The SPSS Survival Manual throws a lifeline to students and researchers grappling with the SPSS data analysis software.
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In this thoroughly revised edition of her bestselling text, now covering up to version 18 of the SPSS software, Julie Pallant guides you through the entire research process, helping you choose the right data analysis technique for your project. Schreiben Sie eine Kundenbewertung zu diesem Produkt und gewinnen Sie mit etwas Gluck einen 15,- EUR! In this fully revised edition of her bestselling text, Julie Pallant guides you through the entire research process, helping you choose the right data analysis technique for your project.
She is Associate Professor and Director of Research and Graduate Studies in the Rural Health Academic Centre at the University of Melbourne.
Purchase or rent the prior edition(pictured left) and save yourself the enormous and unnecessary expense!

From the formulation of research questions, to the design of the study and analysis of data, to reporting the results, Julie discusses basic and advanced statistical techniques. She has worked as a counselling psychologist, and has taught psychology, statistics and research methods at a number of universities. She outlines each technique clearly, with step-by-step procedures for performing the analysis, a detailed guide to interpreting SPSS output and an example of how to present the results in a report.
For both beginners and experienced SPSS users in psychology, education, business, sociology, health and related disciplines, the SPSS Survival Manual is an essential guide. Please keep in mind that USED items may not always include the supplements such as discs or access codes.
Illustrated with screen grabs, examples of output and tips, it is supported by a website with sample data and guidelines on report writing.
In this third edition all chapters have been updated to accommodate changes to SPSS procedures, screens and output.

A new flowchart is included for SPSS procedures, and factor analysis procedures have been streamlined. Please feel free to contact our friendly customer support for any assistance with your purchase or rental. Julie Pallant, SPSS Survival Manual: A step by step guide to data analysis using SPSS, 4th Edition School of Psychology.

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