I grew up in New York City, but then moved out to Salt Lake City for a few years for college and then a bit beyond. ENTER YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS ON THE RIGHT to keep getting all the unfiltered new fun ideas directly to your inbox! Christopher McCandless, whose fateful journey through the Alaskan wilderness was memorialized in “Into the Wild,” was ill-prepared for survival but, in a similar situation, you don’t have to be. Ricky Haro: I think food is pretty important primarily because you can find yourself in a survival situation at any point in time. RH: From a general survival point of view, we teach that there are 11 plants that you can find pretty much globally. Whenever I go to a location, I try to walk around; it’s kind of a cool game to try to pick out those 10 global [plants]. Part of the edibility rule for trying to find plants (as a general rule for poisonous plant characteristics) milky sap is one of the ones that you try to avoid. FH:  Are there animals that are poisonous, aside from the puffer fish which must be cut a certain way for safe consumption?
RH: When you’re in a survival situation, we try to say go for things that you can easily identify – that you know for a fact look very common as you travel in a grocery mart. We used to do this type of steaming or baking where you would take two pieces of bark [soaked in water] and place a fish – sandwich it – with the bark on the ground, then grass or moss, then the fish, then more moss over the top, soaked in water, and more bark, soaked in water. In tropical environments, meals are endless, because you’re dealing with fruits and all different sorts of things. She says that people living in the Andes who brew chicha let travelers know by raising a flag above their home. For only a few dollars, you can add color and flash, and all it takes is a few cans of spray paint, some electrical tape, and a plastic tote full of water! Utah has some of the most amazing camping and hiking areas which I took total advantage of. And don’t forget to arm yourself with these 6 natural ways to relieve mosquito bites. Whether your plane crashes, LOST style, and you end up in the middle of who knows where with a need for feed or a mondo quake hits, California style, causing markets to shut down and you to scavenge for food, there are ample tips and tricks that, if executed properly, can mean the difference between life and death.

One of the things that we like to do is help people familiarize themselves with the 10 edible plants; we’ll give them time to go out and look for these types of plants and bring them all back. Then you would find something to tie the pieces together and bury [the whole thing] into the sand and build a fire on top so the dirt gets super heated and slowly cooks the fish or meat, and that is phenomenal.
A lot of people, when they go into the tropics, they’ll see different breakfasts made with a piece of bamboo and they’ll cut the segment out of the bamboo that contains water and make a small opening so they can pour rice and raisins, brown sugar and other seasonings. My brother-in-law, who’s in the Navy, recalls the unwelcoming response his Americanness stoked when entering certain restaurants in Tokyo. He can't do all the things that his spherical counterpart can do, but he can do one thing particularly well: go fast.
That means that on a single charge, we could theoretically drive our Ollie all the way from ThinkGeek World Domination HQ to the Pentagon. We monitor these comments daily, but it may be faster to email us directly or call us at 1-888-GEEKSTUFF. Save lots of money by doing it yourself, and give your skull a personal touch that says you!
So when I came across these camping hacks, while not all of them are for me, there are definitely some I think are brilliant. I recently spoke with Ricky Haro, a backcountry specialist and co-owner of Rare Earth Adventures, where he teaches survival training and other outdoor leadership skills, about popping ants like Tic Tacs, 10 edible plants you can find anywhere in the world, his recipe for survival salad and why your parents’ chants of ‘wash your hands’ may be some of the best advice you ever received. Trying to maintain a really good balance [of food] even during stressful times is important.
When you get good and try to familiarize yourself with these plants, you’re going to find [them]. We’ll show them how to make this survival salad and we’ll talk about how you procure insects.
In his free time he likes to play drums, go storm chasing, work on his old pickup, and go to rodeos. I particularly like the solar camping lanterns (for car camping rather than backpacking), how to prevent burrs from sticking to your laces, the oreo marshmallow smores (which I won’t wait for camping to do!), and the convenient duct tape storage idea. We’ll have people go down to the creek and gather worms and put them in Ziploc bag with water so the worms can purge the dirt from their systems.

I did a lot of river rafting trips while living in Utah and duct tape always comes in handy for something or other when you’re in either a raft or kayak.
If you’re dehydrated or haven’t eaten – most people have their coffee diets in the morning and that’s all they have eaten, maybe a light dinner — you can find yourself behind the power curve. If you find these, it’s really good because it helps your attitude; you know you’re able to find these and at least have something to chew on and get your mind off of other things. With your survival kit, a small safety pin or needle can be improvised into hooks, [and] threads from a sewing kit [for fishing line]. To see the entire list of camping hack how-to’s, check out these 41 Genius Camping Hacks from Buzzfeed.
You want to have good navigational skills as much as you can, but we know and recognize that people on a daily basis don’t get into navigation that much. If they look like the fish that you pick up at a regular grocery market, those are the fish you should go for. He can spin, drift, flip, turn, and tumble when you tell him to via an app on your smartphone. Ideally, if you can’t find any of these, don’t go for mushrooms or different types of funguses because most people don’t know how to identify them. Silver, slick looking fish — we know that we’re going to be able to find those kinds of fish anywhere in the world, whether you’re dealing with a pond, creek or coastal region. When you’re dealing with the coast, that’s a whole other element when it comes to trying to define what’s poisonous and what’s not poisonous just because there are so many species out there.
The clown fish, puffer fish that looks strange or have bright colors, we try to shy away from those things.
Even with the global edibles, look around; they might be in a place where sewage dumps into ponds, [in which case, you won’t want to eat them]. These four categories represent 15,000 plant species, or roughly five percent of all plants that exist.

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