I was contemplating buying a nice survival knife without getting a second mortgage, and was wondering if you enjoyed this knife as much as I suspect that you did. RISK IT.  You can just drink water from creeks, streams or ponds and just take the risk of barfing your guts out and having the worst diarrhea of your life. TREAT IT.  You can also carry Water Purification Tablets, Iodine or Bleach and chemically treat the water to kill any harmful bacteria or viruses.
Either way you look at it, thank you for posting about this item as a secondary purification device. Since SurviVacation, I look at things (shelter, water, food, fire) in an entirely different way. Central Helicopter Training Academy is now offering Survival Training.  This course is designed to offer the students basic survival skills in the event of a forced landing in a remote area where help is not immediately available. Matt is the Stone Age “shaman” of this duo and has more than two decades of experience living off the land. MORE ON DUAL SURVIVALDual Survival A new season brings a new partnership, forged between two survivalists from very different worlds. Step # 7: Using a knife, start to shape the bottom of the spoon bowl and around the handle.
Step # 8: Once you complete the shape of the spoon, use a Spoon Hook Knife to carve out the spoon bowl. I carry a Mora around my neck as a back up when camping but this is a true survival back up! The best rule of thumb for boiling water is to leave it at a rolling boil for 10 minutes.  No matter the altitude, this should keep you safe.

I was looking for it because I remember seeing a long time ago that the water only needed to get to 160*f to be safe, and by the time it got to boiling (212*f) it was known safe without the use of a thermometer. Creek and Clint gave me confidence to find unconventional uses from items found in natural and urban settings.
I know this is kind of off topic but I was wondering if you knew where I could locate a captcha plugin for my comment form? I liked the approach of presenting the principles first and taking the time to demonstrate the techniques. He lives in a remote area of southern Utah where he primarily sleeps in primitive structures.Matt started down this path at age 15, when he first became a triathlete and rock climber. 40% OFF All Courses Until July 15!Difficulty Rating: Level 2The Primitive bow making course is our PREMIER archery course and this course will teach you how to build a bow for long term survival skills.
Also, I am a beginner at bushcraft and was wondering if carving a spoon is a more advanced skill or something a beginner would be able to take on?
The instructors worked individually with us as needed to make sure we were able to apply the techniques.B. At age 23, Matt proved his amazing athletic endurance as a runner when he ran the Pacific Crest Trail – 1,700 miles crossing the length of the California crest – in 58 days.Matt has been teaching primitive skills for the past 20 years, including at the Boulder (Utah) Outdoor Survival School and guiding llama packing trips while continuing to compete as an endurance athlete.
Primitive bow building is a must have skill for all survival because it is by far the most effective weapon you can make for taking large and small game. There is no more effective primitive method to take small game than with a well built longbow, and having these skills means that anywhere you find yourself in the world, you will be able to build a functional bow capable of taking any sized game.
He’s also skilled at hunting with the long bow and in the primitive art of brain-tanning hides to make clothing.

These bows are functional survival tools that are capable of taking down the largest game in North America, guaranteed!
The primitive bow making course will teach the beginner student how to create a longbow from scratch with primitive materials and limited tools.
You will literally transform a tree into a beautiful and functional tool that will give you a lifetime of enjoyment!  The course will take place over 4 days and from the first morning you will begin roughing out your stave and getting it to its rough dimensions. The second day you will begin tillering and on the final day you will finish out the longbow.
All the basic skills of survival archery will be covered in this class and you will be able to walk away with a complete archery kit that you made yourself. The students will have the option of choosing from two different types of woods: Osage Orange and Hickory.
You’ll also have the option to get almost any accessory for your bow from the Pine Hollow Longbow pro shop. If properly cared for and constructed you may get a lifetime’s use out of your primitive bow. You can either bring quick food, get something local, or bring your cooler and cook at camp!Minimum Recommended Equipment: Fixed blade knife preferable a mora style knife, outdoor clothing, boots, overnight camping gear, small backpack, leather gloves or work gloves. Check Recommended items list for more details!Material Fees:  These staves are pre-dried for two years and in perfect working condition.

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