Three volunteer crew members from Workington RNLI lifeboat station have had a vital part of their crew training funded by Lloyd’s Register Foundation. Patrick Carr (44, Banker), Lee Moore (25, Cumbria CC employee) and Matthew Thompson (25, Consultant) all volunteer lifeboatmen at Workington’s RNLI station recently travelled to RNLI College in Poole, Dorset, to complete the charity’s Trainee Crew Course. Training took place in the Sea Survival Centre at the charity’s college, which includes a 25m wave-generating survival tank, allowing trainees to experience first-hand some of the scenarios they may encounter at sea should they ever need to abandon their lifeboat. The training was funded by Lloyd’s Register Foundation (LR Foundation), a UK registered charity that invests in engineering-related education, public engagement and the application of research, for public benefit, worldwide. Workington RNLI Coxswain John Stobbart said: ‘The support given by LR Foundation is hugely important to the RNLI. This donation is just the latest in LR Foundation’s relationship with the RNLI, which was recognised in 2010 when it received the Group Supporter Award from HRH Prince Michael of Kent in recognition of its valuable support of the charity.
The scientific name of the Common Lilly Pilly used to be Acmena smithii, recently it has been renamed to Syzygium smithii in line with many other Lilly Pillies that were already in the genus Syzygium.

We are extremely grateful that it has chosen to fund sea survival training, which teaches vital core skills to our volunteer crew. It is either a shrub or tree up to 20 metres high, depending on the conditions where it is growing. Tweet Lining boats through the remains of a washed-out bridge on the River Greta, Cumbria. It is often grown as an ornamental tree, seen in private home gardens and in commercial places.
For example it surrounds some of the multilevel car parks at the Westfield shopping centre at Penrith (do not eat these as they may have been sprayed with chemicals). The fruits of coastal (especially seashore) growing Lilly Pillies are the least best tasting, often quite small and tough. The trackbed of this disused railway has latterly formed a very popular walking and cycling route.

On the outside of several bends, where the river cuts deep into the terrain, the water has cut through the earth like a knife through butter. Rapids range up to grade 3 and it’s a route which makes for a lively mixture of paddling and lining. The sense of the awesome power of the water when it destroyed those bridges must have been quite thrilling, along withe knowledge that there were only a few centimetres of water between the boat and the rocks !Reply Paul KirtleyHhaha Dave good idea.
You and your friends made it look pretty easy although I don’t think that it would be for most!

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