Extra hats and gloves don’t take up much room but will be appreciated by everyone in the vehicle. If you have to leave your vehicle during a winter storm, attach the paracord from your kit to you so you can easily find your way back during the blizzard. I live and work in Montana and have to travel from Kalispell to Helena to Butte in the worst winter weather. There can be no better mark of your skill as a woods person than the ability to craft an effective hunting weapon entirely from the woods around you using only hand tools. The course will be run from our woodland base camp with plenty of quiet corners to set up a tent amongst the Hazel, Ash, Birch and Oak. This course assembles at 7pm on the Friday and finishes at approximately 4pm on the Tuesday.
PLEASE NOTE: This course is one of our wilderness crafts workshops and is therefore a part self catering course. That danger  exists for everyone who is away from home when a winter storm hits…even motorists. I like to have wool blankets for everyone in the vehicle  Sleeping bags will work but they can be bulky. This can store lots of the smaller items and will also serve well to melt snow over a fire for extra drinking water.
It has many uses, but can be a lifeline back to your vehicle if you have to venture outside in a blizzard. Crack a window open a little on the side of the car away from the wind while you are running the vehicle. It  just requires you gathering a bunch of items that you should already have together in a box. During these four days we’ll explore several hunting weapons made from wood, leather, bones and rocks all of which have been used successfully through the ages to put meat on the table and are even still in use today.
We’ll also teach you several methods of string construction using authentic materials and modern too.
The materials for your projects will be harvested from these surrounding woodlands, by you.

Please bring enough lunch and main meals for the duration as the base camp is quite remote and re-supply is a bit of a mission. It isn’t unusual for winter motorists to suddenly find themselves in a life and death situation because of a sudden winter storm. Doing so will help protect against carbon monoxide poisoning.  Also, whenever you go outside the vehicle make sure the exhaust is clear of snow.
Remember that you need to make one of these winter survival kits for each one of your vehicles. Their very survival can depend on whether they stocked survival gear in a winter survival kit in their vehicle.. If you don;t have enough for all of your vehicles it is easy enough to buy a winter survival kit already made. Taking a step further back (or sideways) in time, you’ll also learn how to make a much longer dart to be used in conjunction with an atlatl spear thrower.
You will have full use of our kitchen and cooking equipment and your food will be stored securely in waterproof containers or a cool box provided by us. This is an extra-small Exped dry bag containing toilet paper, wet wipes, alcohol hand-gel and a cigarette lighter.13. There are some fantastic lightweight waterproofs on the market these days, primarily aimed at hill-walking and mountaineering.
Even in the woods a hat to keep the sun off your head on hot days makes a big difference to how clearly you can think and how tired you become. A head-torch is less critical in the summer months, when the nights are short, than earlier or later in the year.
The Silva Ranger 15TDCL (Silva have since changed the name to Silva Expedition 15TDCL) is the compass I use.
A notebook is always useful for keeping notes of important information, keeping a diary, making sketches, etc.31. Very similar to my own set-up, I’ve got a heap of kit in my front room that I piled up before work this morning ready for a quick turn around before heading off to the woods tonight. I’m well aware that this is nothing like my lightest set-up but horses-for-courses is the key.

I find that there is a core of essential stuff, if you are going to be comfortable, to which optional extras are added depending on your reason for being out. I find the most difficult part is getting the food weight and volume down, especially if I’m going to be off the beaten track for some time. I also keep a small amount of gun oil in a tiny hotel sample shampoo bottle to keep the rust at bay ?? great article as usual Paul ??Reply Craig FordhamJust remembered.. For keeping the Iphone etc charged I bought a small rechargeable powerpack made my Anker from Amazon. Cost about ?20 and is enough to keep my Iphone 5 topped up for a week if I’m fairly careful with the useage. The file used to take care for the rakers is small enough to be carried around yet long enough for serious work.
I love my ventile smock and when in the forest I wear it in preference over my recon jacket, it just feels so comfortable and in winter I have found it performs much better than Gore-Tex.Reply JamesThanks for sharing your kit with us. I, myself, was going to submit a simple comment that I also include a hammock and that DD Hammocks make very good and affordable ones. But I couldn’t leave it there.So, if bushcraft is about kit, then does it deliver as a strategy? Because, I think, it often leads to people carrying more kit and heavier kit than they need.
Some of this kit has been used on ultra long distance treks, where it has to be tough.Let me give a couple of examples.
A tarp, hammock, and bivi bag is always going to be a heavier combination than the latest one man tent designs. And, if you want to stick with tarps, then Cuben fibre models are much lighter (and more expensive) than the ones most bushcrafters use.Another example.
Justification for routinely carrying three or more blades (knife, saw, axe, multitool etc)?

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