend the leftmost part of your lawn against everything except Zombonis, Baloon Zombies, Giga-Gargantuars, Gargantuars and Jack-in-the-Box Zombies.
I suggest doing this half-your-setup-at-a-time so that you can still keep half of your setup safe while you ladder the other half. You may skip the umbrella plant and reserve it for the next round if you really need that extra 1 slot. Very tricky to Setup because you need to plan a certain setup and see when you can somehow transition from a non-laddered Setup to a Laddered one. Sometimes you may need more than one round to rebuild your setup so i suggest only laddering the first 4 plants first then look for another chance to add the next few plants you want to place a laddered pumpkin as well.
I recommend doing the transition at a much later stages ( flags 30+ ) because more ladder zombies appear and this gives you more chance to ladder your plants ( recommended for setups that uses more than 8 laddered plants ). Always have a backup setup in case you fail to completely ladder the plants the way you planned it. Placing an umbrella plant on an empty laddered pumpkin will cause the umbrella plant to be planted inside the laddered pumpkin.
Placing any mushroom on an empty laddered pumpkin and then waking it will not remove the ladder on the pumpkin. Placing an ice shroom and waking it up will cause the ladder to be removed the moment Ice shroom vanishes. Placing a squash and let it squash will cause thhe ladder to be removed the moment squash vanishes, just like ice shroom. Be creative on using garlic in order to keep your pumpkins away from other zombies that may bite them before they are laddered. In order to compensate the DPS for all rows, this Setup used 4 slots dedicated for Doom Shrooms. Doom Shrooms will hit almost everything located on the columns F to I and even the rightmost spot where they spawn and will boost DPS on all lanes . You may use Pumpkin to keep the Doom shroom safe for a short period of time but i really do not recommend stacking up doom shrooms because they are at a very dangerous spot. Squash + Doom Shroom combo works wonders for me - you use squash to kill the zombies around the lilypad and you plant the Doom shroom while the squash is in mid-air . Any of these strategies will make sure the rows 2, 5 and 1 are safe against Zombonis, now since row 6 is already safe against Zombonis then the Setup is now safe against Zombonis. In here we can clearly see that Jacks will explode and they are most likely to explode even before reaching the end of the lawn.
One way to handle Jacks is By using Ice Shrooms, Depending on your Setup then the timing for Ice shrooms May vary but as you can see, I time the cofee Bean In a way that The Ice Shroom Activates at a time where the jacks are at a safe distance where they cannot blast the gloom and at the same time they can still be hit by the Glooms. Another way is by using Doom Shrooms and that's where the 4-Slot Doom Shroom Strategy helps in clearing out most of the jack-in-the-box Zombies that appear every wave every 50 seconds.
There are tons of creative ways to deal with jacks in a cobless setup formation and sometimes you just need to experiment a little.

Ice Shroom, Doom Shroom, Puff Shroom, Flowerpot, Spikeweed, Fume Shroom, Cherry Bomb, Squash, Spikerock, Pumpkin and Garlic. Pumpkin absorbs 72 bites and its appearance changes at 24 bites and 48 bites before being swallowed at 72 bites.
Pumpkins are excellent on later levels, where the player needs to conserve as much space as possible.
Do not put plants that are supposed to be eaten into a Pumpkin, such as Garlic or Hypno-shrooms.
Try to plant them on every plant except for Kernel-pults that you will upgrade into Cob Cannons, Spikeweed, Spikerock, Garlic, and Hypno-shroom. When facing Gargantuars, put a Pumpkin around the plants in the third and second row so they are protected from the Imp.
These are also very useful in Survival: Endless because they are excellent space savers, and can be used to protect your more valuable plants (Winter Melon, Gloom-shroom, Twin Sunflower) from zombies. Pumpkin can also be used effectively for the Ladder Zombie strategy, which is pretty straight forward, get Ladder Zombies to put ladders on your main offensive plants especially Gloom-shrooms on the second column. Pumpkin, Saucer, Jack O' Lantern, Pumpkin Witch, and Smashing Pumpkin are the only plants based on pumpkins.
Pumpkin has a second degrade that can only be seen in the "reanim" folder, where the game stores its images.
Pumpkin's Suburban Almanac description references Renfield, a pumpkin in the 2007 game Peggle, another game by PopCap Games, as his cousin. Pumpkin is one of the two plants without "real eyes," as its eyes are simply hollowed out of its shell. A Puff-shroom is too small for a Pumpkin, but when it shoots a spore, the spore somehow passes through the Pumpkin's shell and still damages the zombies, which is unusual, though it could be going out through the Pumpkin's holes. When a Pumpkin with a plant inside is squashed, it will have a flattened animation of the plant above a flattened Pumpkin instead of a flattened version of the plant in the Pumpkin. A Starfruit lies on his back if he is less, but if a Pumpkin is added, it will stand up (as he would otherwise be completely concealed within the Pumpkin).
Bungee Zombies cannot take Pumpkins if they are surrounding another plant, except Lily Pad and Flower Pot. Pumpkin cannot be planted on Sea-shroom and Tangle Kelp because they are aquatic plants, but they can still be planted on Cattails, because it is the upgrade for the Lily Pad. If a Chomper is in a Pumpkin, when the Chomper sways to the right, its lower lip seems to go through the Pumpkin. Pumpkin prevents plants such as Gloom-shroom and Squash that are behind it from hitting zombies in front of it, as the Pumpkin has a slightly larger hitbox. Putting Pumpkins on plants is almost always advantageous, except when Zombonis, Catapult Zombies, Gargantuars, or Giga-gargantuars appear; putting a Pumpkin on the front plant actually increases the chance of it being squashed. You will now want to try and earn enough cash to grow the Tree of Wisdom and to buy all plants from Crazy Dave. The video below shows someone getting to flag 76+ Just watch it carefully and follow the same principles and it hopefully should take too long to complete. I found that the easiest way to do this was to have Cherry Bombs attached and wait till a huge wave of zombies appeared. If you havent managed to get this in your playthrough of Adventure mode you can do it in versus mode.
As soon as you have 5 parts of the lawn in adventure mode, (i think its the 3rd wave) let the first zombie on each row walk to the end and activate the lawn mower. If your chomper is taking to long to eat the zombie then you can dig it up and build another one where it was to restore it back to its original state ready to eat more zombies. If you missed out on doing this when you first unlocked the chomper you can also do this easily on level 1-1 of your 2nd playthrough of Adventure mode or on Survival Day. All plants can be selected except for Puff-shroom, Sunflower, Sea-shroom, Sun-shroom, and Twin Sunflower, along with the Imitater versions of them because they either give out sun or cost no sun.
After each flag a new zombie will be added until all zombies appear, after which the types of zombies will not change. This is different from Survival: Endless, as plants do not get more expensive and all the waves after twenty flags are the same in zombie variety.
Again, it is not recommended to use the Magnet-shroom because there are tons of metallic zombies.
It is also not recommended to use peashooting plants (Peashooters, Repeaters, Threepeaters, etc.).
Even if your setup is good enough to take the whole round on without your assistance make sure you keep an eye on the round as it plays anyway - occasionally some zombies will drop extra sun.
Because you cannot just "earn" sun it is crucial that you try to not lose any plants so therefore it is better if you have the sun to make sure you are placing Pumpkins around them in all rows, especially when dealing with Gargantuars who throw Imps and Dolphin Rider Zombies.
Make sure you keep an eye on how much sun you will have before you will plant something keeping in mind that when you buy back an upgraded plant you may not get back all your sun.
Because Last Stand: Endless does not let you plant sun-producing plants the back plants were all eventually made into Cattails instead of Twin Sunflowers. Unlike in Survival: Endless there are no Zombonis, so put the Pumpkins around the Ice-shrooms for the few zombies that manage to get all the way up there. For this setup, you start with the four upgraded Fume-shrooms with Pumpkins at the front of the pool, two Gloom-shrooms on the outer edge, two Cattails, and Melon-pults on the non-water rows. After that it is mostly all about using two mallets and some Ice-shrooms throughout each level and making sure you plant new Pumpkins over damaged Pumpkins (if you have that ability) as they get low in the amount of damage they can take and still be there. NOTE: Because you cannot just "earn" sun it is crucial that you try to not lose any plants so therefore it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to replacing Pumpkins.
Unlike Survival: Endless, the zombies in the first wave are the normal Zombie, Flag Zombie, Conehead Zombie, Newspaper Zombie, and Ducky Tube Zombie.
Unlike Survival: Endless, Bungee Zombies can appear at any time, instead of just in huge waves. In the iPad version, this is the only time that more than one Gargantuar can be seen in the seed select screen at once, since no other versions have Giga-gargantuars. There is a glitch in the first two flags in which Buckethead Zombies don't appear in the seeds selection screen, but can appear in surprise attacks. Last Stand Endless can be played on the PC version by modifying a saved file of Survival: Endless to Last Stand after flag 11, though only the zombies in the Last Stand mini-game will appear and same choice of plants will always be used in every round.
Unlike Survival: Endless, Last Stand Endless will only drop Pool-obtained plants for the Zen Garden. I will do my best to explain every single strategy that was used in order to make this setup a "damageless" cobless Setup. I suggest not doing the transition on rounds with Giga-gargantuars, Gargantuars, Zombonis and Jacks.

They are simply one of the reasons you might actually fail at survival endless because they explode while destroying plants at a certain radius around it. These walking crushers of doom can Tank Huge amount of damage and can just crush whatever it is on their Path.
Catapult Zombies and Bungee Zombies always target the plant inside the Pumpkin first, so they are useless as protection against them. The zombies will have to eat the outside Pumpkin before eating the plant, so doing so will result in a waste of sun and seed slot recharge.
Because Pumpkins can surround other plants, when player use Pumpkins in conjunction with Wall-nut or Tall-nut, it is more convenient to extend their defenses. If a zombie makes it through your defenses and you are vulnerable, Pumpkins might be the only thing saving you from the zombies successfully eating your brain.
Since the ladders are on all Pumpkins, Imps thrown by Gargantuars cannot eat your plants which results in saving considerable amount of sun.
If they place a Pumpkin on top of a Spikeweed when there is a zombie on it, the zombie will eat the Pumpkin and at the same time be attacked by the Spikeweed. However, if a Bungee Zombie attempts to take a Cattail from a Pumpkin, it will cause the Cattail to downgrade to a Lily Pad. Pumpkin cannot protect Cob Cannon and Grave Buster as well, because Cob Cannon is too big to fit and Grave Buster cannot be protected because it is on a grave, and graves cannot be planted on.
You will need a total of $345500 to unlock all plants and buy the Tree of Wisdom, the tree food and all the 9 plants. You will first need to unlock Endless Survival, which is done by completing all the other survival challenges. However there are still loads more to do in this game, such as challenges, zen garden, minigames, find the Zombie Yeti etc.
Just choose the plants depending on what zombies are appearing and then you should have no problem in completing this mode. 40 are unlocked through the adventure mode while the other 9 are bought from Crazy Daves Shop. Once you have completed adventure mode, the tree of wisdom is bought from crazy dave for $10,000. You will first need to unlock Survival Endless which is done by doing all the other survival challenges first. Make sure you have enough cash for a cherry bomb, and the person who is controlling the zombies has enough to call in 10 zombies. Once a lawnmower has been destroyed you should then start to build on that row to protect it. Unlike in Survival: Endless, the expenses do not increase, so only put three Winter Melons on each ground. Use them only in bigger waves, except the Doom-shroom that can put in craters, which cannot plant on.
Make sure you have enough sun left to replace Pumpkins, rebuild plants, or use instants or Coffee Beans.
The Gloom-shrooms normally found in the rows next to the pool were turned into a Melon-pult and an Umbrella Leaf to deal with the increased Bungee Zombies further up in the setup. You then slowly add the pool Melon-pults and upgrade the Melon-pults to Winter Melons as sun allowed.
Unlike the Wall-nut or Tall-nut, it does not occupy a garden space for itself, allowing other plants to be protected. The only plants that cannot be protected with a Pumpkin are another Pumpkin, Sea-shroom, Tangle Kelp, Grave Buster, and Cob Cannon.
However, it cannot protect other plants from basketballs, due to it protecting the side of the plant only. They can be used to buy time so that your plants have more time to take out Digger Zombies.
Pumpkins are usually good along with Potato Mines, as they give the Potato Mine time to arm, and once the zombies break through the Pumpkin, they will have come together onto one spot and will all be hit by the Potato Mine. For example, if you use Tall-nut on column five in all rows and the defense needs to be expanded to six columns, the sun that is used for planting these Tall-nuts will be wasted, as they should be dug up, or there will not be enough spaces for placing new plants. Pumpkin also does not have a real mouth, because like its eyes, it is simply hollowed out of its shell; this makes Pumpkin the only plant without both eyes and a mouth. The best way to farm cash is play the Last Stand mini game, however to unlock this mode you will need to complete 13 of the mini games. If you are struggling to defeat a Gargantuar then try and have the chilli and cherry bomb as you will need to hit it twice to kill it.
Use catapult plants, such as Melon-pults and Kernel-pults, as well as Fume-shrooms and Gloom-shrooms. From there two more pool Gloom-shrooms and the Gloom-shrooms on the rows next to the pool, the back Melon-pults, back Umbrella Leaves, then more Cattails. The best plant to put inside a Pumpkin (for defensive purposes) is the Tall-nut, so Pole Vaulting Zombies or Dolphin Rider Zombies cannot jump over them, and the zombies will have to eat the Pumpkin and Tall-nut. The only problem with this is that because of their larger horizontal hit-box, Football Zombies will trigger the Potato Mine while it is inside the Pumpkin, only killing some of the zombies, as they will not all count as in range. Note, however, that it is not as efficient, sun-wise, as a Tall-nut alone; a Tall-nut and Pumpkin combo costs as much as two Tall-nuts, yet has only as much health as one-and-a-half.
As a result, it may make more sense to use a Wall-nut or Tall-nut to protect the Potato Mine instead, as they cheaper or costs the same and will allow time for all of the zombies to get in range. Alternatively, plant it in the second leftmost column as a single Gloom-shroom will be enough to kill any Digger Zombie. Finally, add in the rest of the upgraded Fume-shrooms in the pool, more Umbrella Leaves, and then Magnet-shrooms that were upgraded to Gold Magnets to catch coins. Like Wall-nut and Tall-nut, the player can plant a new Pumpkin over a damaged one without replanting it if they have purchased Wall-nut First Aid from Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies. They are also useful for plants that the Imitater duplicates, because it protects them as they transform. When there are Digger Zombies, plant Gloom-shrooms at the second back column and leave the first back column blank. Once hitting about flag 20, start adding in the Ice-shrooms and then pumpkining them as the amount of Gargantuars had by then increased significantly.
Plant an Ice-shroom at column seven, row two every round and wake it up five to six seconds after the huge wave warning to stop the underwater zombies.

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