In the Chinese version, money bags have ten golden coins instead, a sum total of 1,000 coins, and can also occasionally drop from zombies. This could be due to the fact that when winning a level, the money bag has coins, but when getting 1,500 coins in a Pinata Party, the money bag could be empty, as it has coins outside of the money bag.
These bags are only found when the player is completing a game mode a second time, since the trophy or the seed packets have already been collected. However, in this game, the money bag is packed with five silver coins that are all together worth 50 coins.

Zombies, there is a ? sign on the money bag rather than a $ sign, since that is the symbol for money in the UK.
AND WHAT PATIENCE!alexperryp: DA COINSSSSSSSSSSSSSSdeepakgaba14: somebody give this guy an award! If the player does not collect the money bag on the screen for a few seconds, a small yellow arrow appears above it telling the player to collect it in Plants vs. This is also the same in the Japanese Yuan versions (?) and the Eurozone countries versions (€).

Zombies, due to the fact that the earlier has no separate game modes other than Vasebreaker.

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